Enough is enough


Hope today’s result at Ibrox didn’t burst anyone’s coupon. In both …

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Hope today’s result at Ibrox didn’t burst anyone’s coupon.
In both senses of “coupon”.

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Enough is enough
SMUGAS NOVEMBER 22, 2017 at 07:41
I wouldn’t worry too much about spelling.
There are bigger problems.
For the second day it’s being reported that Craig Whyte’s interest was peaked.
It was at this point that my interest weaned.

Enough is enough
You referred to Steerpishgate.
Which particular swamp is this in?
Ten seconds is all it usually takes to find out if claims such as “unaware and uninvolved” (NOVEMBER 21, 2017 at 01:46) are true.
Is that two in a row?
The Chase Is On.

Enough is enough
I think I’ve got the solution to the biggest, most perplexingest, pure unstaunch problem at Ibrox.
Three in a row.
One poster got a five in a row and if it hadn’t been for that pesky STEVIEBC it would have been a six in a row.
The solution is obvious; henceforth all games involving the Ibrox team will kick off at two in the morning when the rest of the civilised world is aslumber. With any luck the opposition won’t turn up; the Ibrox team kick off; score; there’s no one to restart the game and the Ibrox team gets the win.
Only possible flaw is if the opposition don’t turn up and the Ibrox team manage to muck up the bit where they score.
Even Jabba and his minions would be hard pressed to promote a team whose new world record was that they couldn’t beat sleep.

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Fergus McCann v David Murray
Am I reading this correctly?

Do we really have a discussion prompted by @Jas72Boyd on Twitter? A discussion which includes the views of the reasonablechap on the street?

A glaring omission from the discussion is the fact (and I mean fact as opposed to opinion) that @Jas72Boyd and reasonablechap are the same person.

Many alternative names have been used but a good rule of thumb is that if someone is spouting pish it's probably Spoutpish.

Sweet Little Lies
I think someone has started his normal (for him) practice of moving from presenting as, and this time around even naming himself as, reasonable to his default setting, i.e. hellbent on another award of the Order Of The Boot.

Some common or garden trolling includes a bit of Zen enlightenment; "I'm reminded of a …quote". Not very accurately reminded it would seem; the man quoted is named Pinter not Pintor. The quote itself refers to truth.

You know the shark has been well and truly jumped when Spoutpish is lecturing us on truth.

In other news Quasimodo tells us to sit up straight.

Sweet Little Lies
I see that not for the first time the SMSM are providing free advertising for Govan-based merchandise.

Seemingly there is new stauncher training kit which can be worn (after purchase at a reasonable price depending on where the Blue Pound is exchanging with the Euro or Bitcoin) when marching round your favourite statue of someone you had never heard of until 20 minutes, or 2012 minutes, ago.

Strangely, the official Club Twitter account has chosen to leak the new MASH-free gear with photographs of two tops bearing the initials of Steven Gerrard and James Traynor.

At first I thought they meant to show the tops of the Manager and the Captain but soon realised if they did the latter would have been JT (PEN).

We now wait to find out how long it will take before the newest Proud Retail Partner becomes more well known as Castore v T'Rangers; Case No: Nothemagain/2020.

Sweet Little Lies
QF 29th May 2020 at 20:10

“I’m not really that bothered if everybody scrolled passed (sic) …”

So just a tad bothered?

No need to be at all bothered.

218 folk were ungracious enough not to scroll past and afterwards awarded the post a Thumbsdown.

Pity QF has gone (and I’m sure he’s a man of his word and we’ll hear no more from him) as we will never find out how reasonable a chap he is.

I wonder if he lives in Eastwood?

Sweet Little Lies
While catching up on the latest on the Dominic Cummings alleged playing fast and loose with Lockdown rules/advice/guidance/legislation affair there seems to be a familiar pattern. We have a seemingly clear transgression which is at first ignored, then airily dismissed, then denied, then justified, then held up as evidence of higher moral and ethical standards and to deflect we have Statements, sorry, Tweets from most of the Cabinet (Regan, Doncaster, McCoist, Rage, McCann, Young, Jackson, English…) defending their man. While the public are making their minds up it transpires Defence Version 1 (OK, he drove +250 miles but once there he "stayed put") might not be true (OK, once there he went on a 30 mile jaunt for a day out) and it further transpires that after the first trip he went back to London (where he lives) and then made a second 250+ miles journey at a time when the Stay Home message was being insisted upon on a daily basis by every one of the Cabinet/Tweeters.

I await today's developments but will not be surprised if whoever draws the Coronavirus Daily Press Briefing short straw (and we know it won't be The Boris a) because he doesn't do weekends and b) he doesn't do much on any day:- last week the score for Daily Press Briefings was Nicola Sturgeon 59, The Boris 4 ) settles matters. It will be declared that there is indeed a case to answer but due to a Five Way Agreement nobody who could actually do anything about it has jurisdiction and the matter will have to be further considered. Then, in about eighteen months time, there will be a one-line press release saying that due to implications (unspecified) the whole affair is being binned. Oh, and before anyone starts to get cute, there is no way this is getting referred to Johnny Foreigner, European Court Of Anything…Brexit Meant…Borders? No, that doesn't sound right…

Might be simpler to just fill in a few forms and come back as T'Dominic.

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