Enough is enough


John Clark November 1, 2017 at 20:18   “Sadly, my techy skills are …

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John Clark
November 1, 2017 at 20:18
“Sadly, my techy skills are not quite up to it. It’s ended up in ‘pictures’ and what’s on the screen seems not to be amenable to the ‘copy and paste’ procedure. It seems to be PDF file and I’ve never been able to open them on my windows 10.”
How can I save it as a document that I can copy and paste?
Scans are normally “image” files and will be saved as PDF files.
Microsoft in its’ wisdom dropped its PDF reader from windows 10, but for some weird reason kept a pdf reader in edge the new “browser”
So right click on the pdf file in pictures and you should se a drop down box with
Choices,  3rd down is  “open with”  click on this and another box opens with 3 choices one of which is Microsoft Edge (don’t be tempted to open microsoft word the result will be unintelligible text)
Choose Edge and your text will appear in another screen.
Top right (three dots) click them and a menu drop down with “print” as an option use this and you will get another copy which you can then redact and scan.

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Enough is enough
I know that the Record, like all newspapers, has a circulation problem, but it now appears to be affecting Keith’s “brain”?


Enough is enough
November 20, 2017 at 10:09
Glad you asked
6 days (15/11/2017 – 20/11/2017) inclusive
And 38 posts approx.
Also can anyone tell me what an unicorporated certificate is?

Enough is enough
“Rangers’ dithering in managerial hunt could also see them miss out on obvious candidate Derek McInnes.”
Keith Jackson
06:00, 20 NOV 2017
“It’s an uncomfortable and unenviable position for McInnes who, in many ways, is becoming the victim of a chronic lack of cohesion at the top of the Ibrox staircase”
“It’s an uncomfortable and unenviable position for McInnes who, in many ways, is becoming the victim of a chronic case of meddling by newspapers like us and people like me”
Fixed that for you Keith10

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Dear Mr Bankier
HirsutePursuit 30th November 2018 at 01:30                    


You Have Mail 🙂


JPP: Perverting Justice?

PressReader – Daily Record: 2018-10-03 – GAME CHANGER

9 hours ago

Front Page DR print edition.

  • Cops and football chiefs cave in to pressure from fans and politicians and rethink plans to host both League Cup semifinals at Hampden on …


Funny thing is, the above is not available  on line. ??

Has a gun been jumped?

JPP: Perverting Justice?
Homunculus 15th September 2018 at 23:14


“One would almost think that BDO were doing what HMRC wanted them to do when they appealed it to the Supreme Court and made the matter final. As if HMRC were so confident that they wanted the matter settled once and for all. “


They were

stare decisis

binds courts to follow legal precedents set by previous decisions.


JPP: Perverting Justice?
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