History, Neighbours and Made Up News

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BILL1903, TAYRED. I could be wrong here but didn’t the other …

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I could be wrong here but didn’t the other club’s have a chance to stop it all being about Celtic and to a lesser extent which ever version of the blue team you want (as again I could be wrong but I think they were gone by then).
I thought teams like Aberdeen and the rest of them passed up the chance to change the voting system so if that is true then surely no one can complain that it is all about Celtic and them.
If I am wrong then I apologise as I said I could be wrong I am always having old timer moments

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History, Neighbours and Made Up News
PADDY MALARKEY 27th 18.24pm.
Agree totally the ref was a bit pedantic throughout.
As to the diving boots I was going to try and contact Joe Garner as he seemed to fall over a lot, he could possibly turn out to be the new Lafferty ie. get people sent off with his ham acting(dont think he would get into RADA) although there seemed to be a few other candidates for the new series of splash with young Tom Daly.21

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
After all the furore about Celtic getting the benefit of some dodgy decisions as they are meant to be one of the cheeks from the same arise, where does that leave the downs to fit in maybe they are the third cheek07

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
SO BASICALLY what you are saying is that as usual they can do what they want to as long as the relevant bodies say hold on we know they are in the wrong but it doesn’t count because we know about it and can come up with the correct excuses for them.
When will anyone grow a pair to actually stand up against them I don’t mean fans as most of the fans like on here ,jjs site and of course Phil all-new out I meant the authorities speaking out, cats only get 9 lives how many have them puzzles got left!!!!!!!!,!

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The Offline Game
Up the hoops-23rd May 07.58.
The part about both sets of fighting was not lost in THE rangers(deflection) statement because I am sure that they actually praised the restraint of their fans as no doubt it will be like other incidents it wasn’t  us it was Chelsea supporters pretending to be THE rangers fans or maybe they are saying it was bibs fans dressed as them to deflect away from them.
Still no excuse for the behaviour of both sets of fans majority or minority hmm!!!

The Offline Game
I will try again as the post doesn’t seem to have gone through before.
I see that the BBC commentators are as impartial as ever, after all the criticism of Celtic fans over the use of flares  the only comment I heard was that the flare used by ‘the’ rangers today just added to the atmosphere (I think it was just after another Hibs/Stokes chance) was the flare they used a more health and safety recognised flare than the ones used by the Celtic fans hence the reason for the no criticism.
While on a sort off rant can anyone tell me what defines a banned song and who decides what constitutes a banned song I am just a little confused after hearing the special songs that the untouchables sang today ok sort off rant over

Look Back to Look Forward
Is the new stand at the trainng ground so that THE rangers fans!! have a place to watch them when they can’t use inbox anymore or for when they go POP and have to restart again as THE THE THE THE ETERNAL thingy that has got everyone so confused as to who and what they are.
I am no financial wizard but it looks like a waste of money to me maybe we should ask the Warbmeister as he seems to be the man to go to for advice and ideas of whAt is wrong with our game

Look Back to Look Forward
Just saw a previous post saying all charges against fleck administrators have been dropped, is that a worrying sign or are the authorities after the bigger fish.
Does anyone know who is left to face any charges or are any more charges likely to be dropped.
I just have a bad feeling that eventually there will be no more people left to be charged

Look Back to Look Forward
I will try again.
I was asking if a pattern was developing with managers of what ever you want to call them 
Firstly we have Ally Mc  stating he had proof of players who liked to bet although he was quick to to state he had proof he never actually showed it.
Now we have Warns stating he has proof that Waggie was injured because of the plastic pitch has he showed anyone the proof or do we have to take it as gospel because both he and Ally said it was.

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