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Any name which includes the name “Rangers” will be seen …

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Any name which includes the name “Rangers” will be seen as divisive, and will give the MSM an excuse to dismiss this forum as just another anti- Rangers forum.

The agenda has shifted significantly since RFC started up. Then, there was one issue, and that seemed to concern only one club. Now, we have all seen in plain sight,the breadth and depth of the corruption that eats at the heart of Scottish football. That corruption is, sadly, not confined to one club, but has infected the ruling bodies of the game.

On the positive side, we have also seen inspiring examples of fearless integrity from the smaller clubs, Raith, Clyde, Annan and Stranraer stand out for me. So let’s not turn this into a CFC forum. Let’s provide a space for the real supporters of all the clubs in Scotland, large and small, and let’s be open to all views, even views that CFC people like me might find uncomfortable.

We are all Scottish, this is about football. It is also about integrity, transparency, and the impartial application of a clear set of rules. These are all positive aspects, and I feel that we must find a name that captures the positives and avoids any negatives.

I would suggest Scottish Football Integrity, because that name encapsulates both what we are interested in (Scottish Football, all of it) and what we want within that (Integrity). It is also a hard name to argue against, which will be important once success attracts the hostility of the pond life who masquerade as the MSM in this unfortunate land of ours.

To finish my rant, a quote from the late Gore Vidal, very relevant to the Scottish MSM, which I picked up today on the BBC -“A writer must always tell the truth, unless he is a journalist.” Scotland’s MSM have comprehensively lived up to that maxim over the last 18 months. We, the real life’s blood of Scottish football, must challenge their vile lies at every turn. To me, that is RTC’s most important legacy.

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How about “A Level Playing Field” ?

Scottish Football Integrity Watch?

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Looks like “Moneyball” is coming to Scotland with this one. And is there anyone left at Brentford- apart from former Ibrox Wonderkid Lewis Macleod?

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Just saw this after my previous post. It sort of ties in with my own thoughts on where this is going.

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I see that the RIFC share price has been on an upward trend for a few weeks now, it has reached 30p today from a low of 24p, admittedly on thin trading.

Am I being too cynical in thinking that the share price reflects the improved chances of RIFC getting rid of TRFC once and for all, while retaining the properties? If that can be done, and soon, then the shares look cheap at 30p. If it isn’t done, then all the future holds for the shares is dilution, as cash calls are made to keep TRFC afloat.

I think the market believes the football side is about to be ditched. I can’t make sense of a rising share price otherwise.

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The Wallace statement just confirms for me that in business terms he is a lightweight, and that he is totally out of his depth in the Ibrox snakepit. Loads of words to say nothing- why not take the opportunity to answer King’s questions? The fact that he doesn’t confirm that the properties are unencumbered, for example, just invites the conclusion that they are, in fact, encumbered. To my simple way of thinking, anyway.

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