Welcome. As Mark Dickson suggested, this is a forum to discuss how the legacy of RTC can be honoured and continued.

The mechanics of how we move forward, if there is an appetite for it can be discussed freely.

Kicking off with no particular shopping list, I think that the key is that moderation is kept to a minimum, that people should by and large be encouraged to self moderate, and that the ethos put in place by RTC would be welcome.

In the post RTC era, I suspect that readership of any new blog will decrease. The consequence of that will hopefully be that there is less of what RTC called a fan site and therefore an easier to moderate situation.

I think that in the first instance, the site should look as close to RTC as possible to make people feel at home, but a name has to be found.

Suggested items for discussion;

Name for blog

Moderation policy

Moderation board members

Anything else 🙂

Below, there is a poll to consider which of the three most popular names mentioned so far should be chosen for the blog. I’ll let the poll run until 1900 hrs on Wednesday and we can move on from there to other more substantial matters.

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Trisidium is a Dunblane businessman with a keen interest in Scottish Football. He is a Celtic fan, although the demands of modern-day parenting have seen him less at games and more as a taxi service for his kids.

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Sarah LeydenPosted on12:26 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I liked the recent suggestion on RTC of calling the new forum ‘The Succulent Lamb’ or ‘Wealth of the Radar’ as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the mainstream media and their role in tolerating the abuse of power and wealth. I feel that there are two main threads that should be pursued:

1) fairness, integrity and the governnace of the game and
2) the failings and inconsistencies of the mainstream media.

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sinnytimPosted on12:29 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I think we should call it weethepeople.

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loamfeetPosted on12:32 pm - Jul 31, 2012

My tuppence would be to give the blog a more positive name: something about the future of Scottish football rather than the present mire.

Alternatively, you could always apply for therangerstaxcase.wordpress.com and arrange a cut price sale of assets and goodwill from rangerstaxcase (in abeyance).

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Mark DicksonPosted on12:34 pm - Jul 31, 2012


those are nice names however The Rangers Tax Case name was self explanatory and it ultimately became not just about the various Tax Cases and their consequences but also the elements of corruption or corrupting influences both within Rangers FC and ultimately the football authorities and the mainstream media.

we are moving on from it being exclusively the Rangers story and the main targets now are those would be corrupters of Scottish football who govern & report on our fitba.

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PaoloDeCanioPosted on12:34 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Glad that RTC2 is up and running, I’m not fussy about the name chosen, the purpose is what I’m concerned about.

What’s topical today?

Well, every single day last week we were drip fed morsels from the intense negotiations from inside the Hampden cauldron while a new licence was being sought. These negotiations failed at the 11th hour and an unprecedented temporary licence issued.

Two days into this week with the licence having lapsed and SFL games looming and it only seems that Charlie has fallen out with Stu – and no news of negotiations!! Surely they are not waiting until Friday to reconvene these historical talks?

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rantinrobinPosted on12:36 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Well new era.Still suffering loss of RTC.Great to see the familiar names resurfacing. Sarah,on your RTC assessment,great post as ever.

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Bluff & BlusterPosted on12:36 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Well done PL.

I would like to suggest “The Whistleblower”

And I would like to suggest that RTC’s one and only rule is still adhered to.

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diegodargoPosted on12:37 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Well done PL.

As I stated over on RTC, if you’re looking for volunteers to moderate, count me in.

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rantinrobinPosted on12:39 pm - Jul 31, 2012

On titles,what about Proclaimers type sentiment?

Rangers no more.

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Mark DicksonPosted on12:42 pm - Jul 31, 2012

If the rules are applied fairly, equally and without fear or favour then there is NO Corruption – that hasn’t happened or at least there were many who tried their damned hard to ensure that it didn’t happen and what should have been a straightforward matter was dragged out beyond belief at every step of the way.

Ogilvie, Regan, Doncaster are all still in position as are the Succulent Lamb reporters, the EBT/Dual Contracts has to be seen through to conclusion and appropriate “punishments” applied.

