End of the Road for King?


Jimbo, Sub Editors write the headlines. They also determine where in …

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Sub Editors write the headlines. They also determine where in the newspaper the article will appear and the length of the article.
The problem is, some organisations are outsourcing this work.

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End of the Road for King?
The definition of relegation is at the crux of this case.  Not just the football meaning of relegation either. The Punter is trying to argue an everyday use of relegation and Coral have made a clumsy attempt to argue the football definition of relegation.
Reading through the excellent reporting from James Doleman it is obvious that Coral have handled this badly.  The letter sent to the Punter explaining their decision apparently says Rangers were “demoted” rather than relegated.

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The Day I was on the Scotland U-23 Bench
Yes Homonculus, it is your religious bias on show.
Whether a person decides to post a blog on Christmas Day is entirely up to them.
However if JJ is in Oz, as he claims, the he may well have posted Boxing Day Melbourne time but still Christmas Day in your time zone.
By all means critisise the content, tone of his blogs but criticing the date of his blog is ridiculous.
My understanding was this is football site, not a religious site.

Peace – Not War
you miss the point entirely.
yes, Celtic are a business as are the other clubs. Each of these clubs have an equal share in another business called the SPFL.
However not all these shareholders are remunerated the same even though the their shareholding is of equal value.
as a result all revenue from the SPFL from TV and other commercial arrangements should be shared equally with the shareholders.
Remember, without the SPFL, Celtic as a business has no access to any revenue.  They can’t play themselves 36 times a season.
Don’t even get me started on joining an English League, the economics just don’t add up. What would they add that would be of benefit to England? Unless they can add an extra 0 to the TV rights then it wont happen.
I have read the people believe a financial explosion at the EPL would benefit Scottish Football, it won’t. There will be no British League, unless the rest if the kingdom is happy to give up their home nations.
while Celtic fans are happy to be the big fish in a small pond, what is in it for fans of other clubs? This is a failing model evidenced by the lack of a descent TV deal in recent seasons (since the Setanta debacle).
So where does the Scottish game see itself in 10 years? If the answer is more of the same then the game will go backwards.

Peace – Not War
I disagree with your assessment of financial redistribution.
Many professional sports do this very successfully.  The first thing to be acknowledged is that all clubs contribute to the game.  As a result all money dispersed by the governing bodies should be divided equally amongst clubs in the league, afterall, they are equal shareholders.
Paying clubs according to where they finish in the league perpetuates the status quo. Same club wins everytime. The reward for winning the title is the prestige of winning the title plus Euro qualification.
I don’t believe in gate sharing becuase this is a club organised activity and clubs should be rewarded for their efforts.
This is not a quick fix.  
It is easy to see we clubs appear to be not supporting Res 12, when they don’t stand up for a deal that is clearly inequitable.  This doesn’t mean it is Communism, it is about Shareholder all being treated and rewarded the same.

Peace – Not War
Sunblotion = sun lotion.

Peace – Not War
John C
welcome again to Sunny Brisbane. Don’t bring any jackets, bring plenty of sunblotion. I have instructed the locals to keep the Fat Yaks chilled for your arrival

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