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When John Clark, Christybhoy, Helpumoot and others mentioned movies earlier …

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When John Clark, Christybhoy, Helpumoot and others mentioned movies earlier in relation to the Rangers saga, I couldn’t help but think of the aptness of the ‘Carry On’ films in that regard. Ignoring the films release dates, here’s my critique on the Carry On Then, Carry On Now, Carry On Forever film franchise.

Carry On Sergeant (1958) and Carry On Constable (1960), whilst possibly being about any number of court cases involving Rangers in recent times, might well have been about the City of London Police’s raid on the Ibrox filing cabinets, during which they removed documents which Rangers had vehemently denied the existence of.

Rangers, full of dignity and decorum, ignored being caught red-handed and proceeded to Carry On Regardless (1961).

There were unsubstantiated accusations about the grubby activities of a Swedish-born, South Africa-raised, former club captain with a bent for the bent, who shall remain nameless since he could well be innocent, but who could well be the main character in Carry On Cruising (1962). Those young male acquaintances he allegedly met at that time could well have had parts in Carry On Screaming (1966). It is not clear how far the dignified captain’s part extended in Carry On Up The Khyber (1968).

Carry On Spying (1964) may well be based on Craig Whyte’s penchant for surreptitiously recording incriminating evidence.

Carry On Cowboy (1965) might have featured Charles Green, David Murray, Dave King, or virtually anyone connected with the running of either of the two Rangers clubs over the past decade or two.

Carry On Abroad (1972) would likely cover the dignified behaviour of the bears in places such as Barcelona, Pamplona, Villareal and Manchester amongst many others.

Carry On At Your Convenience (1971) is a bog standard fly-on-the-wall documentary about a crew of Rangers supporting interior designers helpfully re-arranging the fixtures and fittings in the toilets at Celtic Park.

There is still some dubiety about whether the title of Carry On Dick (1974) pertains to Mr Advocaat, who invented a Dutch, egg-based, alcoholic beverage, or to the aforementioned Murray/Green/King comedic trio.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
A couple of subjects on here caught my eye over the early festive period. Firstly, the subject of goal-line technology, in view of Hibs’ ‘non-goal’ in the early minutes of the recent Edinburgh derby. As a Hearts fan, I have to hold my hands up to having got lucky on that occasion.

Perhaps surprisingly, Tom English makes a decent fist of the subject of goal-line technology and the use of Video Assistant Referees in his recent BBC article:

If only Tom English was entirely consistent in his analysis of the history of Scottish football, we might not have been subjected over the past five years to such manufactured words, phrases and myths as ‘engine room subsidiary’ and ‘after leaving liquidation’.

Tom English and every so-called journalist in this country knows precisely what happened to Rangers Football Club in 2012. The fact that they know so is recorded for posterity, since every last one of them reported the death of Rangers FC back in the summer of 2012. Whether Tom, like so many others, subsequently took the view it was safer for him to print the official PR propaganda rather than the truth he incontrovertibly knew, doesn’t alter the fact that he, like his cowardly colleagues, is guilty of propagating fiction as fact. He has no excuse, because there is no excuse for such dereliction of duty as a supposed journalist.

The second subject that caught my eye is the fact that Manchester City currently sit 15 points ahead of their nearest EPL rivals and have a goal difference that exceeds the combined totals of the clubs in 2nd and 3rd places.

PSG currently sit eleven points above 2nd placed Monaco in Ligue 1 while Barcelona lead 2nd placed Atletico by 9 points, and Real by 14 points.

Bayern Munich unsurprisingly lead Schalke by eleven points at the top of the Bundesliga at present.

In Scotland, Celtic presently hold a mere eight point lead over second-placed Aberdeen, yet we are lead to believe our league is a meaningless-one-horse-race-foregone-conclusion. It is unjust, we are told, that one club has such an unfair financial advantage over its rivals.

Feel free to correct me, but are Sky and BT customers in England queueing up to cancel their subscriptions because they’re witnessing a foregone conclusion regarding Man City? Spain? France? Germany?