There is still plenty corruption and corrupters to be rooted out imo.

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diegodargoPosted on12:43 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Was wondering why the place looked a little bare.
It could do with t few thumbs. lol 😉

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stevensanphPosted on12:45 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I think you hit the nail on the head. It must self moderate. But there needs to be a few stewards which ensures it stays on the right track.

One thing rtc did brilliantly was to guide the discussion where it needed to go. Whenever discussions went off topic a new post would appear and the discussion would realign. This ensured it didn’t give the msm or sfa breathing room to do back room deals.

I’ve been thinking for the last few hours exactly what rtc meant to me. Being so isolated from Scottish football abroad it did a few things.

The daily newspaper round up from stunny.

A place to go to pick up the best of the articles from other blogs. Blogs you wouldn’t read everyday but would when a relevant article appeared.

Expert opinion from the likes of barcaboy and corsica

Opinion of rival fans. Some of whom had desperate agendas.

In short – rtc was a portal to the wider picture. The posts were short and sweet and set the discussion topic in motion.

In my mind, if a site like this is to be successful a similar format should be followed. It will require someone to guide the discussion, and a few to step in and moderate from time to time.

I agree look should be the same. The only thing I would add is a blogroll for all the excellent related sites.

Like I said before – my time is available, especially to moderate in the Asian time zone :). Personally, I think some of the main players from etc need to do this. I was not one of those and am not connected enough to Scottish football to be able to guide the blog where it goes.

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goosyPosted on12:46 pm - Jul 31, 2012

If this new blog is ever to be quoted in the MSM then perhaps it could be called

Clean Up Corruption

That would be a constant reminder to all that fans want an honest game

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riw1Posted on12:47 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I think we need to be careful with a name. If the new site is to have gravitas & be taken seriously, inflammatory names will not help. I suggest it would be better to avoid any reference to Rangers or indeed corruption as the former excludes & the latter presumes. Much as I like “Bampots United” or such ilk, I think something that plainly describes who we are is more appropriate. Scottish Supporters United, Scottish Voice etc.
Regarding moderation, we can publish house rules along the lines of RTC but sooner or later trolling & off topic matters will appear. Criticism beyond thumbs down from within the site will help but If we can have one finger on a trigger, particularly in the early days, I think that will set a standard.

I think RTC, if he so chooses, should have input on board members. Once established, we can sort ourselves out. My only observation on this is that the board should have all divisions represented. 42 board members is perhaps an ambition too far but equitable representation is not. To me it’s crucial this site remains impartial & representative of all voices.

Naturally I’m open to all views. Perhaps we can begin our new adventure by playing devils advocate among ourselves ? We might not get it right first time but we should at least try ?

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campsiejoePosted on12:52 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Possible name could be “Without Fear or Favour”
It would reflect the attitude of the blog, and remind everyone it is all inclusive

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riw1Posted on12:54 pm - Jul 31, 2012

To be honest, I think Bluff & Bluster has captured the name Perfectly. “The Whistleblower” says it all.

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manandboyPosted on12:57 pm - Jul 31, 2012

So many sound and sensible comments already – no surprise!

May I suggest for the blog title something positive and neutral but clear and contemporary.

Perhaps a title including the concepts of fairness, fairplay and the value of the rules.

Something like –

Fairplay FC

Fairplay Rules

Rules OK?

or something along these lines.

I’m sure someone more creative than myself will come up with something.

When we see it we’ll all know it’s right.

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goosyPosted on12:57 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Perhaps banned topics and phrases could be highlighted somewhere on the page and instead of moderation they disappear forever?

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CharliePosted on12:59 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I think a good name would be Scottish Fans United.

While it would be good to keep some link with RTC, this could be done at the top of the blog where RTC has his reference to Craig Whyte and 99% crap. Something along the lines of “The succesor to Rangers Tax Case which helped change the ethos of Scottish football in a quest for truth and integrity.”

