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Me thinks David Longmuir has been reigned in by the …

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Me thinks David Longmuir has been reigned in by the clubs in the SFL he’s supposed to represent! the “move at their own pace” statement in relation to the restructuring sounds like a bit of a rebuke of his relationship with Rega(i)n and Doomcaster. Have the SFL clubs simply said to him ‘David we’ll decide not you and yer so called bigger pals!’

Also with the SPL Board not officially ‘accepting’ / appealing as yet the LNS report/findings coupled with the restructuring vote on the 15th April I can see a fair amount of plate spinning going on by the 3 amoebas (L,R,D) their relationships with their respective representative clubs bodies. I’m wondering if the delay in the SPL board ratifying or not the LNS decision could have any bearing on the ways that clubs might vote or not by simply abstaining/ vetoing until clarity over the LNS situation.

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Gilt-Edged Justice
On the goal line technology stuff there’s no need for any fancy Dan cameras in goal posts, etc -I would propose a ‘D’ inside the goal so that the ref and assistant ref (as they like to be called) can determine if a ‘goal’ is inside the ‘D’ or..erm…outside the ‘D’..don’t laugh that could catch on!

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Just an observation on the ‘Rangers’ home SC draws and the probabilities of 10/11 in a row, etc. My suspicions are more on when they have been drawn that is in the last several draws they have been drawn either in the second last or last slot at home. ALWAYS after Celtic, Aberdeen, etc have been pulled out

Two wrongs and a right
All the best for 2016 to all the contributors on here and thanks for making this blog so informative and educational. Well done to John ,Tris and the Mods. I’m pledging my support to SFM for 2016. Perhaps the way ahead could be to tighten existing and extend relationships with the fan bases that represent their respective clubs which may form a ‘pathway’ to informing their clubs of the fans’ view on issues which are dissected and discussed on here?
I’m looking forward to the new Radio station medium of communication which I hope will inform and bring a wider audience to be involved in SFM. Keep up the great work all! ?????????? 

