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Folks, I’ve had to remove a post concerning Masonic conspiracy theories – which have apparently been “proved”.
Notwithstanding the merits or otherwise of that sentiment, I think we have established that this sort of thing is not for this blog. Please can we stay focused and stick to facts and reasoning?
Apologies TSFM
will try to stick to facts.
I didn’t mention the “M” word, and while I agree that this blog perhaps is not the place to air it I will not mention or infer it again.
I think my other point was valid and will try to repost minus the conspiracy theory.

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Comment Moderation Thread
an earlier post today seems to have disappeared. Not aware of any rules broken. Any comment for future reference?

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Sweet Little Lies
Good Morning

In my opinion, this dossier which was rightly binned was nothing more than a thinly disguised attempt by The Rangers, aided and abetted by a shady character with dubious credentials from a club in the north of the country, and with an eye on a job at the bigot dome, to deny Celtic their 9th title.

Their faux outrage can be seen through. Where was their integrity when they cheated the rest of Scottish Football for years? It was their last throw of the dice to gain control of Scottish Football.

I know that many have been predicting, and maybe wishing, their demise but if current rumours are true then there is a financial tsunami heading towards Govan and they will go under. This time they must not be allowed the Lazarus trick. Their fans are threatening boycotts to bring everyone else down but it won't work. They didn't bring the league down when they weren't there before.

As for Park, I think he had had his Ratner moment. He should have been more circumspect and realised that his business depends on people buying cars. It's not just Rangers supporters who buy cars. I think he has scored a spectacular own goal.

Finally, all the bluster about going to Court is hot air. Next season could be started and finished before they would get a result. On that point is it not the case that disputes must go to the CAS and not the local Courts under FIFA regulations? perhaps someone could confirm.

Les Says It is Time to Ask The Audience?
Good Evening,

It is many months since I have posted.

Strange how things never seem to change. In 2012 after Rangers went into liquidation, I together with many on here, stated that if Sevco were allowed to come into the League , they would come back twice as vile bitter and  twisted as before.

Roll on all these years and the vitriol is ten times more bitter. 

They have no money and pretend that they want things changed for the good of the game. We all know it is about stopping Celtic becoming Champions.

I was no fan of Neil Doncaster but he was the very person who stated that there was no mechanism to do what they were trying to do i.e. let Sevco into the League, in other words there were no rules so they made them up and allowed Sevco to come into the League and they have come back to bite their saviour. Don't get mad Neil, get even-sink them.

The only thing I agree with "The Rangers" formerly known as Sevco Ltd on, is that there should be an inquiry into Scottish Football, provided it encompasses everything that has transpired from 2012, the EBT years before that, the fraudulent awarding of a Champions league spot to Rangers and al the cheating during the SDM years.

It won't happen.

At a time when people throughout the world are dying and society as we knew it may not return in the foreseeable future "The Rangers" indulge in self centred self serving rhetoric without substance to deflect from their own failings.

They wanted a loan and couldn't make the maths stack up.

Liquidation awaits and if had been any other business in the UK, irrespective of the pandemic, they would have gone down the tubes long ago.

It is important to stay safe and follow the science. Life is more important than football. 

Support your club, renew your season ticket if you can, because football will come back and if you help your club , it will be there when we come out of this.





Bad Money?
Good afternoon

The statement by Sevco is a lie.

If they can lie to a Judge they can lie to the fans.

The damages are uncapped and are likely to be in the region of £10 Million and increasing day by day.

Their solicitor who lied to the Judge is not a fit and proper person to hold that Title. He should be struck off.

There is no money at I brokes and there is a rumour, and I understand from sources that it is more than a rumour, that Park has no money and has to sell his business and they Bank are calling the shots.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
The SFA band of brothers gave McLeish the job, not based on his track record which was substandard but because he went way back with McRae who was on his testimonial committee-the old boys network.

Until the SFA stop giving a nod and a wink and a handshake to those who can return the handshake as a criteria for the job Scotland will go nowhere as a footballing entity.

If McLeish goes, as he surely must, then those responsible for his appointment must also go as a matter of honour. But that won't happen because the SFA have no integrity and are rotten to the core and the rot must be cut out.

They say a fish rots from the head. 

We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
Good Morning,

Haven't posted for a while. Suffering from battle fatigue and wonder sometimes whether we can beat the system.

On the position of referees. I rarely listen to and will never watch a Sevco game, however, and I think I am right on my dates. On 23 rd December there was a match against St. Johnstone aired on BBC radio and I dipped in and out.

What I am sure of is that in that game Billy Dodds who was co commentating was lambasting the referee. He said things such as "these are not difficult decisions for the referee", "Is this a game to see how many fouls Morelos can commit before he gets booked?" and "The only reason the referee does not book Morelos , is because he doesn't want to."

I am absolutely sure about his comments and there were many more besides although I may have got the game and date wrong. It would have been an away game for sure.

I don't know if commentaries on games are available and if so maybe someone could check.

The point is that bias, for whatever reason, does exist, and was even noticed by someone who has a leaning towards the team playing out of Govan; and if it was not bias it was incompetence and should not be permitted.

The arrogance and self serving righteousness must stop. The referees complain that we are criticising them but don't stop to think that if the got it right or were even consistent that the criticism would not be there. Yes there will always be mistakes, we are only human but face up to them ,admit them, learn from them, and do not promote an aura of hubristic infallibility.



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