Gilt-Edged Justice


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Henry Clarson piece

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Gilt-Edged Justice
Fear laden prophets of doom strike again,note Chris McLaughlin use of fear word

Gilt-Edged Justice
Chris McLaughlin ‏@BBCchrismclaug
#SFL chief exec fears #Celtic and #Rangers may leave Scottish football and wants colt teams to ‘leave legacy’ more on @BBCRadioScot 1735

Gilt-Edged Justice
Just listened to excellent programme on Radio 4 about status quo bias.The essence of the prog. was that in order to challenge the weary mantra of maintaining the status quo you have to alter the status quo by presenting a vision of a fresh future which would serve to allay fears about throwing out the old.
This aligned with Henry Clarson’s excellent blog today about the nonsense of the need for a strong TRFC made my day.

There is no need for a strong Rangers.No need at all.A fresh vision would be a need for a strong football league.

We require visionaries to run our game.We don’t have them at present.

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Two wrongs and a right
A Happy New Year to all at TSFM.It seems 2016 is already providing excellent entertainment by way of The Scottish Courts.Much to look forward to.

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
Hello and good morning.I have not posted for many a moon so it has been interesting to read the contributions of the faithful.Well 2014 draws to an end and I fully concur with much of the sentiment here.The resurgence of the east coast teams is hugely welcomed and can only bring good to the game as a whole.As for the ever present Rangers saga let us hope that in 2015 this very,very tired conversation comes to an end.Their disappearance,once and for all, can only be good for Scottish football.Have a great New Year everyone.

Armageddon? What Armageddon?
John Clark at 12 : 36

Many thanks JC

Armageddon? What Armageddon?
Evening all.Can anyone answer perhaps John Clark, of the time frame with regard to the outcome/decision of The Upper Tier Tax Tribunal?

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Very pleased to hear of great news relating to Hearts FC.No purchase of history required.Predictably much gnashing of teeth and general frothing on twitter from followers of the new Rangers.
Anger set to default.

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