A standard post could be sent to all fans’ website (OK, not FF or RM) inviting them to become associated and express their opinions. Fans should be encouraged to state which team they support when they post. Emphasis should be given that the bottom team in Div 3 has the same status as the SPL leaders. It MUST not become a Celtic-dominated site.

Hey, whaurs the thumbs up? I demand my thumbs up.

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billyj1Posted on1:00 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Excellent idea to continue the Forum in one guise or another. I would suggest that some degree of moderation is required to ensure that no foul or abusive language is allowed, no sectarianism of any sort from any quarter permitted and some facility to ensure that repeat abusers can effectively be banned from posting.
As to a name i leave it to others to decide, but should include a reference to Scootish football and Whistleblowing.
Every success in your efforts

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FinlochPosted on1:11 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I smile at “Succulent Lamb” and the other names but think the name should be positive and look beyond the corruption.

We are a football club, and we’re certainly united.

So here are three ideas

United FC
United FC of Scotland

Or how about Sevco United FC

Because they won’t use that name any more and Sevco did indeed unite us

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LairdofdarknessPosted on1:12 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Great to see son of RTC continuing. It has been a great site and needed during the past few months.
As for a name, well I suggest


ok it’s too long ….I’ll get me coat

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iamacantPosted on1:12 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Name suggestion – The Voice of Scottish Football Fans

PL – Not a bad suggestion to ask RTC if he would write the blog “Foreward”

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Mark DicksonPosted on1:13 pm - Jul 31, 2012

By their repeated actions (& failures) over these last months and years we should be demanding nothing less than the swift removal of Ogilvie, Doncaster & Regan just for starters. many of the SFL club chairman also called for this.

We need to also pressurise the media to improve it’s product and ditch the succulent lambers otherwise their product will decline and disappear into irrelevancy.

If people think this is some kind of witch-hunt against the corruptors then yes it is – they deserve nothing better and remember they are all highly paid for the job they have done so badly.

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Deeky50Posted on1:14 pm - Jul 31, 2012

What about calling it …without fear or favour..

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Fritz AgrandoldteamPosted on1:16 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Welcome Son of RTC!

In the tradition of famous & historical malcontents, we could always call it “Not the SFA” with the guarantee that it was completely dupeproof…. 🙂

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Mark DicksonPosted on1:27 pm - Jul 31, 2012

One subject of particular and ongoing concern to me is the absolute failure to investigate and wall of silence concerning the roles of Ogilvie at the SFA and McClelland and Bain at the SPL all through the EBT years. They ALL knew 100% what was going on, they all had a duty of care to the other member clubs a responsibility the deliberately abused.

Scottish Football has been corrupted at the very highest level by the inaction of these 3 office bearers since the SPL began in 1998 and the EBT’s began in 2000/2001 with Hugh Adam claiming players were also receiving undeclared payments for years prior to this also.

Is anybody going to do anything about this? Is anybody going to write about this? Will Doncaster or Topping investigate the failure within their own organisation and management structure nevermind investigating Rangers actions and punishing Sevco. Of course Rangers actions need to be exposed and punished as appropriate however how and what are they going to do to prevent another club or office bearers abusing their positions again?

Who is guarding the guards? Us?

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SchneebPosted on1:29 pm - Jul 31, 2012

campsiejoe says:
July 31, 2012 at 12:52 pm
5 0 i Rate This

Possible name could be “Without Fear or Favour”

Spot on – says exactly what it is

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Mark DicksonPosted on1:32 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Scottish-Football-Without-Fear-or-Favour sounds good to me. 🙂

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campsiejoePosted on1:33 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Mark Dickson @ 1:27 pm

Please don’t take any offence, but could I suggest that we continue to post all topics outwith the setup of the new board on RTC’s blog
That way we will avoid a lot of confusion

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Eastern ex-patPosted on1:42 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Can we (someone who understands these things) complie a poll – similar to the one on RTC regarding the SFL vote outcome – giving some mentioned options for names?

