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How does it help debate if posts that don’t fit …

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How does it help debate if posts that don’t fit into the New Speak New Truth paradigm are summarily removed without explanation?

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Why We Need to Change
I knew a BBC R5 match commentator (his parents lived next door) during the years of magical realism and used to chat to him a few times a year. He’s no longer in the job.

At the time of the creative valuation of Ibrox to mask what looked even then like certain insolvency (2003?), I asked this BBC man why the corporation wasn’t getting to grips with the story. He said: “Rangers are institutionally protected.” He would not be drawn further.

Why We Need to Change
Football agents must have made a fortune in the time of mendacious moonbeams that Scottish football went through in the years leading up to 2012. Much, much more than the MSM, those guys must miss the bad old days.

Do they, though, have the power and the influence to fuel all the lobbying that goes on to make things wrong again?

Why We Need to Change
Graham Spiers may prove to be correct. A new order may well be in place by 2020 in which Celtic will be in a pan-European elite league structure, leaving other clubs to fight for the prizes in Scotland.

The current upheaval in world football is hardly likely to allow the status quo to continue.

Why We Need to Change
bfbpuzzled says:
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June 30, 2015 at 5:37 pm

Hate to be a snob, and I acknowledge the new blogger’s upfront admission to less-than-stellar writing skills, but who gets a London PR gig without knowing the past participle of the verb ‘to go’?

Why We Need to Change
TBK says:
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June 30, 2015 at 3:51 pm

An absolute belter.

I have no inside knowledge and reserve the right to make a Chris Graham of myself over this but I would be truly astounded if the contributions of Phil and Clumps were coming from the same pen. The styles are chalk and cheese.

I like reading both blogs and their authors’ contributions on here. And not that anyone is asking for it, but if you forced me to choose, I would say that Clumps’ is the more polished. This is significant because Phil, for obvious reasons, often points out that he does this for a living and invites financial help.

It’s not just that Clumps doesn’t do that is clearly only in it for the laughs, it’s that if you were blogging for a living, you would maybe ask for contributions for your most stylish and most humorous material. I’d have imagined so anyway.

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