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AndrakNovember 2, 2017 at 14:37
“There are many, including me who suspect that the OF have followed a policy of buying the best performing players from other teams at cut price rates….only to sit on the bench at parkhead or Ibrox for years”.
While I have some sympathy for my friends in Dundee who have been giving me this for years, it is also true that the transfer fees from Celtic in particular, ( I really think TRFC pay cut price fees, think offering £400,000 for Scott Brown and Thomson from Hibs before Celtic paid £4M for Brown alone), help keep the selling club afloat. That’s how the transfer market works. I can think of half a dozen players who left Celtic in recent years to warm benches down south. There are only so many players Celtic and previously RFC can buy though.
Having said that, there is something wrong, in my opinion, when Chelsea for example can have 35 players or so out on loan at the same time.
“I strongly believe that a fully Scottish team could again win the Champions League…”
Regrettably, not in the foreseeable future and probably not in my lifetime.
“What we have to do is to get off this crazy merry-go-round of ever increasing hype of the CL and the top clubs and players”.
I agree that it is undesirable. I have never taken Sky because of what their money has done to UK football, which I realise is both futile and ridiculous. The direction of travel at UEFA is in the opposite direction though, with the forthcoming changes making it easier for more clubs from the big leagues to qualify at the expense of Champions from smaller countries. I’m sceptical I’m afraid about any willingness to change this existing at UEFA. My best hope is that the CL becomes so exclusive that it becomes boring and viewing figures drop. Heavyweight boxing ate itself this way 20 years ago.
My previous point about the relative finances of several Scottish clubs and clubs from Luxembourg, Malta etc. remains. A redistribution of wealth within Scottish football might help, but there is more to it than that.

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Enough is enough
Dave King is only the third case of anyone having been “Cold Shouldered”.
The other two cases are here:


One of them involved persons at Dundee FC as it happens.
Dave King is the first person to have had his case referred to Court for enforcement.
This is important because it illustrates the extraordinary position taken by King.
Homunculus makes a point reminiscent of the EBT case:
“Surely that would be an important enough issue for the Takeover Panel to be granted leave to appeal to the Supreme Court”.
Is this a possible strategy here?
and also
“If he does decline to make any Order I will be fascinated to read his justification for it”
Indeed, so will everyone else in British industry.
With all due respect to JC and his faithful and accurate reporting, the “may” issue is a nonsense. To decline to enforce the verdict of the TOP is to remove the substance of the 29.9% shareholding rule and open up the possibility of, among other things, a tidal wave of cases of mammoth proportions regarding previous decisions.

Enough is enough
John ClarkNovember 13, 2017 at 18:29
“…it might conceivably be the case that the judge could conclude that feel the only determination he could reasonably arrive at would be that to make an order that simply could not be complied with by King would be meaningless,”
If that were the case, then it would be open for anyone to breach the 29.9% shareholder limit and then say, “Sorry guys, no money”.
I know you are not advocating this view, but that is a ludicrous proposition. It’s obvious of course, but if I’m fined for something, then I’m not going to get off because I don’t have any money to pay the fine. I have done something and that action has a consequence in law, which I knew before I did it.
If DK is claiming he didn’t know he had to make an offer for the remaining shares , then I wish I had been present in the Important Lawyers Club that evening when the case was being discussed. Trebles all round.
More importantly, this case will set a precedent. See my post above regarding British industry. The requirement to make an offer for the remaining shares has clearly been considered to be important in safeguarding the rights of small shareholders. That I would think is a very important principle to surrender.
I won’t labour the point, but albeit the law may have been drafted imprecisely, there is only one way out of this.
Anything else, in my layman’s view, defies common sense, completely undermines the point of the rule, and leaves the field open for anyone who wishes to play it. This is not only about DK and RIFC, this is about every single business and individual operating within the jurisdiction of the British State.

Enough is enough
John ClarkNovember 13, 2017 at 09:03
If the word “may” is taken to mean Bannatyne has an option to decline, then that means either that the TOP’s verdict is not final, or that it is final but there are some circumstances in which it may not be appropriate to issue an order enforcing it, in DK’s case that being that he is skint.
To the best of my layman’s knowledge this is not the impression that UK companies, or individuals, have had of TOP rulings up to now and is why, I think, DK is only the third person ever to have been “Cold Shouldered”, and the first to have required reference to Court for enforcement. The revelation that it may not be necessary to comply with the rules as previously understood, or that a refusal may not be enforced is likely to cause uproar in British industry surely.
“What are the circumstances under which I may not have to comply, because the ruling will not be subject to a Court order requiring me to do so? A full list please”.

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Questions, questions, questions
upthehoops 6th July 2022 At 20:10

Heavily weighted certainly, but Richard Gordon managed to keep the overall commentary lively, well informed and entertaining. The best presenters are those who can communicate their own enthusiasm for the game. The midweek show used to be good too, until Macintyre arrived with his surly, occasionally spiteful hectoring and his audible salivating at anything pro-Rangers. I stopped listening. Which other radio stations cover the fitba on a Saturday afternoon?

Questions, questions, questions
Kenny Macintyre about to take over from Richard Gordon as host of Saturday Sportsound. A good football show is about to turn into Radio Rangers.

Questions, questions, questions
Paradisebhoy 5th June 2022 At 18:35

Wales v Ukraine , nothing to do with England . However this did not deter the Commentator ā€œ Aaron Ramsay may be the first A.Ramsay to reach the World Cup since 1966 ā€œ Unbelievable !
Caused an uproar of hilarity in my local. Sides split, lager expelled onto walls etc…..

Regarding the other topics, Leigh Griffiths will in due course be recognised to have had the final word on the matter: “Your club’s deid”.

Questions, questions, questions
nawlite 9th May 2022 At 12:22
Sorry about the delay in replying.
Yes, they have became a neutered PR arm of the SPFL. Any thoughts of having an independent, critical, supporter forum for change has, with them, gone. Their emails make me cringe I’m afraid. There remains a void therefore, for any group that wants to challenge the current power structure. This lot have turned out to be Henry McLeish’s diversionary strategy, fearing an insurrection and diverting energy from the real issue.
Let me say, fair play to TRFC in their final, but all the financial corruption during the 90’s, (allegedly) ,and beyond and the subsequent nonsense over the liquidation of Rangers, as well as 80 years of sectarianism needs to be aired, acknowledged and apologised for before catharsis and progress on the field of Scottish football will happen. What appeared initially to be a hope, has turned out to be a hope successfully integrated and managed by those in power. Over to you Donald.

Questions, questions, questions
John Clark 9th May 2022 At 00:24
Iā€™m bloody annoyed.
I’ve given up on them.
Regarding the BBC, the link below may offer catharsis, and an open goal for many on here.


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