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HighlanderFebruary 6, 2017 at 07:28 The writer, Mike Small, got just …

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HighlanderFebruary 6, 2017 at 07:28

The writer, Mike Small, got just about everything right in that article, except for the optimism that sporting integrity had been saved. I do wonder, though, what the writer would write now if commissioned to do a short history of Scottish football since 2012!

Would he write how his optimism has been dashed by the continuation of the myth and all that surrounds it, and be justifiably angry at the men who allowed integrity to be lost?

Or! Would he give an explanation of how he, and everyone else, got it wrong in the aftermath of the failed CVA, and that the SFA, the SPL and the media just needed to take the word of a lying spiv to learn why a club called Rangers could never die?

Or! Would he just write it as though he’d never written that fine article in the first place and be as complicit as all the rest?

I have to wonder how a journalist, for that article was clearly written by someone deserving of that title, could write such a scathing summation of the SFA and SPL and, in particular, Regan and Doncaster, and yet be so silent over the Resolution 12 issue! That must have seemed like manna from heaven to a journalist who could write, just a few years earlier, of the saving of sporting integrity, as this was a signal that something much worse than the loss of any sort of integrity had taken place! If he genuinely believed, as this article suggests, that Regan, along with Doncaster, should have been chased from Scottish football, here was the perfect opportunity to make that happen!

I can only assume that Mike Small has retired, or else has allowed his own journalistic integrity to fall beside the sporting integrity of Scottish football! Shame.

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Good Try Mr. McKenzie
With Chris Jack piling the blame for TRFC’s problems squarely on Warburton’s shoulders, and continuing to push the idea that there is money available, but not to an incompetent manager, and even letting us know that it was Warburton who wanted Joey Barton and was ‘backed’ by the board, Keith Jackson joins in the ‘Warbo must go’ Monday morning Level5 push with the following:

And what to make of this from Jackson’s spread?

‘It was almost as if, having restored order behind the scenes at the club, some of the inflated egos inside that boardroom believed they were more deserving of the adulation and respect which Warburton was being afforded by the club’s supporters.
And especially so when they felt strong armed into doubling his wages later that summer, in the knowledge they might be hounded out of office had they refused.
The truth of the matter is King was forced into fulfilling a promise he made to his manager and he did so through tightly gritted teeth. But it meant that Warburton and his bosses were on uneasy terms before a ball had even been kicked in this season’s top-flight campaign.’

See that Warburton, expecting good men like Dave King to fulfil promises! What next, refusing to give up on a lucrative contract without compensation, even if confronted with the evidence that TRFC really, really can’t afford to honour it?

Perhaps Warburton should go, before he loses his ‘legend’ status at Ibrox!

It may be worth noting, though, that Jackson’s puff piece, while continuing with the downgrading of the manager, doesn’t completely exonerate King and the board, but the words he uses are sufficiently soft to be missed by all but the most enquiring bear. For it is at the bears, and the bears alone, that these pieces are aimed.

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
bluFebruary 6, 2017 at 11:26

Thanks for the update, Blu, it does explain the journalistic quality to the piece. It doesn’t, though, excuse his apparent reluctance to pursue the issue, and subsequent issues, to it’s logical conclusion! I can only assume he was asked by his editor to do a proper journalistic review of what had happened, and has not been asked to, or has been discouraged from, follow it up in a true journalistic manner.

The link in my last post shows how only one voice, or newspaper (the Munich Post), is not enough to stop the big lies becoming the ‘normalized’ truth! It is, in my opinion, only the continued efforts of online blogs like this, whether we bring ‘exclusive’ news and leaks or just continue to analyse current and old information, that prevents the ‘normalization’ of lies such as the ‘Continuation myth’! 

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
Completely off topic, and perhaps not really suitable for this blog, but I felt I really want to share this here. Basically it is an essay by Ron Rosenbaum, an eminent, as far as I am aware, authority on Adolph Hitler’s rise to power. He has been asked, a number of times, to compare Hitler’s rise with that of Donald Trump, and only now can see the true comparison. But it’s not for Trump’s rise that I draw this to your attention, but as an example of how seemingly quite ignorant, apparently unintelligent people can, through ruthlessness and lies, sell a great, destructive lie.

Many people on internet blogs compared certain aspects of our saga to Hitler and Naziism, but that comparison was, rightfully, discouraged as trivialising the horrors of the Nazis, and, in particular, the Holocaust. I am not suggesting that anyone should read this as a tool to compare anything, or anyone, involved in the ‘Rangers Saga’ with Hitler or Naziism, but merely as an example of how people can come to power by hoodwinking the public, and how the lies they use can be ignored and ‘normalized’ once they are in power.

I leave it to the reader to decide whether or not Ron Rosenbaum is right in what he says about Trump and Hitler, and he is mainly comparing tactics rather than character, and warn that it has left me feeling rather more depressed about the world than I was before reading.

On it’s value to this blog, I do find the last sentence to be most pertinent, and, again referring only to what we seek, it’s most depressing words, for they are his only hope for the truth to triumph. I am sure you will, without reading Rosenbaum’s essay, understand what I mean when I say it was;

‘Support your local journalist.’

