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john clarke says:
July 23, 2013 at 11:26 pm
I was thinking that UEFA were informed in the first place by the SFA, in a tail-between-the-legs kind of a way.

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Daft and Dafter
neepheid says:
July 23, 2013 at 11:39 pm
The thing is, I have a choice of whether or not to participate as a paying customer in Scottish football. It would be a long habit to break, but I don’t know.

Daft and Dafter
Regarding LNS, is it not possible that this is realpolitik and that UEFA were informed that RFC had fielded ineligible players in every match, domestic and European, including Champions League for years and simply told the SFA to sort it out within Scotland pronto because the scale of the consequences were unmanageable. The SFA passed the message on to the SPL and the result is the Bryson / MacKenzie accord, completely reversing the understanding of all Club Secretaries at all levels of the game regarding the consequences of improperly registering a player, as acknowledged initially by MacKenzie, and leaving a hostage to fortune that must make them quake yet in case someone has the temerity to pursue it, but which is nonetheless better than facing what would otherwise be coming from UEFA?,

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Redistribution of Football Income – The Human Dilemma
parttimearab,you have PM.

Redistribution of Football Income – The Human Dilemma
John Clark says:
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August 26, 2015 at 10:35 pm
Sums it up for me.

Redistribution of Football Income – The Human Dilemma
Deep breath for this one.
Income distribution and the human condition.
Great comments, too many and too broad to respond to in one post.
This is, inevitably, about Celtic, but Aberbrothockians et al too.
Marx was right, self interest will prevail until all are convinced that Utopia has arrived.
This means that Celtic must be convinced that a redistribution of income is in our best interests.
On balance, I think it is.
I understand that the more money we have, the more we can spend on the scouting system and the players that we bring in and so the better the chance we have of that policy, (a good one in my view), being successful.
However, once we have the players, the potential Champions League players,we have to develop them and that is,as John Collins very honestly pointed out, difficult in a league where they are not stretched to show how good they are, how weak they are, most weeks.
We need competition, our players to be tested, to be made to think, to struggle, to improve. We cannot buy what , IIRC B.McNeill called “the genuine article”;each one costs £20M+ these days.We will find the very occasional Griffiths or Wanyama, but that is all we can expect, the rest will be raw.
The point of income redistribution is not to drag Celtic down, rather the opposite.It is,in my opinion,necessary to strengthen the opposition, to create competition and to raise standards.
It will not work of itself. Better coaching, less fear of relegation and better marketing would help too, as would scouting late developers.
Kenny Mac on SportSound would interpret this as a justification for the football Establishment’s efforts to get TRFC back to the top Div. asap.That’s the last thing we need.In my opinion, PL is wrong.
(Help ma boab, I just made soulmates of Kenny Mac and PL ).
That only sucks resources into the mirage, the apparent but ineffectual vision of a powerful “OF”. 4 games, or even 12 as of 4 years ago, is not enough, we need many teams to be strong enough to beat us if we are not good enough.
It is a hard one: to be fair to PL, he is the CEO of a company and to forfeit revenue is not immediately recognisable as a successful strategy in most cases.The slow decline postulated by others above though is,I’m afraid, real and we will suffer more than any other club if domestic standards fall.
We need to use our straight arms to feed the others, because we need the others to be strong for us to grow.We cannot buy CL success; even if we had the money, they wouldn’t come to Scotland. We need to coach, to compete and to be tested.We need a league where competition is keen between many clubs, where many clubs can realistically strive for the top,for European places, cups and maybe a title.
Redistribution of resources from Europe is desirable, but there is nae chance.Turkeys, Christmas.
Within Scotland it is possible.
Why don’t the other clubs vote for it?

Why We Need to Change
Danish Pastry says:
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August 20, 2015 at 10:01 am
It’s a small point, but Hibs tanked them 9 v 3 on aggregate in the 1970 – 71 Fairs Cup.


Why We Need to Change
RyanGosling says:

July 27, 2015 at 10:33 pm
Gets a vote from me.
If this link doesn’t work, Google UEFA.

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