Gilt-Edged Justice


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finloch says:
Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 09:10
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Danish Pastry says:
Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 08:49

Is this an SDM Mark II scenario?


I think it is actually very close to home and is SDM Mk 1.
First cousins and interlinked in ways we don’t even know yet.

This whole story is and was never about football but about egos in business and (some of) the Scottish Financial Mafia and how they helped each other.
Football just allowed some of them to increase their public profiles cheaply.

Its a story still waiting to be pieced together

It is comforting to know that the MSM will be piecing this story together as we speak, as we know their is plenty of material available concerning Mr Masterton and his cosy relationship with Mr Moonbeams, Rangers, MIH and millions of pounds (in loans) when all was not financially stable at Ibrox and the Murray empire in the glorious 90’s.

Not to mention where Mr Masterton purchased his metal for his Stadia adventure.

I wonder what paper will win the race with this story the record or the sun?

Mr Cummings has been rumbled and Mr Masterton as we know was his mentor, only time will tell.

Dunfermilne looks like suffering as a result of this dubious character. Maybe Mr Masterton will put his OWN money towards saving Dunfermilne?

More chance of the Sun or Record printing the above story did I here someone say. .

Maybe I will call SSB and ask DJ.

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Gilt-Edged Justice
newco/oldco licence article.

Gilt-Edged Justice
Why do we never here of any ex footballer or pundit actually being critical of trangers?
Why is it aways and only the fans who want sporting integrity.
Why are all the spl clubs not questioning the LNS decision yet.
Why do we spend our money on a corrupt sport and get no support from our governing body or MSM.
I think the answer is we live in Scotland and one club rules at ANY cost.
This issue with LNS has got to be dealt with away from corrupt wee country.

Football has been a major part of my life even though I felt in the past one club seemed to be favoured. Now I know this to be true and if it is not challenged it is the end.
People like Alex Smith should have no place in any sport.

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The Existence of Laws
jimlarkin says:
Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 12:22
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attaboyjon says:
Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 23:28

valentinesclown says:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 22:57

I cannot see what it will take to stop this rot.

After 60 odd years, I don’t buy a newspaper, don’t contribute to Sky, ESPN and no longer attend professional football games. Money talks louder than anything!


attaboy…well said

i’m in the same boat.

stopped my sky, stopped using the bookmakers as both of these avenues prop up the corruption in the game.

and because celtic seem to be in on the corruption by not taking a stance, celtic are complicit, so i will not renew my season book at cp and i will not be buying anymore celtic merchandise.

that is the only way to get the message through to mr lawell etc


I have boycotted all games at Hamden as the SFA are IMO complicit in this shambles. I have also cancelled SKY/ESPN. I have renewed my season book for next season as at this moment I cannot hand on heart say that my club are complicit in this commercial saving of Sevco. I am of the opinion if my club or any other club challenged this shambles all fans would have some faith but until that occurs we will always have our doubts.

If the UTT appeal goes in favour of HMRC and EBT’s used by Rangers are declared illegal then a sporting advantage WAS achieved illegally and this would have to be challenged (SFA ruled out on this one) but surely all clubs would have a voice. Silence is not an option.

The Existence of Laws
Mr Bryson’s evidence was shameful. We all as fans know injustice when we see or read it. It is absolutely embarrassing the length our msm and sfa will stoop to never state Rangers are no more and a new Rangers now play in govan and have one their first trophy. Shame has reached a new level within Ibrox with Mather rabble rousing and Ally watp with 141 years of history st speech. The biggest shame of that is they know the target audience and their mentality. Scotlands not so hidden shame. We are part of a really embarrassing Scottish society that may kill our game. All SPL clubs cannot hide any more IMO I cannot see what it will take to stop this rot.

The Existence of Laws
I am not a betting man but if I was to have a flutter then below is ideal man.

The Existence of Laws
My fav sport journalist (wealth of info Keith Jackanory) in paper today predicting another showdown at the ok coral down Govan way tomorrow.

Malcolm in front of the sheriffs and may be on first stage coach out of town (may be a wee earner for Easdales) Looks like Stockbridge is Unforgiving and there may be more than one Rawhide at the ranch.

The Existence of Laws
CF last tweets concerning Mr Green and potential threats to Mr Whyte heading for a possible showdown at High Noon. No one to trust in the Govan Coral, all squinting eyes at each other in the barroom boardroom(no offence to MM).
Sports writer of the year KJ stated on BBCSportsound last night that the past 48 hours behind the scenes at the Govan coral was horrendous and there is a possibility fairly soon that something major was about to happen, and not in a good way for the gunslingers. Is there a price on CW Dead or Alive? So something apparently is Bounty happen soon.

Where is the state Marshall CO and his deputy SR are they out of Dodge at the moment.?

We need law and order restored. Round them up and move them out.

Do not forsake me Craigy Whyte…………………………………….you know the tune. Add your own words.

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