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Something wrong with the final poll thingy.If you vote then …

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Something wrong with the final poll thingy.If you vote then refresh,you get to vote again and again as many times as you want.I’ve went for Scottish Football Monitor 10 times already!………percentage keeps going up……..just thot I’d let you know.

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Looks like it’s fixed now.

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Make our Mind Up Time
Any chance of a link to the WordPress login site?

Make our Mind Up Time
I honestly never seen anything other than humour from the banner until I read on this blog that there was metaphoric symbolism in it.
I’m glad that my mind is so naive and innocent not to have seen the “obvious” intended offence.
If I have misrepresented the metaphoric symbolism alluded to on here by some,then I expect this post to be deleted also,in case my humour does not pass the “opinion-sniff-test”

Make our Mind Up Time
“This saying first appeared in the 3rd century BC in Greek.”
From = www.phrases.org.uk
In this case, “offence is in the eye of the beholder”
Fixed that for you there www.phrases.org.uk

Make our Mind Up Time
Ever since the introduction of Zombies into the Sci-Fi/Horror genre,the fear of them is such because they are what anyone of us can become if infected with their poison.
That is why,in every single depiction of them,whether in book or film,they are seen to be an enemy that have the potential to turn you into exactly the same thing as them,with the same basic needs as them.
This is the reason they are always vigorously attack and wiped out.
Shot,Be-headed,Burned or whatever.They need to be eradicated or else they will turn the population like them.
We have been brain-washed as a nation and a people,for decades, to walk on egg-shells in case we offend the “important people”
We now are so paranoid that we cant even joke for fear of offence.
The world has gone PC mad.
Scotland in particular.
In fact Scotland “Singularly” in particular.

Make our Mind Up Time
The Banner is extremely offensive to believers of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution!

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