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The Way it Works
Ottawa Fury finished the spring season of their fourth level league in 6th place with 3 wins out of 9 matches!

The Way it Works
The tribute act’s final match is against Ottawa Fury FC, a Canadian professional soccer team based in Ottawa, Ontario. Founded in 2011, the team made its debut in the North American Soccer League in 2014.

Why on earth would you waste what little reserves you have to cross the Atlantic to play such low level competition?

The Way it Works
Took a look at the tribute act’s next instalment of their much heralded tour of North America. Next stop is British Columbia to play Victoria Highlanders, a team that plays in the USL Premier Development League (PDL) the fourth tier of the American Soccer Pyramid and has a history 4 years longer than T’Rangers.

The Way it Works
Took a look at tribute act, The Rangers FC, triumphant tour of USA to discover their first result on Tuesday was a 3-1 defeat at the hands of Ventura County Fusion, an American soccer team based in Ventura, California, United States. Founded in 2006, the team plays in the USL Premier Development League, the fourth tier of the American Soccer … poor performance must be down to jet lag!

The Way it Works
UTT might have gone mostly their way, thus far, but what they did was morally repugnant from a taxpayer’s perspective and totally against the spirit of fair competition from a sporting perspective. They got off lightly regardless of what tripe Ally regurgitates.

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