Now I’m not for one second suggesting that the quality on display in the SPFL comes remotely close to those other major leagues, but I can’t help but feeling that we do ourselves a massive disservice by undervaluing our domestic game here in Scotland. I sense a reasonably bright future for Scottish football, probably enhanced by my own club’s relatively successful academy programme allied to news of various other youngsters coming through their own club’s systems. Perhaps if Doncaster and Regan were to promote the positives (ie resign), instead of ridiculing our game, we might make further progress.

It is puzzling why we didn’t hear about Scotland’s unfair financial disparity during the glory years of the now defunct Rangers FC, season after season in which they lifted titles and trophies that they couldn’t genuinely afford to fund, lording it over the rest of us while exploiting a massive financial disparity between themselves and their rivals!

The infuriating thing is that there’s a massive story out there for a real journalist; a story that involves deceit, corruption and cheating. A story that would seal a journalist’s place in history forever. And that’s just about the governing bodies!

Finally, as a Hearts fan I’m contractually obliged to point out that although Hibs were undoubtedly deprived of a goal in the midweek derby, an incident which has justifiably been replayed over and over ad nauseam, and which supposedly highlighted the inconsistencies/frailties of our officials, little time has been spent highlighting the blatant handball in the penalty area by Lewis Stevenson of Hibs in the dying embers of the same game. As penalties go, that was a stonewaller, but I accept those same officials are mere mortals, subject to the same degree of error as you or I.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Regarding the Q&A session between Club 1872 and club 2012 posted above by eJ, there is one point which rips my knitting more than all the others.

9) Given the volume of lies being published and broadcast daily about our Club, when are the Directors going to adopt a more robust stance with our detractors in the media, as the current policy, just like its predecessors seems to be failing miserably?

How do you even begin to reason with people so deluded by their own misguided sense of victimhood?

Having told us loudly and in unison in 2012 that Rangers FC died, the mainstream media in Scotland shortly afterwards did a complete u-turn and has consistently advised us ever since that Rangers FC somehow survived its failure to exit administration in 2012 and inexplicably survived entering liquidation, but without ever attempting to explain how it did so, presumably because reporting the truth would offend the flat-earthers who couldn’t cope with that truth!

The big lie has been rife in the media ever since.

Yet these morons claim to have been badly treated by the media! Really? What planet do they come from? Uranus? 

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One

Significant Control – johnjamessite

but why be thorough when you are ripping someone off?

….says the man who had the audacity to “borrow SFM’s editorial article for the good of his readers” (ie our current blog in its entirety) just a matter of days ago.

I’d wager “borrowed” means stolen without permission, although the mods might confirm that permission was indeed sought and granted and a suitable donation made to this site. It’s just yet another example of the blatant double standards he employs. You couldn’t mark his neck with a blowtorch.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
DECEMBER 16, 2017 at 19:10

I agree with every single word you just posted. However, you’ve stopped going to matches and I’ve withdrawn all financial support from my club too. There will inevitably come a time when the trickle becomes a flood. The mainstream media is living on borrowed time as more and more information is dissected and disseminated through the agenda and PR-free internet. Keep the faith – it will eventually happen.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
The outcome of the the SFA Compliance Officer’s investigation into the the SFA‘s award of Rangers European Licence in 2011 is a foregone conclusion. It is like turkeys voting for Christmas, or the football authorities in their infinite wisdom allowing Rangers to investigate themselves in the matter of links between Craig Whyte and Charles Green a few years ago.

Anybody waiting for justice best not hold their breath.

The football authorities and club chairmen only see pound signs. Those club officials and football authorities are all expendable. Unlike fans, when one leaves, he is immediately replaced.

Only when the penny finally drops and those officials realise that the real investors in our game, the fans, are leaving permanently in their droves, will it dawn on them the damage they have perpetrated on our national sport. Unfortunately it will be too late by then. “We did what we did for the good of the game” will ring hollow in empty stadia. 

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