LNS – A Summary
My e mail to AFC/ Stewart Milne:
Dear Mr Milne, No doubt after your liaison and statement to the Press yesterday you will be receiving hundreds maybe thousands of e mail such as mine; so I’ll add to the criticizing of your stance via your statements to the Press. You may want the return of the newco Rangers and for us all to “move on” for the benefit of the game but, and not just Aberdeen fans like me but other fan bases will find it hard to move on regarding Rangers. You state: ‘We want to have the top league perceived in the best possible light. What’s happened in the past has happened. And: ‘If Rangers come up with the right approach – and everyone allows them to put what happened in the past behind them – it would be good for the game.
What is this “right approach?” For me and other fan bases I know of this ‘moving on’ cannot happen until several, at least moral as well as the SFA rules under D1.13 issues need to be addressed to which I hoped the Chairman of our club would at least stand up for: Newco Rangers (if saying they are the ‘same club’) need to take responsibility for their reckless and immoral behaviour for at least the period of the EBT years i.e. circa 2001- 2010. As it stands they have been found guilty at the recent Court of Session appellant on behalf of HMRC of illegal tax evasion. Dave King himself has stated in the past that ‘someone on behalf of the club needs to apologies for this period.’  There has been no contrition what so ever from Rangers oldco/ newco and in relation to US all moving on this at least needs to happen to begin any process of forgiving- if that can happen? And then there’s what happens with the ‘tainted period’ in which Rangers won 5 league titles, 4 Scottish Cups and 6 league cups. As well as this, Rangers where granted a license to play in Europe in 2012/ 13 season when they had declared that they owed HMRC monies (under the DOS scheme, circa £2.5 mil) that were not under appeal! Under UEFA’s Article 50  – No overdue payables towards employees and social/tax authorities of their Club Licensing & Financial Fair Play Regulations 2010; this license for RFC should never have been granted. This of course is more a matter for the SFA and is part of the Celtic AGM Resolution 12 to be considered and is ongoing in its motion. However, AFC as a member club themselves should have the morality to be supporting such an action if not publically then privately as this effected all SPL clubs at the time not just Celtic.
As part of the tainted period I would hope that you as chairman of AFC would at least have waited to see if any BDO ‘leave to appeal’ to the Court Of session would be granted in relation to the ‘Big tax case’ before making any club statement about “moving on.” If the BDO leave to appeal is not granted then this needs to hasten a new inquiry (perhaps judicial) as the ill-founded Lord Nimmo Smith inquiry findings as being ‘void’ as its terms of reference where based on EBTs being ‘legal’ at the time but as it stands in the SFA rule book under D1.13 the current CoS appeal decision leaves this rule being breached where: A Club must, as a condition of Registration and for a Player to be eligible to Play in Official Matches, deliver the executed originals of all Contracts of Service and amendments and/or extensions to Contracts of Service and all other agreements providing for payment, other than for reimbursement of expenses actually incurred, between that Club and Player, to the Secretary, within fourteen days of such Contract of Service or other agreement being entered into, amended and/or, as the case may be, extended. And “…for a Player to be eligible to Play in Official Matches…a club must…deliver all other agreements providing for payment”. Indeed Rangers were fined around £250,000 by the Scottish Premier League after being found guilty of failing to correctly register players and that fine has never been paid! This is just one piece of evidence why we cannot ‘move on’ as part of any RFC contrition process should have already been paid. Then there’s the issue of the unfit & un-proper chairman of TRFC who could start the contrition period (as he previously sought to apologies back in 2012) but is failing to do so. I really hope that AFC distances themselves from such a character of Dave King and that any contact with a criminal with 41 counts of tax Evasion in South Africa, is someone that AFC should be questioning in their motives for us all to ‘move on’ especially after his rant back in November ; especially on a personal front should his ‘charm offensive’ allow this opportunity to happen. Statements such as below need to be challenged: Finally, it is extraordinary that representatives of other Scottish clubs – who admit the damage done to Scottish football by Rangers’ removal from the Premier League – should even wish to re-engage with this issue. It is time those individuals, who represent other clubs, recognise their legal and fiduciary responsibilities to their own clubs and shareholders rather than submit to the uninformed ramblings of a few outspoken fans to whom attacking Rangers is more important than the wellbeing of their own clubs. This is a misguided attempt (that will ultimately fail) to rewrite history and defeat Rangers off the park when their teams could not do so on the park at the time. The history of many other clubs would have to be rewritten if this illogical argument was to be consistently applied. (Dave King 12th November 2015) I really hoped that you as chairman of AFC who is ‘representing’ OUR club do listen to the seemingly “uninformed ramblings” of not a “few outspoken fans” but a majority of the AFC fan base (and other fan bases) in the interest of maintaining the “wellbeing” of our own club! Statements such as this from a club Chairman who has previously wanted to apologies for RFC’s behaviour should be challenged collectively by SPFL members clubs with AFC prominent in condemning such a belligerent stance from a ‘peer member club.’ You maybe concentration on the financial good of the game but the moral and legal aspects of our game destroyed by one team by clear breach of the SFA rules and Tax laws that all clubs have to follow means that ‘Moving On’ can only happen when these issues are finally fully addressed perhaps in a judicial sense and whatever club Rangers want to be, take the punishment that comes (not the consequences) with breaching those rules & laws. I would imagine that if where AFC in TRFC position the clamour for our club to be punished under the rules would never be relinquished by a fan base who wouldn’t allow the governing bodies to forget. Finally with your comments yesterday, I really do feel let down by yours and so the AFC stance as do many other AFC fans/ supporters (just read the fans websites). You perhaps have too close an eye for the ££££s and not enough on ‘your customers’ who you know want sporting justice and integrity upheld in relation to what Rangers (old/ new) have currently and in the recent past done nothing but sully and destroy our national sport. Evidence of AFC fans’ deep feelings towards the issues mentioned above could be seen at prior to the away game against Hamilton Accies in November You’ll see in the banner “US” they certainly have represented my feelings on the issues and if you don’t feel the same way as your fan/ customer base then perhaps you are not keeping a ‘pulse’ on your moral obligations to the people who matter? We have the second oldest FA in the world do you really think the oldest FA (EFA) would allow a member club away with rule breaches in fielding illegible players and flouting of tax law and payments? NO! AFC have a duty to question, along with the other member clubs, our FA’s flouting and ignoring of its own rules so that one establishment team can evade and escape punishment and moral obligations.

Moving on in Scottish Football can only happen as part of a wider addressing of issues presented by (T)RFC, SFA and SPFL’s complicit nature in avoiding over the last few years to which AFC should be playing its role in supporting in ensuring our game’s integrity is maintained.

LNS – A Summary
@tayred 16th December 2015 at 9:59 am 040404

I’m with you tayred. I’ll be sending a similar e mail too.

LNS – A Summary
“If Rangers come up with the right approach – and everyone allows them to put what happened in the past behind them – it would be good for the game….”
I will reinforce what a majority of dandies feel about the Oldco/ newco Rangers.This comment from Milne needs to be clarified. What would be the “right approach” from Newco Rangers? Do they apologies on behalf of their, poor financial recklessness and tax avoiding/ evading and how their club single handedly destroyed the top tier football economy? Then TRFC agree they are indeed a new club and so relinquish past ‘glories’ to the tarnished former entity! THEN if they took it apon themselves to take more conditional approach and boot out their current criminal chairperson along with distancing themselves from their bigoted factional fan groups THEN we (as in the Scottish football scene) Can begin to move on- a bit like the approach to Germany after WW2- conditional steps to full partication in the game here e.g. gain trust then be allowed in committees, etc.
Milne needs to make a stronger statement based on aspects like this to assist and uphold the Celtic stance a few weeks back in response to the CoS tax appeal decision. Dons fans will let the club know their feelings more off the back of their visual banners at Hampden prior to the Hamilton game. It wouldn’t surprise me that they would perhaps boycott their own home games ( especially against a promoted TRFC) to make their point clear!
Milne’s wanting to “move on” should be challenged by AFC fan groups and the the fact that Milne was vehemently opposed to Newco restarting in the SPL back in 2012 needs to be reminded that AFC are just part of setting the conditions to a stepped process in any ‘forgiving’ to the TRFC situation based on what I’ve suggested. Only then would this be for “the good of the game.”

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