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I’ve just voted for Succulent Lamb as the blog’s title; …

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I’ve just voted for Succulent Lamb as the blog’s title; everyone (friend, foe and neutral) knows what it represents i.e. it’s the raison d’etre of Rangers Tax Case and the antithesis of the Jabba led truth deniers.

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Three Shakes … and a Twist
Showing my age here but I recall from the old BBC POW television series Colditz an episode where an attempt to escape the castle was made by a British officer who embarked on a long campaign of feigning mental illness with the aim of being repatriated on compassionate grounds. The officer duly acted his part and gradually developed relevant symptoms over a prolonged period to the point where his captors could not ignore his apparent mental illness. He was medically examined with the end result being repatriation. The officer’s ingenious plan had indeed proved successful.

There was however a terrible twist to the tale; the officer’s act had in fact become reality and he had actually become irreversibly mentally ill.

Likewise, and most seriously, there must surely be some health and safety concerns for a certain columnist renowned for continually putting (lamb) skewed observations on the Record? I would also venture that there are several more individuals in the oldco/newco saga similarly endangered.

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