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Auldheid : 22 July, 2013 @4:29pm. Appreciate you taking the time …

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Auldheid : 22 July, 2013 @4:29pm.

Appreciate you taking the time to reply. Thanks.

You are correct in assuming that i want nothing more than to see the true facts emerge in their entirety.
Unfortunately it would appear by the canvas being so illustratively painted by various contributors to this site and the former RTC blog that this desire seems destined to be met with eventual dissapointment and eternal resentment.
This would no doubt lead the majority arrriving at the devastaing conclusion that any of us will ever be able to move on.
Having said that, personally i sincreley hope being in agreement with you that both of us are wrong in thinking that this could be the death knell whereby Scottish football may never recover.
The beautiful game in our wee country has historically been inter dependent on Celtic and Rangers.
The last twenty five to thirty years even more so. The ever increasing demand for and affiliation to sponsorship and media contracts has made us all the more demanding of our club and it’s chairmen. Even today the English Premiership has become the holy grail for our big two. The pursuit of higher financial reward being the only remit to allow them to compete realistically in Europe on a regular basis.
That is why i disagree with the popular belief predominantly nurtured by CFC fans that RFC is regarded as a standalone bastion of worship for the establishment. I would offer the argument that had CFC suffered the same fate as their illustrious rivals that we would not be too far away from where we are today. The governing bodies are also a slave to capitalism. The dependence on sponsorship ,TV deals and marketing is inextricably linked to the twin Gulliver’s of Glasgow.
There may be those who say losing the religious rivalry by one side of the debate dissapearing from view is a step forward.
They may or may not be correct.
Personally although i may “Find” another team i do not envisage the passion being the same. That may change over time if i were considerably younger than the fifty years i’ve stomped around this planet.
Some may say that the future generations may follow Partick Thistle and make them stronger. I don’t think this is possible. It would take too long to nurture and grow and i feel those who become “lost” will remain lost from the game for ever.
What do you think would have happened to CFC had the wee man in the bunnet not stepped in and did what he did for CFC? Would this have had any effect on the character or outlook of the Rangers fans? They may have turned their attention to Hibernian FC,if they managed to survive the event.
Again perhaps.
One thing i am fairly confident of, is that the SFA or SFL would never allow either one of it’s dominant cash cow’s dissapear over the horizon. I can make no informed opinion on the level of perceived injustice’s down the years away from the present .Perhaps others can.
The former custodians of “my club” deserve all or anything that may be coming their way in the future.
What they have done to my club is unforgivable. Putting aside for a moment all that’s transpired and affected our game as a whole, as supporter who has followed with unrelenting loyalty and trust by purchasing merchandise.. Season books and as a shareholder, i have a right to a deeply held resentment of how that loyalty and expectation was abused.
Someone on here the other day {short of time to troll through the posts} actually suggested that Rangers fans have no right to harbour resentment!
If there is a widely held perception that Rangers people outwith boardroom level..spiv world and MIH have no feelings of contempt towards those who brought this debacle to the door of Edmonstone Drive, then i am certainly not one of them. I would hope and doubt that any reasonable person would feel any different.

Going back to your post Auldheid..
“Well respected journalist”..obtained cw’s domain etc.. I have seen that title bestowed on a certain AT many times.
In regard to my previous post i would hope that it not this gentleman.
As regard to the Celtic Bloggers,that is exactly the concern i have. Can we trust all of the above to portray the full facts in an unbiased and forthright manner? All i want is the truth. What i don’t want is some mad scientist ranting, or a David Icke type character walking up and down with a board hanging round their neck saying how bad RFC are and the end of the world is nigh.

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Daft and Dafter
Greenockjack – July 21, 2013 at 6:08pm.

