Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?


Cluster One says: March 10, 2015 at 10:30 pm There was plenty …

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Cluster One says:
March 10, 2015 at 10:30 pm
There was plenty for the Rangers players to draw on with Ibrox great John Greig among a 35,018 crowd as guests of the new-look board, but there was a distinct lack of inspiration on the park with Queens coming closest in the first half when Michael Paton hit the post.

match report.

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Just read the whole of the DR’s match report

Mines was better
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Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Carfins Finest says:
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May 11, 2015 at 3:24 pm

I know some folk here like to keep an eye on how the daily papers are shrinking:

i suspect the decline is not just the Hog Wash they so called print (copy/paste)

but also to do with unemployment
i remember buying a paper the DR on a daily basis on the way to work every morning and sat and read it on the bus 😆

The internet and especially the leaps and bounds in technology Mobile phones,laptops and tablets

also the number of people who now travel by car so cant read the papers so why buy them

And lets not forget the Metro 😳 pick it up as you get on the bus/train and leave it on the seat as you leave 😉

all in all the printed press is fighting a losing battle

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
I still find the TRFC stance on letting season ticket holders in for free strange (although IMO every team should . The term season ticket says it all Well to me anyway) and extremely ironic ❓

Financially it makes no sense for any team in their position

Was it not the current board who actively encouraged and damanded fans not to buy season tickets

Yet now they want those who followed their demands to pay
And those who gave them a deaf ear to be thanked and congratulated by getting in for free 😈

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
GoosyGoosy says:
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April 27, 2015 at 7:50 pm

Goosy. There are no so called honest mistakes or mistakes of any Refereeing kind that aren’t game changers

Whether you are 10-0 up or 10-0 down
Goal difference can mean a hell of a lot over the course of a season or especially a two legged tie like a play-off

Statistics were invented by sales people to manipulate whatever agenda they were being paid for PR ordered to pitch

Only started to come into sports over the last 10 years or so and do work in some sports like baseball,basketball and sometimes American football

But it most certainly doesn’t work in real Football
Looks good on the TV and gives the so called pundits in the studio (especially after the game) an easy focus point
And even better when in hind sight and the stats to match they can make a player the next Pele or the next Sebo

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The Offline Game
Where’s Warbo? 

Well he’s in the States according to the inside ibrox daily fanzine 

oh and Warbo may well have been talking to s team or two down south as a bargaining chip if the daily fanzine is to be beilived


The Offline Game
Noticed this at the start of the Herald piece 

Small Tax Case.Here, in his own words, Turner speaks about why he believes not all the facts were put forward when it was determined whether Rangers had gained any sporting advantage during the years which preceded the club being placed into liquidation.

The he last line says it all 
Club being placed in liquidation ??
Was the herald on the some sort of end of season Bounes scheam ?
Which hasn’t been forth coming or something else that has really upset them?

The Offline Game
If the clowns at the SFA do strip Hibs of their rightful EL place 

Would said space not goto the 4th place in the top Leauge of the SPFL. 
As specified that the runners up of the Scottish Cup shall not be awarded a European place 

The Offline Game
TheLawManTHELAWMANMAY 14, 2016 at 08:41 0 4 Rate This
CLUSTERONE – So to my original point, does the above prove that on the “13th July 2012 – Chairmen of Scottish clubs vote to put Rangers in the 3rd Division” as well as my other point which has been challenged “the Chairman voted to put Rangers into the 3rd Division.”Am i going bonkers here ? 10
Yes I think you are ?

The he votes where a request from the SFA/ Hamden bunker 
They first asked the SPL ( a separate Leauge ) to vote if they could take the new entity/club playing out of ibrox into their Leauge 
Then asked the SPFL if it was possible to insert them into their Leauge set up ( preferably into the first division ) which they voted on and allowed them to enter into the third division

The SFA/Hamden bunker made these requests due to fear over sponsorship and profile of the leagues also the fear (rightly or wrongly) that thousands of paying customers would be lost to the game for many years to come 
Armageddon I think was the word they used to describe it 

The Offline Game
I am pleased to see a difference of opinion on the site (brings a freshness to everything ) 

but one question which seems to me to unbalance your argument is 
If Rangers as you say where bought out of administration who or more exactly what is in the process of being liuqedated ? 
I have heard some say it’s a holding company and if this is the case What is the name and when did this holding company aquier RFC?

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