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ArtesianFebruary 4, 2017 at 02:23 ‘……although every industry I have worked …

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artesianFebruary 4, 2017 at 02:23
‘……although every industry I have worked in has relied on a steady stream of raw talent of sufficient quality being available to enable it to flourish and grow .That’s not the case in Scottish football ……….Until we address this fundamental issue Scottish football is going nowhere …’
Just back from Auckland last night ( Friday ), and back to my lap-top instead of the ‘stoopid wee tablet’, and have been reading with great interest some of the very good posts about the malaise in Scottish Football, as you , artesian (‘Well fan?), ably describe.

It would, of course,  be wrong of me ( or of anyone) to attempt to attribute this malaise solely to the huge, and absolutely unforgiveable, cheating of SDM.

I’m as aware as anyone else, I think, that there’s a whole barra-load of reasons for the decline in the standard of Scottish Football over the years.

Among these, a really critical one was the ‘teachers’ strike’, one consequence of which was the loss of that freely given support for schools football by those great guys ( and gals) who, as primary and secondary school teachers, gave up their entire Saturday mornings right through the season, engendering or building up enthusiasm for ‘organised’ football.

I don’t doubt that schools football is presently given a serious place in the scheme of things, but  huge damage was done in terms of the loss of the primacy of football as ‘the’ sport, in the minds and hearts of at least a few generations! And the lost ground simply has not been made up.

Other reasons are well documented: economic decline in towns that once had tens of thousands of supporters for their local team; the greater awareness of the range of other attractive sports both to participate in and to enjoy as spectators; the availabilty on TV of the ‘artistic best’ in the sport of football; and the, to my mind,  cult of phony ‘fanship’ for foreign teams (based on ‘fashion’ or TV nonsense about ‘special ones’ etc etc), and a whole lot of other factors, chief among which is the effect of ‘TV money’.

All of these factors have been present and have affected the fortunes of Scottish Football long before the cheating of SDM.No question.

BUT that cheating, in my view, set off a chain-reaction of virtually uncontrolled debt-acquisition in many of our senior clubs which fell into the borrow-easily-now, and hope- to- be-able – to-repay by success on the pitch.

The massively cheating club, as we all know, died as a consequence of its cheating ( or rather, from the fear of the gutless SDM that his cheating had occasioned such a debt to accrue to the taxman that he had to get out , and sell , for a pound! ,to the chancer who actually was the tool which effected the execution of RFC(IL) by running the famous old club into Liquidation.

The death of any football club is, of course, a general matter of regret.
But the death of RFC as member of the then SPL , and of the SFA, shocking as it was ( and it WAS such a shock , because the SMSM had failed to track the business affairs of SDM and question where the hell he was getting all this money!), gave rise to the much, much more shocking revelation that our Football Governance body was ready to lie and cheat: first, to try to save RFC(IL) by creating the myth that a new , applicant club, was RFC(IL), then by trying to bludgeon the then SPL into admitting the new applicant club to that league, and then, that effort failing, ‘persuaded’ the then SFL to admit that new club, but, to their chagrin, only to the bottom-most tier.

And then, of course, we learned that the very same Football Governance Board had, years earlier, allegedly lied to UEFA so as to be able, fraudulenty, to  award a UEFA competition licence to SDM’s RFC, thus sliding a few million quid to the unentitled club.

Now, whatever may be the malaise of Scottish Football as a Sport, it is not going to be cured by an organisation that suffers from the  malaise of being seen as a lying, cheating Governance body.
Sins of incompetence, of well-intentioned but ineffective sports governance, can be forgiven…although ‘incompetents’ have to be replaced.

The sin of fundamental betrayal of trust and destruction of the Sporting ethic are, well, damnable. And, frankly, there is no forgiveness for those-none of those- who betray an office of trust. ( or, more basically, who play their customers for suckers)

Those who have posted recently, honest and respected posters as they are, about the need to sort of move on, and tackle the ‘problems’ that Scottish Football faces, need to keep in mind the truth that  Scottish Football is presently living a lie.
And that a lie cannot be sustained forever.

It has to be faced, sooner or later.

Otherwise, there is no point to the game.

And our kids and grandweans and great-grandweans might be better advised to choose another professional sport on which to lavish their time, their money and their devotion.

John Clark Also Commented

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
AllyjamboFebruary 6, 2017 at 11:48
“…….an example of how people can come to power by hoodwinking the public, and how the lies they use can be ignored and ‘normalized’ once they are in power.”
Possibly the supreme example of ‘hoodwinking’ a ( too ready to BE hoodwinked public!) was the farcical absurdity of the wee black-haired smout of a runt like Adolph getting the herrenvolk to subscribe to the ‘Aryan blonde, blue-eyed , racially ‘pure’ Germanic ideal! He was absolutely the very opposite-and nobody noticed!

And that  they should listen  to men who preached ‘eugenics’ who were themselves less than physically perfect specimens of humanity, like the club-footed Goebbels, or the insane Hess, and the whole lot of dirty, evil bast.ards who variously made up the Third Reich’s ‘1000 years’ elite.

Gott strafe their unhallowed memory!

And, similarly, Gott strafe our lying, deceitful SMSM and , double strafe our rotten deceitful Football Governance people who created the Big Lie of Scottish Football.

Which, like the herrenvolk of the 1920s and 30s, our general public are only too ready to swallow because ‘it’s what the papers say!’

How many radars had the German press?
better question: how many journalists in the German press were NOT radars?
and in relation to the Scottish Press, what answer would we truthfully get in response to the same question?

