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I’m a Dundee Utd fan and am feeling pretty sickened …

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I’m a Dundee Utd fan and am feeling pretty sickened by the current situation.

What Steven Thompson and others seem to be unable to grasp is that the game HAS to be based on sporting integrity. i.e. the same rules apply to everybody. I’m fed up with Regan, Doncaster, Topping and now my own club’s chairman going on about the ‘damage done to Scottish football’, losing ‘commercial partners’, ‘we have to move on’ etc.

Moving on and allowing the guilty to go unpunished is to admit that there is an inherent bias towards one club because of their size.

It is an admission that maximising the commercial value of the game is more important than absolute fairness in applying the rules.

In my opinion, that is far more damaging than drawing a line and moving on. I would rather watch a poor league that is run fairly than a rich one which is effectively rigged.

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The Existence of Laws
“We have the SFA correspondence provided to Craig Whyte at a meeting with Imran Ahmed on 27th June 2012, when the Mike Ashley deal was discussed and how Craig Whyte’s involvement would be hidden from the SFA and SPL”.

Is this saying that the SFA *agreed* that Whyte’s involvement would be hidden from them, or that it genuinely was hidden from them?

2012 in review
I agree with Green and McCoist (as a Dundee Utd fan that’s not normally the case) that reconstruction should not be pushed through mid-season. All clubs started this year’s campaign with expectations about what promotions/relegations were available and this should not be changed now.

So I ask myself, why is it necessary to reconstruct immediately? It has been talked about for years with no action so why the need to implement the changes for next season? Surely, whatever new system they agree on, they can decide to implement it at the end of next season?

I suspect the answer lies in secret deals between the governing bodies, Rangers and commercial partners with a view to getting Newco up to the top as soon as possible.

The Real Battle Begins?
Charles Green has just said that any gate receipts they get from the game will go to charity.

Quite a cynical ploy. Now if the SFA say Utd can keep cash then it looks like money is being deprived to the charity.

I’m a DUFC fan but I wish that the Arabtrust statement had not mentioned the money. United aren’t entitled to all of it, weren’t expecting it and shouldn’t be making any suggestions that money is the issue here. I’m glad that the club’s official statement didn’t say anything about cash but I fear some damage has been done by the Trust’s statement.

However, Green is trying to divert attention from the real issue, which is that one member club has officially sanctioned a boycott of another and made unfounded allegations against the club. The SFA should haul up Green and ask him to explain what United are meant to have done to see if there are any grounds for his complaint. They should not be fooled by his talk of safety concerns.

Once the SFA see that United have done nothing wrong, Rangers should be disciplined for bringing the game into disrepute. Not just Green, because he said the boycott decision was “a unanimous decision by the board, senior management and staff at Ibrox”.

United should say nothing about the money. Just hand over what is due and let RFC do what they want with it. If it goes to charity rather than Sevco, then that’s a bonus.

Also, just remembered that RFC were already censured for breaking SFA rule 1(f) All member clubs shall behave towards the Scottish FA and other members with the utmost good faith in July.

Surely the SFA have to take more serious action now?

The Real Battle Begins?

“Not all clubs who voted against Rangers returning to the SPL fall into that category and indeed we made Motherwell very welcome when we played them at Ibrox in the League Cup competition recently.
“However, feelings remain very raw and it should be no surprise that we as a club feel this way.”

Will be interesting to see how Sevco handle this if it goes to a replay at Ibrox.

The implication in Green’s statement is that United won’t be welcome. How would they express this in practice?

I think that this statement is already bringing the game into disrepute but if it goes to a replay at Ibrox I think it would actually endanger the safety of United fans. It is not beyond imagination that some Arabs could get seriously hurt.

Wonder what Green would say then?

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