A democratic or bureacratic start….

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Fedup-longtimeagoPosted on1:53 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Stay with the Corruption name first, succulent lamb second choice.

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riw1Posted on1:55 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Campsiejoe & Iamacant :

Pairing your suggestions is bang on the ball :

“Without fear of favour” with the sub heading,
“The voice of Scottish Football Fans”.

In little more than an hour, several good recommendations. Give it a day or two till others import & we may have a keystone from which to build. In whatever is chosen, I think it important we consider through time & reasoned dialogue.

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longtimelurkerPosted on1:57 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Thanks PL.

For a name what about ,The Internet Bampots?

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Trimm TrabPosted on1:58 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Alright gentlemen & (ladies) – anyone seen this:


THE Board is delighted to confirm that the official name of the company that owns Rangers is being changed to The Rangers Football Club Limited.

This process was completed following an Extraordinary General Meeting of ‘oldco’ shareholders today when procedures were approved that enable Sevco Scotland Limited to change its name to The Rangers Football Club Limited.

Charles Green, Chief Executive of The Rangers Football Club, said, “The process that took place today is the penultimate piece of the jigsaw that will see The Rangers Football Club move forward, with the transfer of SFA membership being the final piece.

“As every fan knows, Rangers is Rangers – it always has been and it always will be. The Club still has its 140 years of history and we are now embarking on the next 140 years.

“We are back playing football and the Board is focused on rebuilding this great Club over the next few years.

“Our fans were fantastic on Sunday at Brechin and their support at Ibrox and away from home this season will be instrumental in helping the team achieve the success we all desire.”

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parttimearabPosted on2:01 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Well done for setting this up PL.
The light touch moderation we’re used to would be perfect, if there are regular blogs of substance to keep things focused.

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BlindsummitPosted on2:03 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Trimm Trab says:

July 31, 2012 at 1:58 pm

Alright gentlemen & (ladies) – anyone seen this:


THE Board is delighted to confirm that the official name of the company that owns Rangers is being changed to The Rangers Football Club Limited.

This process was completed following an Extraordinary General Meeting of ‘oldco’ shareholders today when procedures were approved that enable Sevco Scotland Limited to change its name to The Rangers Football Club Limited.

Charles Green, Chief Executive of The Rangers Football Club, said, “The process that took place today is the penultimate piece of the jigsaw that will see The Rangers Football Club move forward, with the transfer of SFA membership being the final piece.

“As every fan knows, Rangers is Rangers – it always has been and it always will be. The Club still has its 140 years of history and we are now embarking on the next 140 years.

“We are back playing football and the Board is focused on rebuilding this great Club over the next few years.

“Our fans were fantastic on Sunday at Brechin and their support at Ibrox and away from home this season will be instrumental in helping the team achieve the success we all desire.”

I could hurl, I really could. A total sham. And those fans? 90 mins of pure hatred and bigotry.

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geoffPosted on2:04 pm - Jul 31, 2012

oh great – first post went into mdoeration already and then deleted along with ‘old’ site.

basically, was hoping that talks about latin, french, music could be left behind in the appropriate secondary schools forum, and talks about re(l)igion, big(o)try and all the rest of off topic type posts, could be moderated out.
Temp bans on username/e-mail address for 1st offence and perma-bans for repeat offenders.

Otherwise, all valid information will get lost and no one will learn anything important.

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En attendant HectorPosted on2:04 pm - Jul 31, 2012

There were/are many great aspects about RTC. The fact that the blog was factually accurate and not some groundless opinion or hang-up was very important. This was possible because it was so focussed. Blog writers should be required to contribute only based on fact and not opinion. Ensuring that may be a difficulty. Opinions should be reserved for responses and comments.

