Gilt-Edged Justice


Who cares what he did or did not say. He …

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who cares what he did or did not say. He probably just does not want to be bothered by our Neanderthal fans.

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Gilt-Edged Justice
Hearts and The Pars could go bust tomorrow

like TRFC and their fans, Hearts and The Pars could pretend it did not happen.

Gilt-Edged Justice
its time the press realised that TRFC are irrelevant to Scottish football We really do not need a club that has a fan base with a mindset of the 1930s anywhere near our top league.

Gilt-Edged Justice
I need help writing this hit song so i can get on totp, can you add a line and pass it on…

As I handed her a bag of chips, maybe they should have been flowers
When I took her for a spring walk, I should have remembered April showers

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The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
why would Celtic want to get out of their own countries league ? Celtic are an international brand , Rangers have always been a small club in comparison. The old firm nonsense matter to them because tagging onto Celtic s tails gives them the feeling of being a big club.

As for not wanting to be reminded that RFC 1872 are being liquidated, I can hear the chants now ringing from season 2016.

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
Doncaster and Regan are hopeless and it feels as though they were brought here to oversee a chapter in Scottish footballs history, unbeknown to them.

they are devoid of ideas, I had hopes for Regan but i guess picking up money for nothing is more important than having any morals.

remember at the start, tweetin all the time , transparency was his catchphrase.

then he fell silent.

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
Insolvency proceedings fall broadly into two categories. In the case of companies that have no hope of continuing as a going concern, bankruptcy and any analogous insolvency proceedings set out to liquidate company assets, under the supervision of an IP.

In these circumstances, employees will not automatically transfer to the buyer of the business under TUPE. For example, in a compulsory liquidation the employees are automatically dismissed on the appointment of the liquidator and their only recourse is a claim for wrongful dismissal against the employer now in liquidation.

This claim will be owed as an unsecured debt, not as a preferential debt like unpaid wages. In reality, this means claims go to the back of the queue, with little chance of receiving compensation.

Alternate route
But for businesses on the ‘critical’ list but still breathing, an alternate route exists in what are collectively called ‘relevant’ insolvency proceedings. Again, these take place under the supervision of an IP, but they are initiated with the aim of helping the business emerge as a going concern. In these circumstances, TUPE will apply and employees should transfer to the new owner with their employment rights intact.

Guidance from the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (DBERR) states that ‘relevant’ insolvency proceedings will include administration, voluntary arrangements and administrative receivership, but not other types of receivership, bankruptcy proceedings, compulsory liquidation, or creditors’ voluntary liquidation.

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obviously anyone can walk from tupe, I disagree tupe applied but without some kind of traffic light system on here to state you are overstepping the mark, i know i could be banned instantly so i cannot freely discuss… you win

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
ok, agreed, i will suspend discussion.

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