Fair Play at FIFA?


Wouldn’t it be nice if the gers fans found a …

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the gers fans found a way to renew their season tickets using.. for example a £3 note.

Of course, this £3 note wouldn’t be legal. But if a fan owned organisation was set up, and promised to issue them to rangers fans, who could then supply them to TRFC, who could then … provided certain conditions were met… swap them for proper negotiable currency with which to buy players/ pay staff/ run the club/ award dividends to board members etc. In pre agreed tranches.

One of the conditions would, of course be that the RFC fans had sufficient confidence in those who were running their club to ensure that their interests would be met.

See these £3 notes could be swapped back at any time for her majestey’s sterling, less admin fees, by any fan who felt that the club had let them down.

Think of it as like Ticketus, but backwards.

If such a scheme were set up honestly, I think there might be an appetite. And it could be the model for fan power.

All we need is an honest broker to adminsister such a scheme in the interests of the fans and teh game as a whole… Damn… just spotted the fatal flaw in this otherwise infallible scheme!

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Fair Play at FIFA?
theglen2012 says:
Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 00:40

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smartbhoy says:
Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 00:35

For what its worth I think that lots of innocent Rangers fans are suffering acutely now, through no fault of their own. Lots of other fans of other clubs suffered for decades through no fault of their own either in the SDM era.
I put it to you both that the titles of the last decade were won with as much probity, decency and honesty as the RFC takeovers of the past 2 years were conducted. Sure, there was honest endeavour from all sides in the sporting competitions, but it was played on the backdrop of a field that was surreptitiously, yet deliberatley tilted in favour of 1 team.
Now the RFC fans didn’t tilt that field, but tilted it was nevertheless.
Argue the technicalities until you are blue in the face. EBT appeal allowed, LNS says no sporting advantage ya da ya etc.
Fact is, if the referee awards a throw in the wrong way, whether by error or mendaciousness, that doesn’t alter who the ball hit on the way out when you come to look at the video evidence.

I believe decent RFC fans wouldn’t – in their heart of hearts – want to lay claim to tainted titles even if they were not themselves culpable in the corruption that favoured them.

And decent fans of other clubs should recognise that we only tend to ask questions when things AREN’T going our way, so those decent RFC fans are entitles to some slack for not asking those questions themselves sooner.

A better Rangers for teh decent fans would be the best result that could emerge, as a result of the pain on all sides.(No sectarian baggage, dignity, integrity… and a wee drop of humility even!). There is something for fans of all clubs to aspire to.

But be absolutely clear on this: No rangers would be a better outcome than the same Rangers as we had before!

So as I see it, theglen2012, smartbhoy… you are both right.
But neither of you can lay cliam to any moral high ground as a result.

Fair Play at FIFA?
Humble Pie says:
Friday, April 12, 2013 at 00:04

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Hanlon’s Razor

I think this deserves elevation to the status of a TSFM blog page in its own right. One is Probably overdue in any case.

Any chance Big Pink?

Fair Play at FIFA?
Funny fictional story: Random and appropo of nothing.
Once upon a time a Mr waig Krshite (Golum) stole the gold wedding ring (my precious) off of the cremated remains of a deid old biddy (who used to feed some cats to do tricks) who had died owing alot of people rather alot of money.
Because he knew that some of the more serious people might be looking for the ring, he quickly swapped it with a Mr Chuck Less for some magic beans, as long Mr Chuck Less would feed his trick cats. Mr Chuck Less took the ring but secretly swapped the magic beans for the heinz variety, and Mr Krshite got quite angry.
Meanwhile Mr Chuck Less pocketed the gold ring and took some real magic beans that he had showed Mr Krshite and he planted them. But instead of a beanstalk growing upwards, a money pit grew downwards. A honey bee called Zzally went into the money pit with some of the cats that the old lady fed, but they didn’t do any tricks. There he met some money bears. He said to the money bears “Giz yer boots, yer motorbikes, and yer birds and I’ll show you how to play football just like Stirling Albion”. The end

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The Offline Game
Here’s why the TOG report should desperately concern every fan of Scottish football. Here is why this is not some Celtic obsession.Let’s (for the sake of argument) leave the events of 2012 behind us and all move on together arm in arm with a spirit of cameraderie and good natured competition, come one, come all, TRFC fans and allcomers… hail fellows well met…Wind forward a few months to April 2017. Its been a mixed season on the park for TRFC and a very bad one off it. Legal bills, unforeseen costs and some straw breaks teh camel back. Another insolvency looms, but the board so thi scoming and a CVA looks possible this time.o among us has any confidence that our administrators would act without fear or favourIt could happen. But… oops… an insolvency means a points deduction. And a points deduction might mean relegation. Who upon reading  the TOG report could have any confidence that our adminsitrators would not intervene unfairly to prevent such an occurrence?Who among us (CFC fans probably excepted by virtue of league strength) can be sure that it would not be our club – who played by the rules that should apply equally to all –  that was unfairly relegated instead? Why would I turn up for an alleged sporting contest where this very possibility was even countenanced?Not I!

The Offline Game
Good stuff!
I’m still catching up after an enforced absence due to family circumstances, but glad to be able to get back to this.
And so – in summary – where do we find ourselves today?
Well to buy a ST – or even a match ticket, or not? That is the salient question.
And the answer is – for me – overwhelmingly : Not.

And Why?

The game is conspicuously rigged. And rigged by the very people who were charged with keeping it honest.

And we are being kept in ignorance of this fact.

And Kept in ignorance by the actions of the very people who should be charged with keeping us informed.

Its all gone a bit North Korea in Scottish football.

So its perhaps not surprising that fans like me will be ‘heading South’ so to speak.

Shame. There’s alot to like about ICTFC.
If they could only find an honest league to play in, things would be rosy indeed!

Whose assets are they anyway?
There is a way forward. 
A new rangers logo. 
An rfc crest 
Cheated. (Sorry) 
That would circumvent the mash ip issue, reconcile Scottish football. 
It’s not the desire to punish former rfc fans (hail fellow John james, well met) that motivates me. There but for the grace of God and all that. No time for the knuckle draggers. But without a blatant nod in the direction of the cheating that was tolerated hitherto, games a bogey for all of us. We are here to compete against ranjurs. On a level playing field. We lose fair and square so be it. But when you tilt the park until you are sure to win, as you did for a decade, be sure to keep your nadgers out of range! We are not kicking you when you are down. We are pulling you by your exposed scrotum back into the real world from a mental illness that had consumed you and hurt us. The appropriate response is gratitude. Hint.

The Case for a New SFA.
Viz top tip:
Are you a Scottish sports journalist or fan of Ibrox club struggling to understand the meaning of the word “liquidation”? 
Simply Google ” Redcar steelworks”.
Then grow a pair. 
And stop insulting the intelligence of everyone else in the world and spare a thought for some genuine victims who were not the architects of their own downfall. 

The Case for a New SFA.
EPL pricing out fans.
It Will not end well.
Economics 101
Addicted die hard fans are already deserting the Bollinger of Stamford bridge for the Buckie of lower league outfits. Have you seen the price of an EPL season ticket?
And all it takes is one EU or TTIP legal challenge and TV money is vapour! 
And what does that leave?
Unpaid bills and dishonoured contracts. 

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