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BlindsummitPosted on2:07 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I think the name should be “Scottish Football Watchdog” This supplies the reader with both the subject and purpose of the blog in one short name. The tagline underneath should be “without fear or favour” which gets to the heart of the problems with our “adminstrators”, and indeed they had the gall to use those terms.

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ADMPosted on2:10 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Congrats and thanks to TSFM for taking the initiative. On suggestions for the name, think:

– we should be open and inviting (so no in-jokes, unfortunately)
– keep it simple
– avoid mentioning any specific club
– focus on the positive of what we support rather than the negative of what we’re against.

So, given that, I like “Without Fear or Favour” (although it may be a wee bit of an in-joke) and, one that someone suggested over on RTC earlier – “Scottish Football Integrity”.

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bangordubPosted on2:11 pm - Jul 31, 2012

What about “Succulent Bampots” ?

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ADMPosted on2:12 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Oh, also agree with the light-touch moderation, and someone’s suggestion of an explicit list of banned topics and filtered words.

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Trimm TrabPosted on2:15 pm - Jul 31, 2012

What about something along the lines of “The Scottish Football Melting Pot”

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AuldheidPosted on2:16 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I commented on RTC so I’ll just copy them over. One by one.

The name would be dependent on the aims of the blog and another poster suggested two:

1. Better and fairer governance

2. Challenging MSM “Truths”

If these were the main aims (to be expanded in length) then one title could be

“For The Good Of The Game”

For me it covers both aims because what we all want is Scottish football that we can be proud of in terms of quality, honesty and fairness, where sporting merit/integrity is always paramount in order to safeguard the business side of the game. We have just witnessed what happens when that ideal is ignored.

In a sense what should be an outcome of such a blog is a mission statement that the SFA themselves would be glad to work under (do they have one btw?) and one the MSM should always be ready to support.(so if they go against it they can be challenged).

Talking from experience on trying to bring about better governance of the SFA it is essential that thoughts and words here are turned into action, otherwise no matter how erudite the thoughts and words, we will be shovelling steam.

There have been two examples of how this can be done from this blog. The Hibernian Supporters statement and the CST letter to the SFA for clarity on club licensing. We need participants on the blog who either are or have contacts within their own associations or trusts and if possible have respected contacts within their clubs.

The CST for example have regular meetings with Celtic at which they put across the supporters’ views. The other supporters’ trusts will have the same access I imagine. It does not have to be active trust members going about the everyday agenda of the trusts, anyone who wants to become active on better governance can join a supporters trust and that provides input and access if the input is right..

There is another reason for cultivating this approach and that is that McLeish in his report on governance identified supporters as key stakeholders and recommended the SFA include them in their processes.

THE SFA approach is to deal with Supporters Direct but there have been criticisms of them as a group (I am unclear if they have ever voiced governance concerns in the last few months) and my fear is that the SFA will only pay lip service to the McLeish recommendations with a token positioning. A strong voice from a multitude of supporters funnelled and filtered via a good of the game blog .would do much to ensure that voice is an effective one.

In short use the blog to discuss issues and get clarity, improve on the conduits that already exist, some official, some more personal. If there are some aspects of those conduits that do not fit the bill work on changing them not replacing them with something new.

I speak from experience and will not bore folk with the details but stage one of supporter influencing reform of the SFA started in Feb/;March 2010 when the CST presented a motion to Celtic to give to the SFA expressing lack of confidence in their ability to govern properly and asking for transparency and accountability as the way to restore that confidence and trust.

The CST subsequently met with Mclesh and transparency and accountability became part of the lexicon and the antidote to the poisonous and deflective charge of paranoia used to stop change happening in the past.

Unfortuneately the reform of the SFA voted for in June 2011 still has a long way to go in terms of restoring trust and confidence by making them accountable, but the authority for making supporters key stakeholders lies in the McLeish reforms that the SFA themselves voted for and it is this that gives supporters a foot in the door, but a lot more weight has to be put behind the various trusts to push that door open. A blog for the good of the game could provide that weight.

