Did the MSM learn anything from the Rangers saga?


The Iceman Great post, worthy of being a guest blog (hope …

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The Iceman

Great post, worthy of being a guest blog (hope TSFM agrees).

First version in moderation, so I’ll use some abbreviations and symbols.

This west coast shame of pro v cat has been consistently shocking me for nearly 40 years. I’m from the north east of Scotland, brought up when young as church of Scotland so obviously “pro”. Didn’t exactly see myself in those terms of course. A good education had informed me of some of the facts of historical religious and social intolerance, but I had assumed I lived in the modern world, believing economics, politics, morals and poverty were the main motivators in society.

In my career in youth work, adult education and community development working in Glasgow I was regularly openly pestered by kids who needed to know if I was a p@@@@y or t@m! a non answer was not acceptable, i was pressed… What schools did you go to?, are you a p@@@@y or t@m don supporter?, or a p@@@@y or t@m athiest?, or if i got married in a p@@@@y or ti@m church…anything for them to get a handle on me. Without that label, they didn’t know how to interact with me according to their codes.

Teenagers of course had group, territorial and / or gang affiliations, but they weren’t just Celtic v Rangers. Some adults weren’t interested in my upbringing but others were, most quite subtely, but the issue had sometimes to be pointed out to me by local colleagues when I didnt immediately grasp the nature of why some folk didnt get on with each other or couldn’t be persuaded to work together when it was obviously the best thing to do.

If The Iceman is correct, there are still a lot of adults in positions of power with professional responsibilities who are unbelievably (to me anyway) not prepared to ditch the childish approach to making decisions and value judgements. They are still looking at issues in the way that first young kid (maybe 8 or 9) asked of me that july day in 1975 in the Blantyre playscheme (in the dog track)…hey mister are you a p@@@@y or a t@m? (i.e. I might come back to the playsheme or enjoy myself if you answer the right way or if you aren’t as bad as i think you might be if you answer wrong).

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Did the MSM learn anything from the Rangers saga?
A poster called Merciatic replied to one of Paul McConville’s blogs on CGs flotation plan.

Merciatic put a link to CG’s presentation to investors (http://freepdfhosting.com/764719bf8c.pdf), which amongst other things mentions figures from the 2011 accounts.

Now forgive me if i’m wrong but I don’t remember reading that these accounts had been provided to the SFA.

Some of the figures include statements such as a £9,658,000 trading profit, an operating profit of £1,246,000, and an after tax profit of £76,000. How can there be profits if this is a new company? The timeframe was pre CVA, the oldco had huge debt, and the newco was about to be bought by CG by a £5.5m loan? Unbelievably it also states social responsibility as one of four “strategic levers”.

The main question though, did either RFC, D&P, Sevco, or TRFC submit annual accounts which CG uses as part of his pitch?

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Homunculus –
where’s your Xmas spirit?
Personally I’m waiting for the MSM commenting that poor Mr King has suffered enough so the TOP, the courts and the rest of us should all just move on.
We all know that:-
1 coals should not be raked over and 
2 everyone needs a strong “rangers” – else the sky might fall on our heads (is this the first Asterix reference on the site?)

Who Is Conning Whom?
Sorry for straying into club territory here, but as a dons fan, I think DM has been seriously damaged by all this and that’s why I think a disrepute charge against TRFC is appropriate.
However – if he has no intention of leaving, as he and the chairman have said, then he’s been seen to fail under the pressure. When he could have used the same attacking tactics against TRFC as other teams have and succeeded, instead he’s looked like a rabbit in headlights, minimising our strengths. Constant selection changes also seem to weaken the team, and DM now appears damaged goods not able to deliver when really necessary against our main rivals. 
Given these failings, why would TRFC want him?
I feel sorry for the guy but he should have overtly said he’s not interested during the lifetime of his contract – or until AFC sack him. At least one dons fan site has rumours that the players think he’ll leave (and take some with him later- McLean?) and he’s lost the dressing room. 
If he does stay he has work to do to regain trust. 
If he goes, well the trust was obviously misplaced, and DM will be seen in the same light as Ryan Jack, or worse.
If this was a cunning plan by an opposition team, then a disrepute charge it is, or should be – and bad show DM for falling for it and not commiting to AFC more strongly much earlier.

Who Is Conning Whom?
Well said JC,
If he does leave to a club he’s spectacularly lost two back to back games to, after weeks of media / pr pressure, then questions should indeed be asked, but of whom?
The SFA will never charge TRFC with bringing the game into disrepute over this, although it should.
AFC could have put him on leave but that could have led to DM claiming constructive dismissal, and left AFC with no compensation. It’s all very murky.
There’s no point complaining to the media about their constant bias.
What are the rules about “tapping up” managers? I’m sure if there are any, there willl be considerable scope for discretion by the SFA and burden of proof issues.
Us dons fans however are rightly suspicious that something ain’t right, and although we can like every other team blow it on occasion and often against glasgow teams, the recent selections and tactics dont show DM in a good light if he does leave – “suspicious” will then not be the appropriate word we’ll be using though…

Who Is Conning Whom?
good analysis, can I add that the timing of the Brechin game in the cup possibly helped rush through this rotten deal.
Who played Brechin indeed. If they had taken more time to consult and negotiate their wheeze it might have worked out better but in my view it was all about keeping up the pretence that Sevco were indeed RFC and this couldnt have held up if the cup game didnt happen.
What was required therefore was the invention of the ‘conditional membership’ to allow a non football club to play in the cup, thereby giving them access to the leagues. Cue the renaming of the club and hey presto! IT IS RANGERS AFTER ALL!

Enough is enough
Hirsute has just nailed the name of the next & subsequent teams out of Ibrox – Metaphysical Rangers FC.
Also wonder about the timing of Ernest’s appearance and arguments – setting the scene / rehearsing arguments for the next transformation? Well done JC & Auldheid etc for your patient replies.

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