If Cha’s material is to be accepted as genuine then Jack Irvine is a total… person.
I would hope that he is pursued for any misuse of media manipulation techniques that fall within the remit of our legal system.
However is it possible to use this material while CF remains anonymous?
If not what is the point?
My post was mainly to question CF’s end game strategy and wondering whether Cha is friend or foe to CW or friend or foe to “Agent “Whyte. If yo u catch my drift? In consideration of Cha being duplicitous to both sides of the debate under the banner of integrity , then he is defo not aligned to Mr Whyte. Again if the material is genuine and Cha is working on behalf of TBK’s for example then fine all power to Cha’s elbow if we get the facts which implicates the main players. What I am not comfortable with is the possibility of a friend of the former tax blog working against my club in a similar but reverse strategy to that of Jack Irvine. Individuals on here may have an advantage over me in relation to further knowledge regarding CF or various subject’s,however I will persist in wondering aloud. I am a curious person but I want the right answers for the right reasons. I want the perpetrators of the financial rape of my football club and Scottish football as a whole pursued and punished for their actions. What I will not support is a continuation of the drive for my club’s total extinction served purely by religous bias and hatred. On that basis it is important to me what CF’s end game consists of.

Daft and Dafter
As a Rangers fan… 😕 regardless of the Oldco/Newco debate} which imo will continue to rumble on until a definitive conclusion is determined away from the confines of secular tribal conflict, i find myself questioning the “authority” of the entire authoritarian process throughout football. Yes i am being fully inclusive of SPL/SFA to UEFA all the way to Mr Blatters doorstep at FIFA.
While recognising that my own club is no innocent “Cinderella” it is my considered opinion that our so called “Beautiful game” has been infiltrated and totally degraded by the most hideous quad-ruplet of ugly sisters of any era.
Like most avid football supporters I have followed the Rangers saga with a range of conflicting emotions.
Starting with the obvious one..Denial. Admittedly this emotion was only recognised and eventually accepted through hindsight.
Mr Adam and the warnings from elsewhere were condemned all too readily by a support who were quite happy with their lot. This contentment fuelled mainly by the onfield success was more than enough for the fickle football fan to swat aside any suggestion that the rumours had any basis.
Mr Adam was “Aye Readily” dismissed as a bitter ex employee who had fallen out with the formerly affluent “Sugar daddy” and former chairman,while the references from elsewhere rejected literally as envious indulgement by a “Green eyed monster”
Denial turned to euphoria when Cha.F??? sold out and we heralded the arrival of a new hero with “wealth off the radar”. Everything that has transpired since has thrown up more questions than answers. I include the elements of the work presented by the RTC and the latest revelations of Cha.F.
As a Rangers fan i have tried to seperate emotion and resentment and apply a logical approach to what has transpired since Feb 2011.
I openly admit that for me the logical realignment has only served to add further confusion,and continues to do so on a daily basis. It seems the more research i do,the muddier the waters become. Perhaps this is because i have no mission to complete,or unlike anyone else i am simply missing the blatantly obvious. There is no requirement to repeat the prognosis already recorded by RTC or indeed this site i get that.
I understand the tribal fixation involved. It would be no different if the situation were reversed. However i do consider the obsessiveness at times to be rather overwhelming. I am however fully aware that RFC ordered,delivered and signed for it’s own recorded delivery envelope’s which have clattered through it’s letterbox on a consistent basis. Sadly the recorded delivery envelopes appear now to be outnumbered by an overwhelming excess of Junk mail,again self imposed.
Regardless of the “Spiv” culture associated with the club,i did entertain the thought process that RFC was a legitimate investment opportunity. I say this in absence of the UTTT findings. My earlier reference to continued confusion is compounded by ChaF’s revelations. I am now of the opinion that i have been too accepting of Cha’s purported agenda.
I am finding increasingly difficult to comprehend the logic in his/her end game .
The assumption or tactically planted references to Cha being CW or someone close to him just does not wash any longer for me anyway.
Cha has stated to various people via twitter exchanges and elsewhere that he/she is trying to help Rangers,or “your club”.Where this argument falls down for me is compounded by the content of the latest revelations.
Perhaps there are a few cognitive superior mindset’s to that of my own who can explain the obvious self incriminating and hypocritical versions of Cha’s work.
I refer specifically to the document’s produced recently in reference to Jim Park and CW,and the D&P connection. CW has always denied having contact with anyone. As has CG. So how does Cha producing evidence contradicting earlier statements help CW?
Either i am totally missing a simple significance,or Cha.F is no “friend” of RFC.
There has of course been impliance of forethought that the whole debacle has been a carefully constructed plan from the get go between Charlotte square,CW,CG,and the rest of the parcel of rogues,who continue to have an open recruitment policy with an equally high turnaround in staff. In the absence of any evidence to the contrary i will reserve my judgement until the story either concludes with…JAMES BOND WILL RETURN…Or… THE END.
Whatever the outcome it is obvious to me that whoever Cha.F. is they are not planning a return to Ibrox.
So…Cha, friend or foe? Who will benefit the most? Who will suffer the most? Will we ever be any the wiser?
Why should we care? Well as a Rangers supporter,season ticket holder and shareholder,like many others, i bloody care!
And i want to know who..when…where.. and how any of this embarrassment to Scotland was and has been allowed to take place. RFC and the SPL/SFA are not the only ones who need to give us explanations. Cha you need to convince me.
I’m seeking truth. Get clattering please.

