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Brenda, still no movement from the lesser blazered Lunny , …

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Brenda, still no movement from the lesser blazered Lunny , either on the Berwick “community sing song ” or as somebody else intimated the post admin v’s Killie game, however I think I’ve discovered his secret he only deals with the TRFC business on the 32nd of every month.

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Gilt-Edged Justice
Some things ( fat fingers)

Gilt-Edged Justice
Re Paulmac2’s above post when this omnishambles first appeared and negotiations were being carried out between all the relevant authorities was Longmuir not being touted as the best administrator (barring CO of course) in football . he was the logical successor to aforementioned CO in the ‘new’ unified football authority .It would seem from the comments attributed to him he has all the right credentials. Sadly something’s never change in Scottish football.

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Jean7brodie sorry haven’t been in touch re the community singing and lack of action but I have been away for a while with very restricted access to t’internet (Mrs Spaldingbhoy put her slipper down) . However by all accounts the Police Force formerly known as Strathclyde will/should have recorded said singing in some way shape and form , even if not recorded as a crime (although it meets their own criteria as a “hate crime”) then certainly as an incident on a incident log that I believe that they the Police run for all matches involving “big ” clubs . I genuinely believe its the numbers involved that made it difficult for the police to effect arrests that, and I now believe that they have lost the ability to “police ” a game. An topic for another day.
Maybe a FOI request from your MSP might reveal all though I have my doubts. Certainly the perceived inactivity by the Police does not excuse Lunny from taking action.
Despite what a number of people think the days of Strathclyde Police holding senior officers meetings in the Copland Rd stand on a Saturday are long gone . (Its the retired ones now) Any attempt to downplay the sectarian signing by non arrests would have been all over the place by now I can assure you.

Fair Play at FIFA?
Big Pink , moderators , I have a post in moderation it was of the moment in relation to Whyte vs CG and how conspiracy to fraud seemed to fit the bill, I appear to have mentioned a proscribed word . Please delete the post the story has moved on somewhat since then. Apologies for giving you any hassles.
jean7brodie haven’t forgotten trying to find their criteria for crime reporting. (Proving quite difficult)

Fair Play at FIFA?
I copied the following definition from the Scottish Govt own website re definition of crimes

Source: Common Law

There is no succinct definition to embrace all the criminal forms of cheating. However, if the following three elements are present in a cheat the crime of fraud is complete.

False representations by words, or writing or conduct.

Intention to deceive or defraud

Wilful Imposition

The cheat designed has been successful to extent of gaining benefit or advantage, or of prejudicing or tending to prejudice the interests of another person.

A few boxes ticked there then.

Fair Play at FIFA?
Senior says
Not that I think it will ever get there for obvious reasons , but wouldn’t it be really interesting to see all the major players in this “boorach” to actually have to go to a court and horror of horrors “swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth” . I would pay good money to see that, it might even restore our very own JC’s faith in the legal system .

Fair Play at FIFA?
Evening Brenda, jean7brodie, thanks for that, so by that logic if she was involved in drafting say drug legislation and you took the time to write to her pointing out offenders and large scale drug abuse in a certain area she thereafter couldn’t or wouldn’t get involved by passing said information to the police because it would be inappropriate I’m sorry not buying that. Billshut.
Fortunately the TRFC fans are only ever 90 mins away from embarrassing this “”the greatest wee banana republic in the world ” on national TV they just can’t help themselves and eventually they their fans, of their club/company will have to answer for their actions and the authorities both football and civil will need to act.
Need to check a few things re reporting of these incidents will update you later.

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