Enough is enough


Auldheid, I don’t think that UEFA give a toss about how …

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I don’t think that UEFA give a toss about how competitive the EC Cup is. They have consistently failed to implement means through which there would be greater competition by bowing to the interests of the mega-clubs. They are more afraid of losing TV cash than a competitive edge.

In doing so, I believe they are as guilty of short term thinking than any Scottish Greybeard with a club blazer. The irony from my perspective is that clubs like Celtic rail against the regime that favours big clubs, whilst paying little heed to the plight of clubs in the tier below.

Sadly I believe the only way it gets better is to wait for the big capitalist soccer train wreck to happen.
Unlike Jimbo, my socialism endures to the end, survives the act of wearing my Celtic scarf ?

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Enough is enough
Our recently arrived new poster has of course gone over some of the old ground (not nearly as plausibly as some of his predecessors) of the past.
I think that is useful to indulge in this kind of dialectic from time to time, if only to combat the relentless pursuit of misdirection employed by the press. Useful to establish for example that the only practical out come of LNS was that RFC broke the rules, and that all the rest is inconsequential waffle. Useful to establish once again what UEFA rules actually say – as opposed to the cherry-picking sophistry which would have us believe they say something different. Useful to have confirmed the absurdity of the notion that membership of the SFA is the ‘soul’ of the metaphysical club – since most of our clubs (though not TRFC) existed BEFORE the SFA.
Good in other words to remind ourselves from time to time of the ACTUAL truths in place here.

The ‘same club’ myth will survive of course. In the same way as Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Loch Ness Monster do.
I have no issue with those who subscribe to any or all of these, but it would be particularly annoying to have acceptance of any or all of these imposed on me. This in effect is what happens with OC flat-earthers.
OC belief is one thing OC fascism is quite another.

Enough is enough
Article on likely impact of EBT decision on individuals.


Enough is enough
David Low is BP’s guest in the SFM Podcasr, which makes it’s return this weekend. Talking accounts apparently.

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Apologies for our absence the past few days. We have been spending most of our time dealing with a less deadly – but still potent – virus as both SFM websites have been attacked on a daily basis by a Trojan Virus, exploiting some weaknesses in the PHP platform (which the site runs on).

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One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
John C
Ultimately we won’t get to the SFA due to the dishonesty and corruption. They will fall on the sword of their own massive incompetence. The walls are closing in inch by inch. Eventually they will have nowhere to go.

One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
Looks like King is briefing against Gerrard with Keef’s latest ?

One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
Absolutely right about the ICT/ Hearts thing.


Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
John Clark
There is of course the argument that the maintenance of sectarianism, racism and tribalism, all of which is readily monetised, is one of the main drivers of corruption in the sport.
Ridding ourselves of that, despite the best endeavours of the football authorities, at well have a beneficent knock-on effect at Hampden.

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