Good luck i hope you get it off the ground …

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good luck i hope you get it off the ground

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Who Is Conning Whom?
The BBC Scotland is way way beyond a joke now. I really dont want to fund their corrupt reportage in Scotland . I will certainly be considering this

Enough is enough
One thing I like about TSFM is that it listens to other peoples opinions and trys to have a reasoned argument if opinions differ….which is all very good and fair. But when someone comes on and it is evidently obvious that they are never gonna agree with stone cold hard facts in front of them, legal decisions etc Then it is time to agree that your never gonna agree and just stop engaging . EB you write very well ( better than me) but Your team died , your team cheated every club in Scotland , your team cheated every football fan in Scotland ( open your eyes they cheated you too ) , Your team cheated the country out of tax , your team cheated hard working businesses out of needed income .  They Cheated not just a little teeny bit but on a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE scale .Stop insulting Creditors , stop insulting the good and fair minded people of TSFM and stop taking liberties with the freedom of speech on this blog . Oh and before you come back with , holding club , engine room subsiduary or other fancy terms …………your club died and you cheated big time, we all know it, the football authorities know it …. and so do you

Enough is enough
I bet Im not the only one who is suspicious about the news today of SFA possibly vacating Hampden , I hear Celtic Park and Ibrox being mentioned in their statements……mmmm I wonder if it will turn out to be beneficial for a certain Glasgow club who are struggling financially ….. any one smell a rat here ?

Enough is enough
Andrak, good thought out article but I dont agree on some of your points. Scottish football is in this situation because we have had for way too many years ( crooked ) amateurs at the top of the table running our game, add to the fact that UEFA have created a money monster by way of the champions league AND football has got into bed with the TV companies. That for me is the reason we are where we are. I get really pissed off about all this moaning about Celtic being too big and too strong . Cast your mind back to not long ago………a certain team were practically invincible domestically ( We now know they cheated on an industrial scale) . Open any newspaper at that time and oh how they loved to report on how wonderful it all was , how they were so good that that they could field 3 different teams , one for the domestic league, one for the scottish cup and one for their European campaign…..and it was full colour spreads too !!!! I even remember it being reported that Rangers were so big and so good that they had outgrown Scotland and that they needed to move on to bigger things…. I dont remember any dissenting voices back then . Celtic were on their knees ( and if Murray had his way there would have been no Celtic FC now ). As you probably know Mr. McCann came in and the rest is History , but he was not a sugar daddy. Celtic had a plan, a long term plan , and although Celtic were “saved” there were plenty of hard lean years ahead . Celtic were forever getting slaughtered for their “biscuit tin Mentality” when in fact the only crime they were committing was in fact living by their means . Now Celtics Plan has finally come into fruition after many many years of hard work behind the scenes  and once again Celtic seem to be looked on as some kind of bad guy in all this . When the cheating team were in their pomp they never made any inroads in Europe so why are Celtic getting it in the neck …again. I dont want Celtic to share gate money in the current climate. Why should they give money away when all the other clubs dont even challenge mass cheating going on in our game. The bottom line for me is that just about every clubs owner/chairman has acted like a scared girls blouse ! They dont seem to want the game to improve or are scared to stand united with other club chairman and challenge the corruption at the very top of our game. Or is it more sinister , is it a case of …….Its Celtic so f@@K them !! Why should Celtic give money to to a system that turns a blind eye to cheating and corruption.  I get the whole gate sharing to a point but a good start would be a TOTAL clear out of the SFA …………….then maybe start talking about new Ideas like Gate Sharing etc but our game will never change with Regan, Doncaster , Bryson , Dickson etc in charge  Rid the game of those crooked shysters then maybe implement changes 

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
Bordersdon 21.09
Hopefully not but not heard any encouraging signs of late …..hope Auldheid and the gang are still on it. I really thought by now Celtic would have come out and said something after the leak to the Times from the SFA…..patience and all that but this is torture lol

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