Gilt-Edged Justice


Once again Raith are showing the way in support of …

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Once again Raith are showing the way in support of one of their own,so lets all join in and support dunfermline in their hour of need.

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The Immortality Project

The Immortality Project
I am glad too see Turnbull Hutton has a pair. Come on SPFL grow some to.

The Immortality Project
The time has now come for the SFA to come out with the truth as to why they are staying quiet about the goings on at Newco.
Lives have been threatened, (Eric Drysdale Raith director) they theatened to burn down Starks Park,and now a mans job is at risk. Come on SFA,come clean and sort this mess out.

Everything Has Changed
Raith Rovers sign Messi,Ronaldo and Van Persie on £500 per week,but they give them EBT’s for an undisclosed sum. Raith go on to win the league by 40 points,every other team in league are up in arms,and complain. After an inquiry, the other teams are informed that Raith would have won the league by 40 points without these three players,so there was no advantage gained? Who is kidding who.

Everything Has Changed
I wonder what the Wee Red Book will publish in their edition for next sesion. TRFC = 1Tophy, or RFC many trophies?

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