End of the Road for King?


A wee break from topic, .. A  moving piece  from a very brave …

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A wee break from topic, ..
A  moving piece  from a very brave and great singerChristy Digman, and the equally good Finbar Furey.. this was shown on Friday evening on RTE’s late show. 

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End of the Road for King?
John Clark @ 13.23,
But aren’t JD’s tweets great fun?
If I didn’t know better, I would say it makes the ‘Law’ look a right a.se, as learned men on both sides so far skirt around the big elephant dung-heap that the Scottish Football Authorities deposited on the 6th Floor at Hampden.
… Hilarious !!!!!

End of the Road for King?
A good piece from J.F. 20 mins ago, …


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An update on last weeks big race, the Epsom troll Derby,
The only “runner” EB a fooly, ehh, I mean a filly, by DeNial, out of Steerpike, was disqualified in this walkover for going completely in the wrong direction and had to pull up. Eb’s jockey Nial Walker said “I was told EB knew the way” 


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Ernest/Nial /steery,
you seem to talk a lot about Diouf , .have you met him ?

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Who Is Conning Whom?
Ernest, how do you find the time for all this trolling ????

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