Gilt-Edged Justice


Tomtomaswell on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 15:44 Exactly. An 8mm …

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tomtomaswell on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 15:44
Exactly. An 8mm camera wired up to an old analogue tv coupled with a Betamax VCR could do the job. Save a fortune.
As I have been emptying my attic today in anticipation of insulation being fitted tomorrow I am in possession of all the above required equipment. Should I box them up and post them to the SFA ?
By the way and nothing to do with anything I plugged in my old record player too. What a great medium vinyl is. Sgt pepper doesn’t have a bad track either.

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Gilt-Edged Justice
@ Brenda
Yes and I am baffled at the shows producers decision to reappoint DJ. With the shows already bulging diedco employees what did they believe DJ would bring to the table.

Ps Danish, an excellent synopsis of the show 🙂

Gilt-Edged Justice
A bit off topic and I know I really shouldn’t but here goes. Last night I had the stupidity to listen to SSB. I can hear the sighs and groans already. Anyhoos, as the show is promoted as Scotland’s only week day phone in for football fans why do the pundits all have views that differ from 96% of Scottish football fans, not counting TRFC fans of course. I’m getting the 96% from last years massive online poll and I’m assuming the voters still hold the same views. The show is an absolute disgrace. Derek Johnstone defends TRFC to the nth degree of ridiculousness. I believe the only way to balance the show when DJ appears would be Tommy from Shettleston appearing as co pundit. But who do the producers use as DJs sidekick last night? Yes Hugh Keevins.
Hugh’s venom for all things Celtic at the moment seems to be escalating exponentially as the days of his barring from Celtic park mount. Sorry for using Celtic as an example here as this blog is about all Scottish clubs, I would be equally disgusted with this man if he showed contempt for any club but it just so happens to be Celtic. I know of two people who are barred from Scottish football grounds, one of them attacked a football manager at tynecastle and the other is Hugh Keevins. Kind of a sums it all up.
Anyway, why is this show allowed to be so bad? Why do the producers of this show not have a clear out and aim for a more balanced team.? As Scotland’s only week day phone in surely we deserve better.

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Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
@ night terror

I asked you a coherent question. As I said earlier you believe Phil to be objective in his writings, I then asked you to name a subjective journalist from Scotland on the case. If the difference between objective/subjective is incoherent to you then you are correct that there is no need to engage with me further.

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
areyouaccusingmeofmendacity on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 13:19
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bigsausagefingers says:
Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 12:56

Ah, classic whataboutery. Brilliant.

I fail to see the analogy of asking a question, as I have done and “whataboutery” as you suggest.

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
@ night terror

“As it is, he just seems to like being the bearer of good news to his target audience. I’m not in that target audience, and consequently find that approach somewhat less than admirable. A fair few in his target audience think so too, as I’m sure…….”

I think the above that you wrote suggests that in your opinion Phils views are objective. To counter the argument I asked you to name a Scottish MSM hack who has a subjective view on the topic. As I understand there were 23 complaints from SMSM hacks concerning threats from Scottish football fans of a certain ilk so you have a score and more to choose from.

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
@ night terror

So you think Phil is objective on his views on the whole issues surrounding newco/oldco. Please name me a subjective SMSM hack on the case.

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
Clyde SSB ran a competition yesterday to win a signed copy of lee mccullochs new book. Simple, all you had to do was phone in and say which team Lee signed from to win.

Apparently my answer of “lee signed from Rangers FC,was incorrect and the real answer was Wigan.

Surely not.

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