Harper Macleod and LNS


John Clark says November 14 2014 @ 9, 53pm I like your …

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John Clark says

November 14 2014 @ 9, 53pm

I like your summary of what is likely to be a new series of “Soap” or for us older grey beards, “Peyton Place”, you never know what is coming next.

However, I did post some months ago, that I did not believe the truth would come to light until all people involved were interviewed under caution. When that happens, the way forward may be clearer.

I am sorry that I cannot pinpoint my earlier post, but I’m sure the experts on here can so do.

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Harper Macleod and LNS
Mungobhoy says

November 14 2014 @ 11.18 pm.

True, but we don’t know what the charges will be.. conspiracy or what?

Anyway things are on the move and I have no doubt that many more doors will be knocked on before long.

Have a good weekend, liked your PACE post, brought back memories.

Harper Macleod and LNS
Mungobhoy says

November 14 @ 10.32 pm.

I appreciate your caveat, and as one who has experience of cross border offences totally agree with your question regarding jurisdiction.
I think, however, the decision vis-a-vis which Companies House address was the locus, was decided by the address in Edmiston Drive. Good you agree!’

Harper Macleod and LNS
Martin says
November 14 2014 @ 9. 26pm

If they were detained under Scots Law, and then arrested, I believe that they will now be charged.

I believe the earlier post by mungobhoy was a good summation of the procedure under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE). This Act does not apply in Scotland, hence the usage of “detained” as opposed to “arrested”, in this case. Police Scotland would appear to be in charge of this case.

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