Back to the MSM, if a statement of what is good for the game emerges and a consensus on how to bring it about, then that provides the basis for challenging the kind of drivel that passes as journalism and an anchor for making corrections.

Now all we need is agreement on what is good for the game

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AuldheidPosted on2:19 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I commented on the existing title and then explained why as follows:

I think it was me who mentioned dialogue.

My point is that you are more likely to change minds and hearts through the power of persuasion and strength of reasoned argument than walking into a room and saying you are a shower of corrupt b’s and we are intent on removing you.

If you reckon a blog will be strong enough to have an army marching on Hampden then that army will only be persuaded to do so by the power of reasoned argument.

In using corruption you are making a pre judgement. When you judge folk and they believe they have been misjudged, they will spend all their time defending themselves and the principles driving the argument never get an airing.

One of the features of this blog was that a great deal of dialogue took place to get it to this point. Why ditch that approach and become confrontational? Not everyone will feel about the matter as you do, dialogue allows all the feelings of all the participants to be expressed and that requires judgements to be set aside.

Starting off on a judgemental basis with a judgement in a title is not a good idea in my experience. It tends to generate more heat than light.

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CarnwatharabPosted on2:19 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I liked Scottish Football Monitor

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AuldheidPosted on2:20 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Followed by to PL

I missed the mispelling, probably because I often do it myself.

I’m not meaning to be critical at all, I commend the set up action but I speak from 7 or 8 years experience managing a very busy on line forum of angry (and mainly American) divorced and separate individuals and I recognise the kind of judgemental terminolgy that leads to problems.

As I said earlier the title should flow naturally from agreement on what the aims should be. Any working title where the aims and objectives can be discussed would do.

There are techniques for establishing goals and objectives that I would be happy to point to on there as well as a defintion of dialogue that could help set the tone.

There will be others with their own experiences to bring to the party. The main thing is having a place to have the discussions such as this one right now and having them take place there. So good on ye.

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glasgowboabPosted on2:24 pm - Jul 31, 2012

The name of this Blog is fine by me – after all corrupt is what the game has been shown to be.
After some of the unpunished rants that have eminated from Ibrox during the close season it’ll be interesting to see who is hauled before the Compliance Officer once the season begins in earnest and Managers and Players begin questioning decisions that go against their team. Will some of the SPLs more colourful managers push the boundries a bit further seeing as there is a lot more at stake in the SPL this year – Euro spots & higher prize money are up for grabs for the majority of teams this season. It’ll also be interesting to see what happens in the cup competitions if one of the so called diddy team field an ineligable or properly registered player.
Will the powers that be let the full wrath of their powers or Hide.

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redlichtiePosted on2:24 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I think I was the one who suggested the title should be ‘Succulent Lamb’ across on RTC.

Part of my thinking with regard to this was that the MSM would find the name constantly reminding them as to just how compromised they had been in the past – and hopefully take heed of this in their future dealings with individuals, organisations and the footballing authorities.

RTC has revealed and analysed the RFC tax case, Scottish football issues and failings in the media.

I’d very much hope any successor blog could also continue to address those latter two topics.

/ Red Lichtie

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Charlie OscarPosted on2:27 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Efforts should be made for it not to become another Celtic website as RTC himself said the taxcase blog had become.

This would mean any blog being more open-minded and hence more powerful.

This would require quite an effort from some but if there is a will to change the game for the better and for all then it should be made or moderated with this in mind.

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AuldheidPosted on2:32 pm - Jul 31, 2012

On setting the tone of the blog perhaps in the ABOUT Section some guidelines could be provided.

I mentioned earlier the term dialogue but folk have different ideas on what that means so why not set it out?.

Here is an extract from a document that would need a wee bit revsion but could be placed in the About Section.

” Dialogue is a conversation on a common subject between two or more persons with differing views, the primary purpose of which is for each participant to learn from the other so that s/he can change and grow.

This very definition of dialogue embodies the first commandment of dialogue.