Daft and Dafter
C.O.T. and Drew…Ta much.

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Mr Green and Opportunity Knocks— For Aberdeen?
Ecobhoy @ 6:15.
Lol. Back in the combat fatigues I see my man!
Nobody said it was a bad thing for Scottish football.
My point was that a first division match between Falkirk and Morton attracted more fans through it’s gates than any of the teams from the top league with 3pm kick off times.
I suggest you remove the poisoned tip from your big CFC umbrella and read between the lines.
However it is good to know that you can over react from time to time. It seems you have human frailties, just like the rest of us mere mortals. I make no apology for sticking my pen into the big over inflated balloon that BRTH released this morning.
Frankly any suggestion implying that CFC will be challenged at all in the next 4-5 years are incredulously self serving toward a particular football club,as well as being totally rediculous.

Mr Green and Opportunity Knocks— For Aberdeen?
Helpmaboab 3:47 pm

Good news in Scottish football is to be welcomed if it is accurate. Overhyped euphoria generally reflects a biased or self serving point of view.
Apologies for being a rain cloud, however there were more fans at Falkirk vs Morton in Div1 today than there were at the other SPFL games.

Mr Green and Opportunity Knocks— For Aberdeen?
What’s all the fuss about? Apparently the headline of the day is that Pittodrie is a sellout.
Bit OTT is it not? What’s the scores on the door’s Anthea, seems more apt. A 16,000 capacity stadium sells out when CFC enter the granite city? Gee whizz,what a scoop!
Pittodrie was always packed to the rafters when RFC visited.
Don’t get the PR spin on this one, unless a poor turnout was anticipated.
Still probably better that the clash of the titan’s was at one of the smaller venues. Would the sellout expose applied had the match been at Celtic park?

Not in Front of the Children
newtz says;
August 16, 2013 at 1:28 pm.
Thanks for the response newtz.
I was just wondering what RIFC’s position is with regard to the assets.
I’m a very poor layman when it comes to these deals and shenanigans in the boardroom.
It may well be too late now in any event, yet there are still those on Mcmurdo’s blog and elsewhere advocating status quo. Is it any wonder the fans are totally bewildered?
Even Leggo and BMcm are on opposite sides of the bank.
What a mess.

Not in Front of the Children
Newtz says;
August 15, 2013 @ 11:55 p.m

“Who owns the assets?”

Carl31 says;
August 16 @ 10:57 a.m.

Some post right enough.
Okay I think I get the correlation between sevco5088(CW) (AE)- CG, >sevco scotland. (CG duped CW) ahem…
Regarding the assets, who does actually own them?…And where does RIFC sit amidst this recycling plan?
Does anybody apart from CW CG SDM Bomber, Ally and Walter know?

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