Everything Has Changed


Perhaps the only solution is to buy an ST for …

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Perhaps the only solution is to buy an ST for Spartans/other small clubs who were disproportionately punished for ‘administrative errors’

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Everything Has Changed
Have been home a while reading Twitter and some excellent and well considered posts on here. The whole situation is heart-breaking. What a choice.

On the one hand, to desert a game I was raised watching, since my late Dad (a former player, who never made it at the top level after a horrific injury in his early 20s) took me to my first game at the age of three weeks.

On the other – like most on here, I work hard to make money for me and mine. 80 odd hours a week in a demanding job (which I love). To continue to blithely hand over this hard earned cash to subsidise the likes of Ogilvie, is not an option.

So, on balance, I’m out. I cannot participate in this charade any further. Sorry Dad.

Everything Has Changed
So, we’re back to wondering if UEFA will save us from ourselves? An utter joke.

Everything Has Changed
Ogilvie has held on for this long, I can’t see him quitting now. Despite it being laid out in black and white. As I said, utterly corrupt, grubby.

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Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!
DR story seems to have been edited a bit. Strange, that…

Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!
The amount of spin coming out of Ibrox just now makes me even more confident that we are looking at imminent doom.

Admin 2 or the return of the bold Craig? Or both? Both would be fun.

The Immortality Project
The massive wage bill for non playing staff is clearly funding the huge team that TRFC employ to issue daily ‘statements’.

The Immortality Project
Not been about SFM for a few weeks, due to work but back this evening to news of TRFC calling the plod on Chris Graham and McCoist’s ‘voluntary’ pay cut. *rubs hands*

Right, now to read back over about 3,000 posts.

The Immortality Project
Charlotte spewing out board meeting minutes this morning. Very suspicious, tone of tweets has changed markedly, but I can’t yet understand the agenda this time.

Re the Mather statement yesterday – any TRFC fan that still cannot see that the whole thing was designed to be a Long Firm is beyond help.

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