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Interesting, Trisidium, that you refer the issue back to socialism …

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Interesting, Trisidium, that you refer the issue back to socialism albeit somewhat tongue in cheek.  It is the issue though: me,me,me self interest will stymie any chance of changing what we do and getting the same outcomes, the definition of stupidity.  And before the TD’s roll in I can clarify that the main self interested culprit for me is my own team, Aberdeen.  When the establishment teams (CFC and the then extant RFC) called out the SPL diddies (led by oor Stewarty) as rebels for tabling the end of the two vote veto* said rebels were, and always had been, clear that such a change to the voting would EXCLUDE gate sharing.  This was of course because the Dons wanted to protect their own gate from the even diddier teams.  What a shower of short sighted spivs! That’s neo liberalism for you, in terms of the business of football the big teams shaft the wee teams all the way down the food chain because “there is no alternative” don’t you know?
Hence Celtic, who in my lifetime (late 60’s to be exact) could put up a credible case for being the best fitba team in the world, are now 4th tier European (i.e. Pot 4 in the CL) and that after a tremendous performance over the years based on a huge support and top class management.  Their erstwhile partners, of course, could at one time have claimed to be amongst the best in Europe and they dealt with the descent of non-mega TV deal nations by going out of business so total respect for Celtic’s achievement.  But best in the world to 4th tier?  Blimey, even Aberdeen at one time (early 80’s) had a credible claim to be amongst the best in Europe and now we’re about 7th/8th tier based on when they have to enter the competitions.  I enjoy my support for the Dons so no big deal I suppose but if we want to be any better as a nation, and subsequently as individual clubs, then we have to change, we have to try another way. 
(* Of course the reason behind Stewarty and the Dons subsequently backing off getting rid of the veto when there was no form of Rangers in the SPL is another scandalous element of my team’s history.  A deal was struck, I know not what it was.)

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Enough is enough
It’s good for SFM to have steer.. oops, EB on now and then to keep us from being lazy, sharpen the old rhetoric, much like practising in front of the mirror prior to facing the wife….what, doesn’t everyone do that?  After a career of negotiating, arguing and persuading based on, when I was good, the pertinent facts, knowledge and (I admit) the contract I now find myself more interested in the human nature side of the whole newco scam and other fitba politics.  What on earth drives the fans of the old Rangers to behave like this and, as raised earlier, why do the SMSM perpetuate the scam?  On the latter, if it’s just because they are fans then that beggars belief even further.
Anyway, part of the argument appears to be that all fans would behave similarly but I dispute this.  If Aberdeen went into admin I would expect there to be severe gnashing of teeth and a concerted although completely useless campaign of hate and shame poured on the board, fair enough.  I would expect someone to buy them out of admin via a CVA unless the debt risk was dispropotionate such as 5-6 plus times turnover as was the case with RFC.  In which case liquidation it is and then I would expect someone to buy the assets, let’s call them sheepco, and apply to re enter the spfl.  Given the precedence sheepco would then enter the lowest tier and change their name to, let’s say, FC Aberdeen.  In my naivety I always thought such a rebranding had to show some “distance” from the former name but, again, we have a precedence.  I, and most other Dons fans, would probably support FCA (unless it was full of spivs, the SMSM keeping us well informed) and on we go.  An opportunity to rebuild from scratch.  I, we, would never forget our proud history.  We would be supporting a new club.  Anyone suggesting otherwise would be called out for the fool they are.  Simple.

Enough is enough
Nail on head.  Whilst the media , including Taig/Bear (depending on the story) Daly, home in on a few “celebrity” tax haven opportunists such as Desmond, Mrs Brown and, for that matter, HRH the real movers and shakers in tax dodging carry on regardless.  Meanwhile we can defend Desmond because he’s a Celtic man and, presumably, HRH because it turns out that the Queens XI are aptly named so that’s all right.  I’m grateful to be a Dons fan therefore not required to follow like a sheep, ironic though that is.

Enough is enough
The reason that it’s good that tax havens are a story is because it should be illegal rather than just immoral.  We are being shafted by interested parties who want to maintain the status quo.  Don’t let the whole shower of them off with it because one guy happens to be connected to your team or because it wisnae as bad as the other cheek’s lot.  That’s ridiculous. I actually think it would be beneficial if someone from my own lot (because what fitba team you support is clearly irrelevant) was outed if it would help keep the whole, shameful scam in the public eye. The story will move on from Mrs Brown’s boys and Desmond; good, the more that get outed the better for us.  A pox on them all.

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Fergus McCann v David Murray
I'm with you bordersdon.  I don't tune in often but came in yesterday to revel in the best Scottish fitba story for years, never mind 2020.  Nae support Scotland because, you know, the blazers?  What a joke! Like I should have stopped supporting the Dons because of Stewarty Milne? I don't think so. SFM is a one trick pony that I've backed for years (Donkey's years?) but this one club above all others has reached a new extreme IMO.



Fergus McCann v David Murray
I’m hearing 8 game ban for the 8 Dons and Celtic also punished, they have to play Boli every game. 


Fergus McCann v David Murray
Why are the Dons and Celtic not playing this week?  Because they evidently (i.e.the evidence is actual) do not have the processes in place to comply with the specific requirements of the arrangement that enable their "elite" sport to continue.  As we go forward I suspect they will be seen as having got off with it lightly.

I said, prior to a big team getting involved. that Aberdeen should have had the points forfeited to St J and that by not doing so the SPFL were creating a problem for the future.  That has happened and it only took days.  It will happen again.  But a conspiracy?


Fergus McCann v David Murray
Sturgeon is it?  I was just getting used to it being Doncaster.  For a wee while I did think it could be Lawell but as the campaign against Hearts (and PT presumably) now includes Aberdeen and Celtic it seems unlikely.  Unless it's a bluff of course?

I'll have a go at a theory.  Sturgeon is worried that the indy vote might not hold up and, having an unnatural disinterest on who might win the SPL, creates a sh*tstorm that she will be seen to fix.  She enrolls Lawell with sweet talk on how StevieG is poised to win the league with his audacious signings and the need to set in motion a scheme to close the league as soon as Celtic have a lead.  Lawell gets Hayes up to Pittodrie and he talks 7 of the gullible diddies into a team booze up to get the ball rolling.  Doncaster, having briefed Sturgeon on what the SPL is etc, spills the beans to Dave King who gifts Boli a return ticket to Spain and then releases the story.  Sturgeon is now in a bit of a quandary and has no option but to bring Celtic onto the naughty step. More to come. Worth a few seasons on Netflix I reckon.

If you think that is unbelievable there is the extraordinary alternative theory that we are in a global pandemic.  Whole countries have shut down, re opened and shutdown again.  Whole industries, competitions and even the Olympics have been cancelled.  Last week, with a few hours notice, my home town was partially locked down, my staycation (motorhome) cancelled.  My two hip ops cancelled a week prior to appointment date in March.  I'm going from global to personal, the pandemic has affected everything in between.  Do we really think anyone outside our wee bubble is targeting fitba, the SPFL or specific teams?



Fergus McCann v David Murray
I agree UTH, sacking players, long bans or public flogging(and that’s just the Dons fans’ forum!) is just Mr angry sound bites. Three points to the opposition is the only way otherwise we are in for a convoluted Barney every time this happens. If it’s a player or players testing positive then play on but if it gets to the stage that the game is off as directed by govt medical guidance then it’s a forfeit. That way it’s the club responsibility to manage their staff. It’s only fitba. 

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