Fair Play at FIFA?


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What happens if guilt is found?

BG. It was a poor attampt at sarcasm on my behalf.

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Fair Play at FIFA?
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smartie1947 says:

Those on the panel of RFC Independent Commission have just been announced as follows:-
Neil Patey,
Derek Johnstone and
Dame Vera Lynn
( In the event of any disagreements, a majority verdict will be accepted.)
I think you have been misinformed.


Who is Surely?

Fair Play at FIFA?
Re an independant enquiry into the relationship between C Green and C White during the asset buying debacle last year at Sevco/RFC (IL). If the independant enquiry finds that there was collusion and misrepresentation who can take it to the next level. What happens if guilt is found?

Fair Play at FIFA?
Just been catching up after being away for a couple of weeks. Things reaching fever pitch on a few fronts regarding TRFC and their CEO. If any of the parties that were shouting for this shambling wreck to be given a leg up the leagues, to help them ‘Back’ to where they believe they belong, to allow them a sporting and financial favour over other more deserving clubs, anyone who gave credence to their spouting of the ‘Saviours of Scottish Football’ pash then I hope you will all now take the blinkers off and come in from the dark. The end days for TRFC are imminent.

Because of the spineless,gutless,self important little weasels that go by the name of the SFA TRFC have been allowed to drag the game in Scotland into the myre with them. Their calls of ‘We will bring Scottish Football down with us’ still resonate loud and clear around the corridors of power out Mount Florida way and still the blazers cannot find it within to even make a statement or ask TRFC for some clarity re the current situation. They seem to be quite willing to let football in this country sleep walk aimlesly into oblivion because they could/would not apply their own rules from the outset of this despicable event. Hopefuly the end days for the SFA are also imminent

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Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
Did Celtic pay too much for Lennoxtown land..nhsggc.org.uk/content/default.asp?page=s81#para4 ….

The Existence of Laws
No restriction on players over the age of 21 if reconstruction goes ahead. Did someone down Ibrox way get the heads up on this before anyone else. Their recent actions in the transfer market would seem to suggest this to be the case.

The Existence of Laws
The sabre rattling,siege mentality rhetoric of TRFC’s new CEO and the predictable annual begging letter from the Manager to the masses are published and reported on with great glee by the SMSM.

Questions: Where has all the staunch dignity gone? Where has the Pride gone? Where have the Struthian values gone?

It would seem that the desperation for cash has robbed them of any self esteem that may have existed. A management team plumbing new depths of debauchery.

How can REAL TRFC fans have any respect for these people?

I would be totaly embarrased if the people charged with running my team were to act with such a lack aplomb of

The Existence of Laws
So TRFC running at a loss of 1 Million pounds per month for 8-9 months. This money must have come from RIFC. Soon as the Season Ticket money lands then RIFC bill TRFC for the lot and then sell or lease the assets of TRFC. Nice one.

The Existence of Laws
So. As I understand it TRFC cannot go into administration as they would cannot in fact owe money to anyone other than RIFC. So if RIFC (Green, Ahmed and Stockbridge) decided to stop financing the loss making offspring then it’s Sell the assets.What a precarious position to be in eh?..

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