Enough is enough


EASYJAMBONOVEMBER 3, 2017 at 21:01 Further to this, the Board is …

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EASYJAMBONOVEMBER 3, 2017 at 21:01
Further to this, the Board is hopeful that the Club will be in position to proceed with a share issue during 2018 in order to provide further finance for the Group.
Will that be after the Takeover Panel is finished with Mr king?

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Enough is enough
AULDHEIDNOVEMBER 22, 2017 at 01:50
That is so well written and easy to understand that even the blue tinted specks one’s must get it.

Enough is enough
The problem at Ibrox is the soft loan money is required just to keep the lights on.This may have the been the case at the beginning but recent loans are to supplement a higher wage bill for a period of years until RFC improves its domestic turnover and essentially Europa income.RFC could shuffle along and break even on a domestic turnover of 30 million or so with a wage bill to suit but this would risk a drop in ST sales and a far less chance of Europa qualification.
At the time of preparation, the forecasts identified that the Group would require a minimum of £4.0m additionalfunding by the end of season 2017/18 in order to meet its liabilities as they fall due. The first tranche of funding isrequired in November 2017.Further funding amounting to £3.2m is forecast to be required during the 2018/19 season. However, the final amountis dependent on future football performance and European football participation amongst other factors
Looks like we are back in Ally territory again.If no european football more loans just to not even stand still

Enough is enough
a new company bought the club?
please point out what part is the club that charles Green bought.
Then can you name this company that bought this club?
and can you now tell me the name of this company today?

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Questions, questions, questions
Kenny Macintyre about to take over from Richard Gordon as host of Saturday Sportsound. A good football show is about to turn into Radio Rangers.
I never listen, as you already know what you are going to get.

Questions, questions, questions
Looking forward to another new season and what disputes and court cases the ibrox club will bring us this season. One thing is sure in life they will not dissapoint.

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Posted yesterday but must have got lost or i never sent, it has been a while

Questions, questions, questions
Keevins will do whatever he is told. His Grandkids will one day not be able to look him in the eye, as he is not the grandfather they thiught he was

Questions, questions, questions
Given that Ashley may be due a large cash sum before the new season gets underway. Will the club from ibrox suffer an administration event if they can’t pay? Will they find the money to pay if any bill lands on the door step? How many would stick around for a club starting the season on -25 points

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