Fair Play at FIFA?


Amazingly with their new found powers of investigation and independence …

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Amazingly with their new found powers of investigation and independence The Rangers have now in truth become a Law unto themselves. How darethe rest of us meremortals doubt the impartiality/thoroughness/wide ranging and appropriate powers and sanctions of such a fine august body and its remarkably transparent and wise decision to investigate and deliver judgement upon itself? Shame on us all for ever doubting!

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Fair Play at FIFA?
So we all know now. Green has lied both to AIM and SFA. The ownership of the assets by Sevco Scotland appears a sleight of hand. All of the assets and the share issue sppear somewhere between dubious and bogus. In essence they are trading shares illegally and under galse pretences. The NED’s must somehow represent shareholders who have invested well some of them in a fraudulent enterprise.
And no independent enquiry can find anything diferent. Thus it is a stalling exercise to negotiate a buying off of Whyte a remival of Green and a new CEO to be put in place with no questios asked by either AIM regulators the police and the SFA. They are clearly desperate and probably doomed.

Fair Play at FIFA?
If Rangers 2 move into an MVL then presumably unless an immediate buyer of TRFC emerges and that seems impossible given the chaos over who owns what the rest of the fixtures would have to be cancelled. I believe that there is a clear rule on failure to fulfil all fixtures leading to an expunging of all results in the league that season. Unless of course a brand new special Rangers rule – yet another one – is invented to cover such an eventuality.

Fair Play at FIFA?
It’s all very grim on all sides.

Murray was a disaster for Scottish football aided and abetted by a corrupt bank which sought to use its financial muscle to dictate the entire game and rendered it sterile and, for all supporters beyond the Celtic /Rangers axis, very tiresome.

Somehow the game’s clubs developed a Stockholm syndrome of dependency upon those confining them and allowed and fostered an administration that was inimicable to their real sporting interest but apparently looked after their financial ones, yet simultaneously interest in and support for the game outwith the big two diminished to such an extent and the finances were drawn up such that all additional monies found their way to Ibrox – where it was sunk into a bottomless pit – and Celtic Park where it sustained the only meaningful and sustainable opposition to the will of the bankers.

The rejoicing at Rangers’ demise last season was, thus, far more than an embittered schadenfreude but rather a positive sense of change coming. The antics of the authorities in re-inventing and replacing Rangers with ersatz Rangers at the behest of the clubs soured that sense of revolution and hope and now we see the complete disintegration of the Tribute act probably bringing down the entire edifice ( or it certainly should) of the game with it.

Such has been the complicity of the clubs and the MSM and wider establishment that were the Tribute act to fail and not be resurrected as all sense would suggest, given the reality of the conspiratorial conmen and their hold on the assets and licence of Rangers and their greed and desire for cash above any other consideration, then much of Scottish society faces ridicule and a complete loss of credibility.

I still expect some kind of Rangers to emerge (and still a spiteful, ugly, brutish manifestation with its supremacist culture of entitlement intact) regardless of the legal, sporting and ethical hurdles to that. I fully expect this entity to be hailed as the same club with the same history.

The entire episode is a shameful indictment of our nation’s elites, and of the expectations and attitudes of much of its population.

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Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
I am with Bopster. The fans should simply walk away, and understand the entire enterprise of Scottish Professional Football is fraudulent.
The passion of fans is used by cynical owners as though it belonged to them and not to the fans themselves. All fans need simply to become ex-fans. I became one in 2012, and have not been back.
Show the businesses that you are ethical customers not simply assets of the cub and do do walking away.
Only then can a clean game emerge. If fans say this is a fraud and walk away, then, and only then will the clubs respond. Then and only then will action be taken..

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
I think the next step is now down to Lawwell and Celtic. They should instigate a judicial review and hand over the whole shebang of cheating evidence to UEFA. If they fail to do this, then may I suggest too the Celtic supporters who did not act as me to give Celtic an empty stadium with thousands protesting outside as the flag of shame is unfurled. The fans should then either walk away or enter once the flag ceremony is complete.

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Perhaps the most effective and immediate course of action is for all fans of Scottish football to cancel all subscriptions with SKY and BT Sports. If even say five or ten thousand cancellations with reason given that their companies are supporters of fraud rather than football were received that may create some difficult discussions for SPFL board.
I would boycott games, but my boycott of all Scottish football has been ongoing since 2012. I think my choice has been vindicated by the inevitable subsequent squalor that Scottish Football has descended into.
My main regret is that the vast majority of my fellow supporters including every other member of my family, did not follow suit. Had the boycott been sustained in 2012 by the fans, then this disgrace would never have come to pass.

Peace – Not War
We owe a lot to Phil. His is still the only book to be published on the demise of Rangers. He is still the only regular blogger left who has the courage not to hide behind anonymity, and while he is sometimes a bit off, or a bit hyperbolic in his style, he does still produce scoops that no other named individual is prepared to publish.
There was, on this site, considerable “sniffiness” or “lack of sniffability” about Phil’s fiddling on the roof exclusive. The missive from the Scottish Government shows that, at the very least, the issue is real, is live and is being monitored.
Shamefully, this admission is once again being ignored by the SMSM- in its entirety. Were this any other club, we can imagine the hysteria, and righteous indignation and possibly hyperbolic response that our tabloid press, and tabloid TV and radio would make of such a revelation. I suspect continued silence from the relevant council and club would be condemned utterly and there would be a wholly justified demand that all relevant documentation, from surveyors, to contracts, to proposals for remedial work, to guarantees of public safety to be placed in the public domain, immediately as a matter of urgency, but with the Ibrox outfit, even with something as potentially serious as this situation with a potentially unsafe roof, we get nada.
We truly are appallingly misserved by the culture of antijournalism amongst journalists in Scotland. They are failing in their basic function in a democratic society. The fourth estate is, to all intents and purposes, now only extant at all in Scotland, online.

Journey’s End?
I just realised that with a loss to Hibs, Rangers have now lost more games in the lower league this season, than Celtic have in the league above. Yet Warburton is lauded as a genius and Deila has been sacked. Trump gives the impression that the system is rigged against him, yet his actual vote percentage is far less than his percentage if delegates, in reality the system is rigged in his favour.
In this world, perception now defeats reality. Hence, I think, the reason for the drop off I SFM and support. There is a feeling of despondency and defeat based upon the perception that cheats have prevailed. The reality is of course somewhat different. The SFA still face a day in court over the fit and proper persons test, LNS is not the final word, and once all appeals are over legally, it will be revisited, and as Phil remind us Rangers are a loss making business, held in existence by personal finances with no line of credit from the bank, in other words a fundamentally unstable institution.
We appear to be defeated, but it may in fact still be November 1940, with a long road ahead to victory.
Or we may, in fact, be totally screwed.

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