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Nice one ex ludo!! On fitba and wealth I see a …

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Nice one ex ludo!!
On fitba and wealth I see a wee puff piece in the DR this morning (they manage to get TRFC a mention!) about Real Madrid pushing through the elite Euro carve up.  I guess this has to go down as “why should RM share their hard earned dosh with anyone else”.  To be fair they have another 20 or so clubs in mind.  I’m sure it will be great for them but I suspect the viewing public will tire of it in the long run:  it would be good if “the rest” were to take the initiative here instead of adopting the position.

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Good Try Mr. McKenzie
Went to Pittodrie yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed it…eventually.  The problem with Scottish fitba?  10,000 crowd. Pathetic.  Fair do’s to AFC for clawing a second place challenge out of that support though.

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
An interesting debate and, especially given that the SFM community are probably a more “considered” cross section of the general fitba public, I think my assumption that Celtic and their fans will not get fed up of being top dog is correct.  Quite rightly I add quickly!  I have no problem with that, I look forward to seeing how much of a dent they can make on the next level and, more importantly to me, how the Dons can make a dent on them.  
So Scottish fitba will be fine and will generally reflect the social and political market driven agenda. As for TRFC, they’ll be ok, any team that can sell 40k season tickets can (important word selection there) survive and thrive.  All they need is 5 or 6 spiv free years.  Unlikely to be in my lifetime but thrive they will.
As there is no appetite for radical change I agree with previous posters that we need to concentrate on developing our players but I fear this too will be all about clubs’ self interest rather than what’s good for youth development.  I also still believe that a key issue is that we have too many clubs in our PFL but I’m not volunteering to scrap the Dons any more than anyone else is their team!  Perhaps a good start might be financial criteria that require strict adherence?

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
I don’t think that Scottish fitba is at the terminal stage …yet.  Currently the panic over Celtic’s gap  is primarily because it’s nae fair on Therangers.  (That’s why, Ryan, any TRFC light relief is leapt on here and on some other places: most of us are sick of the p*sh that is poured upon us re magic hat (potential English manager last year), £6m squirrels, going for 55 etc. However, I digress)
The “problem” will eventually come about when, and if, Celtic  fans really do get fed up with the lack of competition because , as has often been said it makes no difference to the rest of us whether it is a two or one horse race.  I’m nae sure the big two get that but believe me it is the case. But long term the problem could be the gap and it’s sustainability to Celtic. This “gap” is not a given, it’s only 6 months since Celtic had a management and squad that didn’t really reflect the, fully deserved, huge advantage due to their resources versus the rest. They seem to have cracked that and there is no reason to expect that they will not keep the level and the gap going.  I have to say that I am in two minds about whether I’d like it fixed because I believe the only fix would be to change the structure of our game completely.  It would have to be driven by Celtic of course as their would be no reason to change unless they see it as a longer term benefit to them.  (Let’s face it, they have a brilliant problem!)
The fix would require a USA type approach to league sport with tv and prize money shared out, academy approach to youth players (i.e. shared out basically) and a lot less teams.  Gate money and merchandising retained.  It would make the game better but I’m not sure I’d like it.
I’ve kept this short but have thought and argued this subject a fair bit!  I’ve come to the conclusion that we all expect Celtic to get fed up…. I wonder if that’s just not more SMSM p*sh?  Would we be having a similar discussion if TRFC were running away with it to the same extent?  Also, would it really be disastrous if Cetic didn’t get a 50k crowd per week?  My lot average 13k and we’re having fun, it’s a game of fitba.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Bogs Dollox.  On the beeb Scotland news Douglas Fraser too explained how the 30% barrier lead to the TOP requirement with no mention of concert party.  They did at least quote the bit about how the trust appears to be able to raise funds when DK wants but it was all pretty subservient.  You could detect the fear in Fraser’s eyes as he hastily churned out that the share value of 27p meaning no one is likely to accept 20p, i.e. a fuss about nothing.  Aye right!  The shares are worth what the market will pay: for any significant trade that was diddly squat before the judgement and worse now the cold shoulder beckons.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
“This person is totally destroying the site.”  That’s the general idea.  It’s concomitant with being a troll.  That’s why trolls troll specific sites that question their agenda, usually the big lie; whether it’s politics or fitba.  Editing would only put SFM on a par with the MSM.
My only response has been ignore him/her/them (it?).  I would request that those fine gentlemen on here who feel obliged to counter the troll should desist.  You are great at arguing but a troll needs only a response to keep trolling.  p.s. did I mention it’s a troll?

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Graham’s uttering is typical of (concomitant with?) paid bum kissers that hang around spivs. See Tony Curtis in Sweet Smell of Success. He is trying to re start a non story on the basis that his spivs tapped up McInnes. What a tit!

Who Is Conning Whom?
JOHN CLARKDECEMBER 8, 2017 at 11:50
Aye a fair quantum of concomitance with that quintessential SFMship is required to give the Saintees biggest fan anything else rather than the cold shoulder on a decent night out.  The misguided view that TRFC have an elevated status is founded on a sense of entitlement so the sucking up to L5 feeds and speculation is not unexpected amongst fans with laptops and EBT’ers such as Boyd, Rae, Ferguson et al.  The illuminating thing here is just how far the supposed journos have gone down the same road, with the notable exception of Chick in this case.  I suspect he may well have had an inside track which is more than we can say about any of the others.  Who knows, maybe he asked TRFC, an off the wall idea for the SMSM there?

Who Is Conning Whom?
That statement clears the air.  The SMSM clearly didn’t appreciate how much TRFC didn’t want McInnes anyway, that’s ’em telt.

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