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Noticed I had another post wiped this morning. Obviously I’m …

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Noticed I had another post wiped this morning. Obviously I’m causing TSFM grief 👿 and it’s his baw. Don’t worry, you’ll get no more!

No grief Yakutsi, just that insulting language in the direction of the moderator is just as unacceptable as insulting language directed at anyone else.
But thanks for the assurances 🙂

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Journey’s End?
Auldheid, can you prove that Kill Ultras suspicions are unfounded? If you can, it will convince me that he’s wrong and all’s well and I can happily go and renew my season tickets. Thanks. ps, can you tell me what the suspicions are and a reference of where to read them.

Journey’s End?
So,Auldheid you are counting my post as hostile? Come on now soldier! I don’t know the answers, but I’m starting to ask questions now (In as non hostile a way as possible of course)

  The way I read back was he was saying there should be accountability/ transparency and not demanding name as suggested.
  Unlike some, I will keep an open mind. The truth will out eventually.
 Are you trying to justify his treatment? The names he is being called? I would hope not.
  Anyway, I suppose I imagined seeing the emails between KU and the correspondence denier, eh? Funny, I can even remember the guys real name, which I won’t divulge. Is that not just a tad strange? Why would someone correspond several time with someone apparently singing from the sme hymn sheet, then deny such emails ever existed??

  I have no axe to grind, but I will not give up on searching for truth. Regardless of who it makes uncomfortable.

Journey’s End?
valentinesclownApril 8, 2016 at 10:06 27 1  Rate This 
Another Res 12 summary and why not to be idle

Thanks VC, I am trying to read as much as I can on res 12 at the moment as I feel very strongly about it.
  I was reading CQN where a poster (Kill Ultra) had been asking questions re transparency etc on res 12,
and he is being absolutely slaughtered for daring to ask the questions others won’t ask! I mean vicious and personal in the extreme. That’s why I like it here. The worst you usually get is accusations of being a troll – sometimes justifiably.
 It seems that if you rock the res 12 boat, even slightly, you are accused of being of the blue persuasion.
I don’t post on any partisan forums at all, although I have never hid the fact I have season tickets at CP.
  I know that there is a significant ‘Crossover’ between here and CQN in terms of readership, and would just like to say that the guy (Kill Ultra) that is being accused of all sorts is not any of the things mentioned, but is a good Celtic man. More importantly, he is one of the original signatories of res 12.
 The man is being accused of many things – and one of the ‘Big Hitters’ of res 12 is denying that he knows Kill Ultra. I was in KU’s house in October and seen with my own eyes several emails regarding res 12 between the denier and KU.

  I’m sorry if this seems a little Celtic centric, but I’m starting to worry about people’s motives more and more.
If any of you have time, have a look if you dare. It’s depressing – well, to me anyway. I think we’re peeing in the wind to be honest.

  For a man that would help anyone to be treated like this for not toeing the party line or sticking to the ‘script is absolutely disgusting – hang your heads!
  For any CQN members on here that doubt he is who he says he is, I have known him for 20 odd years
and shared lunch with him and his son before the 2003 cup final in Seville. Like me, they hadn’t travelled to cheer on Porto!  Rant over… for now.

Look Back to Look Forward
Good Morning all. Yesterday I posted that I still intended to renew me and my boy’s season tickets, albeit with a very heavy heart.
  Having slept on it, and having read reams of stuff on res 12 on here and elsewhere, I have changed my mind.
I am now undecided – this is breaking my heart! I would ideally like to be part of some kind of action that would make the board at Celtic Park realise that they have just scored a massive own goal. But what to do?
 I think I’m cracking up due to this, but I’ll just try and ‘Live in the day’ as they say, and not project as I may
feel different tomorrow or things may change for the better… you never know… or maybe not.
Anyways, I’m truly torn apart! Thanks Mr Lawwell and co.

Look Back to Look Forward
Cygnus X-1 10th March 2016 at 1:35 pm #With regard to BRTH’s post re Res 12 & the inaction of the Board of Celtic PLC, that’s me out.


 Cygnus, I know where you’re coming from – I’m gutted about how far the old tentacles of the monster are reaching in our society. Perhaps against my better judgement, I will probably renew for next season. Celtic are in my blood, and I refuse to let the Quislings on the board take this from me!

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