Did the MSM learn anything from the Rangers saga?


Not sure if this has been posted before. It’s from Solicitors …

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Not sure if this has been posted before.

It’s from Solicitors WHM May Lawsuit newsletter:

“Seeking the truth? Read the Judgement, not the newspapers

The Rangers Administration has excited the media. Acres of newsprint, hours of television time and millions of pixels have been devoted to probably the highest profile administration ever in Scotland. 

Without adding to the clamour of debate regarding the possible outcome of the administration, WJM take this opportunity to point out that sometimes reading court judgments, rather than looking to newspapers for a journalist’s interpretation of the decision, can offer an accurate account of what is really going on.

Reading Lord Hodge’s Opinion on the Note of Paul Clark and David Whitehouse, joint administrators of Rangers Football Club plc, is one sure way of finding out what’s really happening with Rangers.

Lord Hodge’s Opinion, given on 23 March, has been dissected by football fans and journalists all over Scotland. Many Rangers fans were – and are – frustrated by the lack of information coming from the administrators and the apparent misinformation coming from other sources.

In his Opinion, Lord Hodge provided some clarity.

He gave an outline of the agreements between Rangers and Ticketus, which the Club’s administrators are seeking to tear up. In a four-year deal Ticketus paid £25,376,125 to the Club in the current 2011/12 season. The money was for season tickets due to be purchased by fans until the deal ended at the end of May 2015. In effect Rangers fans would no longer be purchasing their tickets from the Club but would purchase them from Ticketus.

He also outlines the options that have been offered to potential purchasers and the need for these options highlights the uncertainty and difficulties that both the administrators and potential purchasers have in moving the process forward.

Although Lord Hodge was ultimately unable to come to a decision as to whether the agreements could be breached, his Opinion gives those interested in the case a clearer picture of what has happened, what is currently happening and what can be expected to happen in the future.”

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The opinion of LH (23 March 2012) can be found here:

Clark & Whitehouse (Joint Administrators of Rangers Football Club Plc), Re Directions [2012] ScotCS CSOH_55 (23 March 2012)

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