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Posting Rules

What Words Should I Not Use?

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Suggested Posting Rules

From 23 Sept 2012 there should be no need for a proscribed words list, and posting privileges will be based on posters’ keeping faith with the spirit of the community. It is vital that we create an environment which is free from racist, sectarian, sexist or homophobic sentiment, and which creates an environment where fans of all clubs feel comfortable. If we fail to do that, then we fail – period.

We are trying to achieve some credibility as a non-partisan voice for Scottish football fans. In order to achieve that, the moderators believe that the quality of debate needs to be maintained. We ask that posters contribute when they have something to add to the debate, or indeed something to ask, and not merely to vent frustration.

We ask posters to be respectful of the views of others, and to argue in that spirit. We also ask that posters should refrain from the use of derogatory nicknames for people associated with football clubs

General suggestions, which may be amended or added to as we go along are as follows;

  • No personal abuse or disparaging comments to another poster with an opposite view.
  • No discussion of religion or party politics.
  • No sectarian, racist, sexist or homophobic language.
  • No use of any derogatory epithets to identify followers of ANY football club.
  • No use of pejorative language to describe individuals – play the ball, not the man.
  • No feeding of trolls – honest, they will be dealt with.

If a post of yours has been removed and you want to know why, please contact TSFM via the Contacts page. Please do not post queries onto the main thread as they too will be removed or moved to the Comment Moderation Thread by moderators.

Words We’d Prefer You Not to Use

The list of naughty words is small and is a mixture of common sense, common decency and common courtesy. No swearing, or use of insulting language to describe football people. And no deliberate circumvention of the list by the use of substitute characters please 🙁

Previously, and on RTC, words like Catholic and Protestant were banned, but I hope that we can be grown up enough to be able use those words in context and not to harp on endlessly about division.

At the moment, there is no word filter in use. We will only do that if too many people insist on ignoring these requests. The list may be added to, but if people take the time to get the spirit of what we are asking, I am sure the three “C”s above will be your guide.

If posters insist on ignoring these requests, we will remove posting rights.

  • All swear words
  • Bigot
  • Masonic
  • Orange
  • Hun
  • Sally
  • Swally
  • Rankers
  • Jabba
  • Glib and shameless liar
  • Lying King
  • Chuckles


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