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Just wondering why my posts on the evenings of 23/8 …

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Just wondering why my posts on the evenings of 23/8 and 24/8 were  removed? Thanks

Sure – although you probably guessed – it was for trolling on both occasions.

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Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
OK, quick question. Do you think CFC will take this “slam dunk” of a case re 11 years of ineligible players and deliberate rulebreaking “all the way” or do they hope we can all move on? Unfortunately I’m of the opinion that they favour the latter. 

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
This whole ” no sporting advantage” is an LNS red herring! The Supreme Court has ruled that EBTs were remuneration subject to income tax and NI. The players earnings were not fully declared to the SFA. This makes them improperly registered an…. d consequently ineligible. One ineligible player taking part in a match results in a retrospective 3-0 defeat. This is not a punishment but a consequence. RFC(IL) knowingly fielded ineligible players from 1999 to 2011and so every match was a 3_0defeat. It’s really quite simple. 

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Call me cynical but Celtiic’s statement followed almost immediately by the SFA statement smacks of collusion. A lot of Celtic fans are just happy the Club made a statement. The SFA say ” nothing to see here, let’s all move on”, and Celtic say “we tried”. and as long are Celtic are winning most fans will accept it, after all they’ve accepted everything else since Sevco started in Division 3

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
The size of  fan base of clubs in Scotland has always been skewed because of the nature of the OLD FIRM rivalry which sees fans from all over Scotland travelling to their matches instead of supporting their local clubs. However the idea that a well run club like CFC should redistribute some of their HONESTLY earned revenue is absurd imo.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
BOGS DOLLOXJULY 22, 2016 at 22:44  In the meantime short of a plan for improvement our national teams and clubs continue to get battered in Europe. There must be a way out of this. Please, someone tell me there is. =================================== For the governing bodies of Scottish football the most important thing is a thriving successful Sevco.  ALL of the other clubs, in their failure to comment on the propagation of the BIG LIE are as guilty as the SFA/SPFL and the SMSM in deceiving the public.  As an ex-fan of CFC and the national team I couldn’t care less if they win games or not! The SFA/SPFL/SMSM and the CLUBS killed it for me. I don’t watch, listen to or read about it. I visit here and other blogs in the hope that the lies and corruption of all  the guilty will be exposed and that they are held to account.  The actual on the field stuff is dead to me.

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