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Dentarthurdent42 says: Friday, March 8, 2013 at 20:47 Personally I think …

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dentarthurdent42 says:
Friday, March 8, 2013 at 20:47

Personally I think any changes of the structure should be made with one clear season. i.e. it is agreed in advance and does not come into force until the season after the upcoming one. So 2014/15 would be the new structure. I think that is fair to everyone and gives all teams a chance to plan.
Did Ally McCoist not argue exactly that point?


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Everything Has Changed
A favour please, if I may.

Could some knowledgeable person please post the financial gain for Celtic from this season’s CL run and a breakdown of how the total is arrived at. Could the payment for the other Scottish clubs that was made on the back of this CL run be included.

Thank You in anticipation.

Everything Has Changed
On Nacho Novo.

I think the wee guy would have been every bit as “disliked” by the old RFC support if he had signed for Celtic. He was just caught up in their extra curricular, fruit-coloured activities whilst he was Rangering.

Other notables in blue have fallen into that same trap. Gascoigne? Hateley? Roberts? To name but a few.The main reason being that it is so rife within the confines of Govan that some non Scots, joining RFC would have over-indulged in this nonsense in an attempt to fit in. They can almost be forgiven for their naivety.

Scots born players fully understand what it is all about and they should not be shown the same leniency as incomers IMO.

Over the years both RFC and Celtic have always had that one player who epitomised what their club was all about and fans of the other club hated him because of it.

Whatever anyone thought of Novo, it has to be remembered that he was a great wee player for RFC. That is probably the main reason why he was so “hated” by Celtic fans.

Having said that. I agree with Briggsbhoy. He went for the money.

Everything Has Changed
I had a very interesting conversation yesterday with a client, who is also a good friend. He is a TRFC fan and has ST’s for himself and his 2 children. He is also a sensible, well balanced and clever guy.

He offered the “let’s move on” yarn which I challenged and we proceeded to bat points back and forth. I have to point out here that am no legal or debating expert. I am a joiner but I had this bloke tied in knots with my counter arguments to his statements.

He stopped me on a few occasions and asked me to explain various parts of my argument.

The upshot of the entire conversation was simply that he was dumfounded at some of the issues I brought up. He had no idea that some of the “goings on” I was reffering to had actually taken place and I could see that it troubled him.

His final offering to me as he stood scratching his head, wearing a pained expression was, “you have been reading up on this, haven’t you?”.

He apparently has gleaned what little he knew from his mates around him at Ibrox and the MSM.

Which brings me to a second point.

The numbers I am using here are my best estimates and will be happy to have more informed people correct them if they have a mind too.

I would guess that the readership (as opposed to commenters) of this blog runs to no more than 3 to 4,000. I would also guess from reading here that more than 95% of the readers are of similar opinions that the whole of Scottish football needs a “a right good dig-out”.

The message is clearly getting out here but the numbers are too small to make any real difference when you consider the size of the football supporting fraternity throughout the country as a whole who are not getting this message.

As other commenters have said, we are not big enough to make a difference. I say that reallistically, not as any kind of slant on this site. We are all of a similar mind but are without some sort of leader.

Throughout history, men have came up with an idea that something is not right and have the personality, charisma, inner strength….call it what you will…..to make the difference. From Ghandi to Lech Walesa.

Unfortunately for me, I am not that man. I am not convinced that Turnbull Hutton was either. He intimated that he was too old to lead some sort of football revolution although his mind was in the right place.

It is my contention that unless an individual with charisma, leadership, clout, and a sense of fairness emerges then we will be forced to either suffer the consequences of all of our respective clubs compliance with this charade or walk away and watch our game die.

Some folk here courted Stuart Cosgrove. Some suggested George Galloway. Both are possible candidates as spokespersons but someone with connections is required to bring in someone with even more clout to ask someone in power to find someone in authority to listen then represent us or we are done.

And that is a horrible thought.

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Armageddon? What Armageddon?
wottpi says:
June 10, 2014 at 9:32 am

Surely the simple solution is to bang heads together and turn Murrayfield into a true National Stadium.
Murrayfield is now The BT Murrayfield Stadium.
Given BT’s increased stake in football sponsorship, and suggestions that Hampden is on the way out, could there be any link?

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
Slightly OT (ish) but there was a real jaw-dropping quip from Derek Johnstone on SSB last night in respect of Dave King’s F&PP status, and I quote:-
“There is the law and there is football law. The SFA will use football law”
It went unchallenged by Jim Delahunt.

Past the Event Horizon
McCaig`s Tower says: (13)
December 4, 2013 at 1:55 pm

I have only just arrived at this post and it triggered a thought.

It may well have been subsequently addressed so apologies if that is the case.

I am thinking that the timing of any insolvency event here is crucial, whether the punishment be 15, 25 or a percentage of the previous season’s total.

This timing issue will determine whether or not that reduction comes off of this season’s total, but having amassed enough points to still win promotion, as to make no difference.

IF however, the timing dictates that the points deduction incurs a negative start point for the new clubs first season in the second tier (a la Hearts this season), that will put a completely different slant on next seasons efforts to win that particular league.

Am I being cynical here in assuming TRFC/RIFC and their “friends” at Hampden may be looking to engineer any potential points reduction to meet with what is best for the Ibrox club?

It is clear that with better sides to compete against in the second tier, TRFC will find it more difficult to win that league. Starting on minus 15, 25 or however many points will make that particular task much more difficult.

Is there a “date” in the close season when a line is drawn in the sand declaring last season is over and the new one has begun?

May I humbly suggest that this is monitored very closely?

Past the Event Horizon
Much speculation as to why The SPFL should suddenly see the merits of chasing the £250k fine.
Suggestions that it is an exercise aimed at legitimising OCNO argument in the blues favour?
I wonder if we could be attacking this from the wrong end.
Is it possible that if/when TRFC/RIFC go t**s up and there is trouble ahead, could the SPFL be in fear of flak coming their way?
If so, could this be a tactic employed by the SPFL enabling them to claim, “not us, that was the SPL. We are not they.”
“In fact look at how vigorously we are chasing this money”
Kinda offering their very own version of the OCNO argument even though the same posteriors are on the same furniture?


Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!

Well aware that this has been mentioned but no link posted although I am still catching up so one may have been posted in the interim.

I have found and listened to Radio Scotland’s podcast from last night and found Keith Jackson’s input to be fair, impartial and reasonable. Until……….the 28th minute where he does actually draw direct comparisons betweens events in Manchester and Amsterdam.

I am paraphrasing here but he talks of it “almost being as easy to get to Amsterdam for Celtic fans as it was for Rangers fans to get to Manchester, and we saw what went on down there. Rangers are still recovering from it. Similar scenes. Shameful scenes. Appalling scenes…………and this, this is up there. From the video clips we’ve seen, Police being attacked, in much the same way as officers were attacked in Manchester. Appalling scenes.”

Make of it what you will.


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