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Rangers aren’t the only ones with problems you know! We …

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Rangers aren’t the only ones with problems you know! We had to start a game today without a striker for goodness sake!  OK we brought one on the second half and he scored a hat trick but it’s not easy!

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Good Try Mr. McKenzie
A bit of a dilemma for the Ibrox board, What do we do about Warburton & Weir?  It’s now patently obvious that Warburton has lost the support of the fans.  Article after article on New Now confirm this.  Even the SMSM are asking the question now!

But the thing is he is contracted to the summer of 2019.  So even if they allow him to stay until the end of the season, it’s going to cost them a pretty penny to sack him/them.  And rumours abound that he is still owed £500k bonus for his accomplishments last season.

Of course they will need a replacement.  McInnes or Wright would seem obvious fan choices, but again both these managers are tied to their current clubs until 2019.  So a fair bit of compensation required there. I don’t think Barry Ferguson would be serious contender.

The problem is the sale of season tickets for next season.  Someone mentioned today there could be a drop in the region of 10k if there is not a change in the management team.  Maybe that would alter if they win the Scottish Cup. But I don’t t think if they qualify for the Europa – and are allowed to compete in it – that will change the minds of the fans.  They don’t trust him domestically so why would they want him leading the way in Europe, where he has no experience.

What to do, what to do!

(Oh for a war chest!)

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
Well it was an interesting weekend of football, but being respectful of the site’s parameters I will keep to the MSM.  I liked this headline:

“Manchester City 2-1 Swansea City: Jesus the saviour for Guardiola’s side ”

I thought Jesus was a Celtic supporter?.  So don’t believe everything you read in the press!  21

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
These decisions all even out over the course of a season.  So I’ve been told. ( I thought we’d go down to ten men)

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Who Is Conning Whom?
Just to be clear, in case my last paragraph is taken the wrong way, I am pretty sure DM was more than capable of managing at Ibrox.  But I think he looked ‘under the bunnet’ and did not  like what he saw there.  He has a history of it – Sunderland – clever man.  Avoid poison chalices at all costs.

Who Is Conning Whom?
A *Rangers man.

We have heard a lot of talk over the past 6 weeks about the significance of Derek McInnes being a Rangers man.  Both on social media and the mainstream media.  I’m never quite sure just how important that is.  Likewise for my own team’s manager to be a ‘Celtic’ man.

There are too many examples where this has proven to be worthless.  Two good ex players – Tony Mowbray and Lou Macari – did not hack it as managers.  Whereas Gordon Strachan was successful with no Celtic connection.  Even Martin O’Neil & Brendan Rodgers had little other than they might have been ‘Celtic Minded’.

I don’t know what it brings to the job on a daily basis.  Sure they probably get a buzz every morning walking through the door or coming out the tunnel on match days.  But other than that it’s all down to football.  The history and culture is probably something to mull over in quiet moments at home.

I think Derek McInnes has proven that.  There is more to the job than just being a ‘Rangers Man’.  It’s not enough by a long shot.

Who Is Conning Whom?
Kris Boyd – there is still hope! :
“Derek has decided to stay at Aberdeen and that’s a surprise to everybody because the majority in Scotland thought he would have gone to Rangers, myself included.
“They (Rangers) are not going to open up the books for Derek to go through, so if he’s not been given permission to speak to Rangers, then’s he’s probably taken it off his own back to say he wants to stay at Aberdeen.
“But is it dead? we just don’t know.”

(SKY Sports)

Who Is Conning Whom?
I would imagine that even if there were no direct talks between DM & Ibrox 3rd party intermediaries would be in dialogue (Agents?).  That was the thoughts of the panel on R Clyde tonight,  ‘you know how it works in the background’. From ex players.

Who Is Conning Whom?
Would like to hear Derek McInnes’s side of the story but I expect he will respect the confidentiality of the talks and only come out with some bland reasons.

I can only think it would have centred around the remuneration package, the transfer & wage budget aligned to the KPIs.  The expectations of the fans are enormous and are probably impossible to achieve within the budget available.

Pressure. Pressure. Pressure.

DM is probably in a better place for the time being. (Will need to regain trust though).

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