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Yes, John, I remember both of those films. The first …

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Yes, John, I remember both of those films. The first was about rule breaking and the second was about a group of people doing walking away.

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Fans for Judicial Review – Counsel Opinion
Two or three journalists now rightly pointing a finger at King as the author of the statement. It indubitably was. The petty spitefulness we have all seen before. I’m assuming the inference of McInnes’ inability to handle the public pressure was a tit for tat response to McInnes’ criticism of the way Sevco have handled this and the pressure it put on him.
We do have one thing to thank King for. The surge in the rich variety of the English language being used by people all over Scotland is magnificent. Long may it continue.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Barry Scott appointed to the Sevco Board. Perhaps a read through to the end of this piece by Andy Muirhead might be wise before posting.

Who Is Conning Whom?
All I’ve read on a number of blogs tonight is people blaming James Traynor or Chris Graham for that appalling statement from Sevco. I don’t believe it was either of them. The statement has a number of petty digs at McInnes very similar to the petty digs in previous statements aimed at Celtic, Dundee Utd and others. And we know who the author of those statements was. David Cunningham King.
And that word, ‘concomitant’. It’s exactly the kind of verbiage King employs when attempting to present himself in that smug, non-glib and shameless liar, kind of way.
So I decided to randomly choose an interview/speech of Kings and see if, by any incredible coincidence, Mr King might have used that word before. 
Sevco AGM from last year, David King’s, Chairman’s speech. And there it is, all of 4 minutes and 29 seconds in:

I wonder what the Ibrox faithful will think about that given the pelters they have been giving Jabba and Chris Graham?

Who Is Conning Whom?
Someone on here definitely doesn’t want SFM to be discussing Dave King.

Enough is enough
Those editor changes are interesting. I fail to see how things could become any more ridiculous at both those rags. When I witness their bias in their football related stories, their willingness to make a complete mockery of their profession, why would I ever want to turn the pages and see what they have to say about other issues?
Interesting to find out what Phil is tweeting (Intrepid, investigative journalist doorstepped at 6am today.)

On Grounds for Judicial Review
Could someone who is Twitterate perhaps ask RTC why they don’t start the crowd funding immediately. There are a lot of people just waiting for the green light to give generously to let the SFA know exactly what they think of them. Put pressure on them and watch them sh*t themselves as the money builds up. If ultimately the SFA fold without the need for a JR, give the money to a worthy cause (refereeing lessons.)

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