If we approach another party to either defeat them or to learn about them so as to deal more effectively with her or him, or at best to negotiate with him or her. If we face each other at all in confrontation–sometimes more openly polemically, sometimes more subtly so, but always with the ultimate goal of defeating the other, because we are convinced that we alone have the absolute truth we are indulging in debate and not dialogue.

But dialogue is not debate. In dialogue each party must listen to the other as openly and sympathetically as s/he can in an attempt to understand the other’s position as precisely and, as it were, as much from within, as possible. Such an attitude automatically includes the assumption that at any point we might find the other party’s position so persuasive that, if we would act with integrity, we would have to change, and change can be disturbing.

Folk must come to the dialogue as persons, significantly identified with the other but ready to put aside their own needs and wants, at least for a time. They must be ready to listen, without judgement, to the thoughts and feelings as expressed in words by the other person and try to understand with no body langauge to help, exactly what they are trying to say.”

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bangordubPosted on2:39 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I agree with pretty much everything Auldheid says regarding establishment of ground rules and objectives. May I suggest a general commenting policy similar to here: http://sluggerotoole.com/re/comments-policy/
It may serve as a reference point and help to establish a tone?

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bad capt madmanPosted on2:41 pm - Jul 31, 2012

While at first I liked “for the good of the game”, that has a subjective aspect. Regan & Doncaster have no doubt done their deals for what they might have thought was for the good of the game….

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AuldheidPosted on2:46 pm - Jul 31, 2012

glasgowboab says:

July 31, 2012 at 2:24 pm

There is a guy called Andrew Jennings who writes extensively on FIFA corruption and in spite of all the evidence and I agree with him, his approach has made no difference. All FIFA do is ignore him. To effect change you need to have influence on the inside.

Whatever you say about Regan and Doncaster they will have convinced themselves that what they were doing was for the good of our game. They were wrong by a country mile and we need to know why they got it wrong and they need to know what we think will put it right.

It is minds and mindsets that need to be changed, not the individuals per se. If they are replaced by folk who ate governed by how the institution think, they will act the same.

DoI believe the game is corrupt? Yup.

Do I think change will be effected by telling this to the SFA? Nope.

They already know what we think and they think we are bampots 😉

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AuldheidPosted on2:47 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Captain Haddock says:

July 31, 2012 at 2:41 pm

EXACTLY – see my comments above.

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SingDeePosted on2:55 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I vote for succulent lamb
It connects to RTC without sounding boring, has historical roots, a little amusing…

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sheep on gullane hillPosted on3:00 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Did anyone announce on RTC who actually owns ibrox and mp? It will be all whyte on the night.

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SingDeePosted on3:00 pm - Jul 31, 2012

The challenge for any forum is managing the various discussions synchronously, RTC had only one active thread at a time and some good ideas or arguments were lost in avalanches of unrelated discussions.

But how to categorise?
Initial proposals;
CXO Shennanigans
Case-specific (one thread each, create as they arise eg RTC, Hearts wages unpaid…)
Club-specific (create as need arises)
Football reconstruction/Pyramid

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diegodargoPosted on3:02 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I agree with succulent lamb as a name for the blog.

It’s heartening to see the supporters of every club now standing shoulder to shoulder. As RTC has proved, if we pool our resources and stay focussed, then the results will surely follow.

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TheBlackKnightPosted on3:03 pm - Jul 31, 2012


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TheBlackKnightPosted on3:09 pm - Jul 31, 2012

apologies for the ‘test’. Posted earlier and took me to a weird hybrid site with only my post, yet having seen 30 or so previous comments…….. weird I tell you… weird! 😉

I like the idea of this continuity site. The work on RTC however is not done. See BRTH brilliant post.


The FTT(T) will rule. The news will not be good for some. RTC, if need be will ‘assist’ in clarifying certain/ any ‘issues’.

The writing is definitely on the wall for *RFC (*The Sevco 2012).