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
bluFebruary 6, 2017 at 11:26
‘…Looks like it was a minor detour into matters football AJ. See link for la list of Guardian articles.…’
Maybe a detour, blu, but by no means ‘minor’.
It was a brilliantly simple  piece of factual reportage that the SMSM  as a whole ought to have been capable of, and indeed had a duty to emulate.
No matter how ‘facts’ are used , they remain facts.
It was no ‘nationalist propaganda’ that killed RFC, but the worst type of exploiter of the ‘ Union Flag’ in his frankly disgusting cheating of Scottish Football.
Small did what every honest ‘journalist’ should do. State the facts, first, and then, perhaps, go on to give his/her ‘interpretation’ of the facts.
As has been frequently noted on this blog, ‘facts are chiels that…etc etc.’
There is simply no getting away from the legal, commercial and sporting  fact that the RFC of our fathers and grandfathers, greatgrandfathers, simply are no more as a member of Scottish Football! And it doesn’t matter a damn if 500 000 000  people world-wide choose not to accept that fact!
Reference has in previous posts   been made to Galileo Galilei whose ‘eppure si muove’  may be loosely translated as ‘ it doesn’t matter a bugger if everybody on earth thinks the sun goes round the earth; it is still the earth that moves round the sun!
And all the Regans and Doncasters and Dave Kings and BBC Radio chiefs and Radar Jacksons and ( God, how tedious to list them all..) deniers of that fact cannot, with all their denial, change the fact!

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
jimboFebruary 4, 2017 at 21:21
‘…John C, that seems ages you’ve been in Australia. When you due back? I miss your late posts when I can’t sleep’
Bit of a left-handed compliment, that! 0319
I’m back from Auckland- but only back to Birkdale/Brisbane. Went to NZ as a way of extending the Oz visa, and I’ll be here for another couple of months.

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Who Is Conning Whom?
FinlochDecember 8, 2017 at 11:40
‘….Why were the SFSA not invited as valued members and contributors to your Congress Stewart?’
Because,Finloch, the SFA leadership can be characterised as being  one or more of the following:inward-looking, incestuously up its own fundament, secretive, self-protective, duplicitous, seriously self-harmed by its readiness to corrupt the Sport of which it is at present the Governance body.
It cannot run any risk of recognising an organised body of supporters [which it does not control] for fear of being seriously called to account  for its manifold failure in so many respects, not least its failure to grasp that 16 000 plus fans cannot all be wrong, and that what they say is overwhelmingly condemnatory and that in closing its eyes to its customer base it is  behaving like the head-in-the-sand ostrich.

Who Is Conning Whom?
wottpiDecember 8, 2017 at 11:02
‘…..Michael Stewart is one of the few people who called it perefectly………………..the fact that so many involved around the game as pundits, reporters and journos got it so wrong just points to the poor standard of commentary on our game and the lack of understanding (or is it a fear of acknowledging) of how bad things are at Ibrox.’
Concomitant with being absolutely scrupulously fair in one’s criticism of  pundits and journos is the requirement that one should be ready to give credit where credit is due.
I therefore have to say that Michael Stewart was not a lone voice: Chick Young had for long aired his views that McInnes would not be going to TRFC Ltd, even to the point of calling up his successful record over many years as a tapper-in to ‘sources’.
He was shaken a little bit the other night when the news of TRFC’s approach broke,but nevertheless, he deserves a bit of credit for not following the party propaganda line.
(Oh, that was sore, having to say that!)19

Who Is Conning Whom?
DenDecember 7, 2017 at 23:19
‘..I am glad that McInnes has honoured his contract and the spirit of the statements made by himself and Milne last week. Suggests he is a man of some character.’
There was a very understandable moment of indecisiveness.

After all, who among us cannot say in his/her heart that they would not love to have been a ball-boy at their club, never mind play for it, never mind becoming ‘Manager’ of it!

And who is there among us who would not enjoy the prospect of increased (?)remuneration, increased challenge, increased (?)status …..

McInnes , however, has shown that he has the savvy to take on board that the club that is TRFC Ltd is not at all the same club that he once played for, but a mere artificial construction made by the big  hands of a Yorkshire schoolboy foot-race champion who would have made the Glasgow barras hucksters look like rank amateurs!

And it was, fair do’s, brave of him to rise above the frenzied incitement of the SMSM hacks- who are all now denying that they had any part in supporting the attempted destabilisation of Aberdeen football Club.

He now has to try to show the Aberdeen support that his two defeats v TRFC Ltd were in no way connected with any interest on his part in securing the TRFC Ltd job.

Good luck.

Who Is Conning Whom?
easyJamboDecember 7, 2017 at 22:40
‘…I’m afraid I’m away on holiday while next Friday’s hearings are on.’
That’s a blow!
Your hearing, and memory recall, is so much better than mine!Even in the smaller court-rooms you seem to hear more clearly than I.
But, of course, you are much younger than I!03

Who Is Conning Whom?
easyJamboDecember 7, 2017 at 22:32
‘..This is the BDO action against the adminstrators’
Thanks, eJ.
I have been trying to have a daily look at the Rolls of Court,but I wasn’t able to look in after 5.00 pm this evening.
That’s in my diary, for next week.
I keep looking in on the ‘Court of Session judgments’ page to see whether Lord Bannatyne has arrived at his judgment and published it.
It seems that the publication of a judgment can be several months after the date of the judgment.
I suppose that means that in some cases the parties are told long before the judgment is made public.
So, maybe Lord Bannatyne has decided , and King and the Takeover Panel have already [ since the date (30 November) when I got the email saying that the Takeover panel were still awaiting the decision] had the decision.
Probably not.
I suppose we have to watch the RIFCplc ‘investor’ page on the website,where details of an offer (if the decision was/is that King has to make an offer , by a specified date,or be held in contempt) have to publicised.
One wonders at how the judges cope! They hear very complicated , lengthy cases, have to ponder their decision and write their judgments, while still hearing new cases in Court. When do they find the time to write their judgments?

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