Please read, though I can assure you, you will not enjoy;

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Who Is Conning Whom?
StevieBCDecember 8, 2017 at 16:49

Just as with Chris Jack, having a PR ‘strategy’ is one thing, having the right people to carry it out is something else entirely.

As you so correctly point out, the only open ‘process’ that was being carried out was via the media, unless, of course, he knows/thinks he knows that illegal (in a football sense) approaches were made directly, or via DM’s agent. Even if such approaches/tapping up, were just a figment of his fevered imagination, I’m not so sure that he is wrong when he talks of a process, for as sure as King dodges the truth for a living, he also delivers instructions to the media via Level5/Traynor.

I’m sure that in his desperation to earn his weekend’s share of the succulent KFC, Mr Rather Large Derek Johnston has inadvertently let the cat out of the bag. It’s fortunate for TRFC and Traynor that nobody pays much attention to that buffoon amongst buffoons!

Who Is Conning Whom?
Ex LudoDecember 8, 2017 at 13:12 
AJ, I think the song is about blaming someone else on your own shortcomings. I was prompted to look for the song after reading a tweet which compared the McInness debacle to a guy getting a knock back at the Palais de Dance and blaming the girl. There’s not many non classical songs which feature a French horn in the arrangement though. I would also recommend Mary Skeffington which Gerry Rafferty wrote as a tribute to his mother.

Thanks for the info EL, and I’ve just listened to Mary Skeffington, beautiful song and very much not rock and roll. I get the connection to ‘Her father didn’t Like Me Anyway’ now04

Who Is Conning Whom?
Ex LudoDecember 8, 2017 at 12:29

Didn’t get the connection to the statement, but no matter, thanks a million for that link, EL. Gerry Rafferty certainly was a great talent. A really good (tuneful) song, too, and first time I’ve heard it.

Who Is Conning Whom?
Something we are all getting as we follow the ‘Rangers’ saga is a very good insight into how PR works. I’d have said ‘good’ PR but that’s maybe a non sequitur as, by it’s very nature, it could only be considered ‘good’ if it was 100% truthful, and the whole point of it is to get across the publicity a company, or person wants the truth to appear as. The truth doesn’t really need PR.

But I digress somewhat, sorry19

Anyway, and I know it’s Chris jack, but his ‘article’ today is clearly the next stage on from what was written in last night’s statement from Ibrox. I’ve not read the full article, as I’ve only seen the back page on twitter, but it was most likely written for the sake of the following headline:

‘RANGERS ARE A MASSIVE CLUB. IT’S BEST DEL STAYS PUT’ (Massive was in a larger font than the rest of the headline)

Now anyone reading that who isn’t interested in the facts would read that as the reason given (by McInnes or Aberdeen) for McInnes refusing to join TRFC. No one, and certainly not Aberdeen or the man himself, has actually given his reason for not joining TRFC, and the only suggestion that the job might have been too big for him has come from a representative of TRFC, a source that clearly didn’t think it was too big for him until he turned it down.

Now it might be clever PR to put a usable link into a statement, in this case ‘Massive club like Rangers’, and, ‘best for him to remain at his current club’, to create the above misleading headline, or similar, but when you have to use muppets like Chris Jack it does become a bit obvious.

What Stewart Milne actually said was that he gave McInnes 48 hours to think about the move, so a proper headline, and the basis for the article, would have read, something like, ‘Del spent time thinking about coming to ‘Rangers’ before saying no’. But that would have broken the PR thread, and probably have cost Jack his succulent KFC for this weekend21

Who Is Conning Whom?
On this part of the TRFC amateur hour statement:

‘We were subsequently made aware by Aberdeen’s statement that, at this stage in his career, it would be best for him to remain in his current post. We endorse that position because moving to a massive club like Rangers is a big step with concomitant risk.’ 

I’ve just re-read the Aberdeen statement and see no mention or hint of ‘at this stage in his career it would be best for him to remain in his current post’ or even the slightest hint that he thought the TRFC job to be to big for him (even at this stage in his career), What he did say, though, was:

‘…I spoke with Derek who felt it was a major thing to be considered for the managerial position at a club such as Rangers…’

Now, is there anyone here who doesn’t think that Milne was being diplomatic here and wouldn’t have referred McInnes to TRFC’s accounts and their track record of losses, and that that is what he meant by ‘a club like Rangers’? Does anyone think that had Milne told him that he thought he wasn’t ready to take over at Ibrox, that McInnes would have been happy to accept that, because ‘not ready’ is tantamount to saying ‘not good enough’, or ‘not capable of’? That is not the way to get an experienced and ambitious manager to stay at your football club, but I would be very surprised if a club chairman such as Milne wasn’t fully aware of TRFC’s problems, and, though he might never discuss them publicly, would have appraised McInnes of everything he should really know about a ‘club like Rangers’!

I hope Stewart Milne is paying attention to yet another example of what happens when he throws TRFC a bone – they twist it to their pathetic advantage by, in this case, insulting both Aberdeen FC and it’s manager. 

It really is way beyond the time for every club in Scotland to start speaking the truth about TRFC!

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