We just need to make sure the SFA know how high the letters are and that WE ALL can see them!

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SchneebPosted on3:14 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I also ended ended up in the hybrid site first time – for a minute I thought that’s what ‘moderation’ looked like !!

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TheBlackKnightPosted on3:17 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Name for blog – ‘The Scottish Football Monitor’ – Ensuring Scottish Football Can Survive – Football/ Fairness and Fans?

Moderation policy – No bad words (can be written into script as with RTC site) No religious debate. No discussions of if it was a red card or an offside…………ABSOLUTELY NO mention of ‘Moldmasters’ 😉

Moderation board members – Those who can spare time, offer themselves up and then have a poll. I’m sure RTC and Paul McC could put forward some suggestions.

Anything else :- ……………….. involve fans groups and official supporters groups/clubs. Could even link to the various fans forums if certain posters want to go OT or discuss something specific to their club.

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bangordubPosted on3:22 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Suggestion re- Name,
Could we narrow the suggested names down and run a poll?
Wordpress have this facility in site admin.

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Danish PastryPosted on3:22 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Bravo for this.

Regarding the moderation policy, RTC’s cloud of naughty words could perhaps be cut and paste in the appropriate place. They worked well.

Regarding a way forward:

* Perhaps guest bloggers could be invited to contribute blogs for debate? There’s some folks in the media & new media who’ve shone throughout this.

* Welcome whistleblowers who have no other safe outlet.

* How to stop it becoming ‘yet another football blog’? If news is slow, and without a clearly defined theme, the debate could become a bit pie & bovrilish. There’s also the danger of it being hijacked by those who do not wish to see the the new media steal all the action. The reverence in which RTC is held acted as a regulator. With no leader here, as such, there’ll be a need for a very watchful eye.

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ianagainPosted on3:29 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Thanks for setting this up PL

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Doon the slopePosted on3:33 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Didnt add much to RTC but count me in. Delighted to see this continuing.

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ZeroTolerancePosted on3:36 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I suggested this over on RTC, but how about scottish football governance?

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riw1Posted on3:40 pm - Jul 31, 2012


Agree Danish. There will be a multitude ready to attack.

I think there is broad agreement on the component parts. I’m with Auldheid that we should not use provocative names if we want our message considered by those we seek to persuade. Already there are suitable names & mission statements. I think It’s important we set high standards from the off & while existing in the spirit of RTC, set our own identity.

Welcoming whistleblowers is a tremendous idea & we may well get them if if we can provide a platform suitable for their info.

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Mark DicksonPosted on3:43 pm - Jul 31, 2012

How about Scottish-Football-Beyond-Armageddon (with the by-line without fear or favour)

I think that sums up where we are today?

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CEPosted on3:45 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Afternoon all.

Well done to TSFM for getting the newco RTC up and running so quickly, the switcheroo must have been in place for while! 😉

I believe there is still work to be done and the bampots must stay united in attempting to uphold integrity within our game. For that reason(and so we don’t have to experience RTC cold turkey) I believe a newco site where we can continue to share and debate information, and expose the MSM’s lies, is essential.

On the name front I tend to lean towards Auldheid’s analysis that explicitly mentioning corruption in the title may be too confrontational. Personally I”m not too fussed, but like ADM’s ‘Without Fear or Favour’.

Maybe like all true banana republics we could burnish our democratic credentials by having a referendum!

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dedeideoprofundisPosted on3:46 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Succulent Lamb really says it all, as well as being a permanent reminder to the MSM of their folly.

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rangerstaxcasePosted on3:46 pm - Jul 31, 2012

I just want to say that I am glad that you are going to continue with the work we started. It was an uncommon community that we developed on RTC and I look forward to reading everyone’s thoughts on here.

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CEPosted on3:51 pm - Jul 31, 2012

Can someone contact Jack, it wouldn’t be the same without oldgold’s predictions to keep us on track. 🙂

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