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Oh how I laugh ,when I see all the rumours …

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Oh how I laugh ,when I see all the rumours that sevco will be fast tracked into the SPL and all because the internet bampots keep harping on about haow they won’t allow it .
IMO this is being mooted so as when sevco are placed in the 2nd 12 of 12-12-18 instead of where they should be ,in the 18 .All us internet bampots will say ,aye but we stopped them placing them straight into the SPL and all be happy with our lot .
They are fast tracking sevco 2012 to the SPL but to actually put them straight into the SPL would really be rubbing all our noses in it and even after what I have witnessed this year I honestly think even those rats could not be that stupid .
So no ,for me they will build the SPL story up ,so that when they place them in the 2nd 12 all us MUG PUNTERS will be happy we sorted things out .
If they put sevco 2012 into the SPL then that really would show every Scottish football fan how thick the peepil think we all are

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Everything Has Changed
So let me get this right
A TV company (who’s main interest is to get supporters to stay at home and watch games ) is now deciding who plays in our top league ,how low do we need sink before we get off our erse and put plans in place to sort our game / sport .
TV revenue should be a bonus not part of needed revenue to run your club ,if it is then you have to cut your costs and the reasons should be relayed directly to your clubs fans .
The headline should be

No more big money contracts for players ( let the thousand,s of pound contracts run out and bring other younger ,hungrier player through on sustainable wages ) .If this means players go elsewhere then so be it .
Now that you have cut the biggest drain on revenue off you can drop ticket prices to an affordable level .
Now that you have told the TV company to take a hike ,concentrate on getting armchair fans back to being supporters .
If costs are cut across the board it may not make for better fooball (although that’s debatable) but it should make for a more competitive league .
The smaller clubs will benefit most ,they have good ,smaller stadia ,my club Celtic on the other hand will suffer more as a 60,000 seat stadium will not be sustainable and if player wages are cut
a lot of supporters will be up in arms ,to this I say ,SO WHAT .
The club should put it on the line ,it has to be done to ensure it is an honest game ,so if you don’t like it to bad anyone who thinks they could not say that ,think again because that is exactly what the peepil are telling us right now ,sevco are getting put into the SPL ASAP so we can charge you the over inflated prices to allow us to keep over paying mediocre players .
If supporters walk away because we are not buying players to compete in the CL at the expense of an honest domestic game then that will be up to them but I would rather attend games evey week with 20,000 celtic football supporters than 60.000 glory hunters .
The only alternative is to go along with this sham of a set up to attempt to keep an unsustainable franchise limping along till it dies completely

Everything Has Changed
If I get into a conversation with a sevco fan over the EBT issue ,I find it handy to ask at the off
Do you honestly hand on heart think that the EBTs where loans or a way of paying wages .
If he replies ,aye they were loans
Just say no problem and then talk to someone who is not going to insult your intelligence ,it will save you from wasting your time

Everything Has Changed
Another thing for me is
I will continue to support my team to the amount of my ST price outwith attending and .who knows ? ,they may even sell my seat ,so will be quids in .If however sevco are fast tracked to the SPL in any way in the 12-12-18 reconstruction plan (which my club seemed to be at the forefront of ) that money will not be forthcoming the following season .
I will leave it to the new supporters coming through to stomach the stench

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The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
Don’t know if you had your tongue firmly in your cheek there
I remember a rumour going round a wee while ago accusing peepil of having secretly bugged the boardroom at CP ,which resulted in wee Fergus and JB having important conversations whilst walking round the trackside .

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
If I remember correctly the Leccy bill story was from Phil
Why did CG walk away when it seems he still wields the power over Govan way ,are we still to believe he walked for an out of the blue comment about IA .I did not believe it then and certainly don’t believe it now .

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
So another one slinks away with a mere whimper .
Transparency ,don’t make me laugh
Paying the Leccy bill ,why would YOU have to do that personally Malcolm if all was well at the new club
We went down the floatation route for transparency ,so you were beating sugar daddies off with a big stick Malcolm .
Rich and illustrious history ,that is some feat for a club only 12 months old .
By all reports MM was in as a face to attract city investment ,well if that is true has he no feeling of responsibility if investors lose out just over 1 yr since making their investment .

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
Agreed we should record all rule bending /breaking /amending regards this saga .
I am of the opinion that all money taken in since CG was put in place and including a sizable chunk (if not all of this seasons STs has been syphoned off to pay back the big losers who don’t do walking away from the old clubs creditor list .
Wattie and Teflon Murray are still there to start the rallying call when the gullible will be persuaded to dig deep once again to put Sevco in the hands of real (old ragers men ).

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
IMO the IPO prospectus is a bit like a political party modern manifesto .
Promise what your target audience want to hear then spend every day afterwards trying to find a way round what you have promised and if Bryson’s view on player registration was accepted then the Sevco prospectus should be breeze for the spivs .
Also don’t get all TDs crazy stating rules ,if there is one thing we have learned on here ,it is that rules do not apply to certain peepil

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