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In that piece of drivel posted on BBC website about …

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In that piece of drivel posted on BBC website about an eagerly awaited return of this clash ya da ya da ya da, it’s been five years coming, etc, etc, etc, an incident between Durrant and Simpson. Please God, no more. This shoddy reporting makes my blood boil. I yearn for somebody, anybody, to say it like it is. It isn’t a return. It’s a first encounter by a new team playing against Aberdeen. They may resemble the old team of Rangers FC but that is all. I call on Chris Sutton to call out what we all know but in this parallel universe of Scotish commentators/sports writers, I won’t hold my breath.
if Sutton wants controversy, then it’s easy. Tell the waiting world that Rangers were liquidated, therefore dead and stand back and receive all the controversy he wants. The media will be banging on his door, throwing money at him to come on every show available to man. The ratings will go through the roof and the cat will be out the bag.
i pray for an Aberdeen win today and the new teams tumble down the table. I am pig sick of the Scottish media kow towing to a defunct entity. Visiting a dead relatives grave and chatting as if they can hear you, is a comforting encounter for many but that relative is dead and nobody would dare to suggest they will be coming back any time soon. The impression I get from Sutton, is that he’s a miserable moaning sod and always has been but I may be wrong and he can whinge till the cows come home, if he could just state the obvious. Come on Chris (or anybody else) we are waiting. You’ve cast the first stone, so follow it through.

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Just some general musings, I don’t expect them to be universally popular but I do hope they are thought provoking. As a general aside I know my views are commonly held within the Celtic support, it would be great to see this site get back to it’s original values and have more posters offering alternative views like this. Too often when I look nowadays it seems to be consumed with childish “Rangers are dead” type stuff which used to be the forte of less highbrow forums.I look forward to full houses, decent football and ultimately Brendan leading us to 6 in a row next season which will probably end the appetite for these tedious conversations.
While I agree with your right to your opinion, I find this part of your statement a little self congratulatory. I could post the completely opposing view and wouldn’t be wrong. “Commonly held” among how many?? I have not spoken to or conversed online with any Celtic supporter who agrees that Rangers didn’t die and only wants them acknowledged as a new club dating 2012. Anything else is utter bollocks and goes right to the heart of the conspiracy foisted upon the fee paying customers of Scottish football. Without wanting to sound harsh, your post could’ve been typed by Mr Lawwell himself. Let’s all move on for the good of the £££££s in our game. Because that is why we have this mess. Not truth, honesty or integrity but penny’s and pounds and from this Celtic supporter, they will receive no more of mine until they acknowledge the omnishambles that exists over at Ibrox as a new club born in 2012. Rant over.

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
So Graham Spiers is gone and so too will the herald readership. What has this country come to when a journalist is sacked for telling the truth. Angela also bows to no one and has departed side door. The wrath of decent journalists would be a joy to behold if both decided to tell the true story of their ousting.

We also have an eminent QC acting for TRIFC2012 telling all that only the neanderthals from the slums believe it’s the same club. Will we see a prolonged attack on this fine gent? Somehow I doubt it but will it be reported. Will it hell.

This is going to end horribly for the new club from Ibrox and any sympathy which possibly could have gone their way is now beyond the pale. The only solution for the shambles created by charlatans and knaves, is liquidation and banishment from our shores. No acceptance in any shape or form and immediate removal from office for all of those party to this shambles.

A complete and utter clear out is needed with people who are beyond any suspicion taking the seats.Corruption allegations must be launched against our administrators past and present and the fans must take back the game because it belongs to them. E-mail sent to Ladbrokes for a start telling them any product with their name on it will now be ignored by myself, friends and family until they do the decent and right thing.

i suggest similar behaviour from all at sfm wouldn’t go amiss. More power to you John Clark. A credit to the bampots.

Two wrongs and a right
I yearn for the day when the TV companies hold honour above profit and tell our authorities enough is enough. The vile tones emanating from the supporters of the new club are unacceptable and will not be aired for the consumption of our viewers, resulting in no cash for the new club. The authorities would then grow a pair, admit they messed up, admit rangers died, any entity is a new club and will not have a name similar to the old one and any honours won are consigned to the dusty almanacs of time. If the fans of the new club don’t like this, too bad. The game is bigger than any one club.
2016 will see court cases involving the actors from this panto. Any decent football fan will hope sine die banning orders are issued to ALL participants of this sorrry saga. Especially David Murray who should then be stripped of any personal honours bestowed on him during this period of cheating. The current incumbent of the hot chair down Ibrox way namely DCK, should be told to do one and never in a month of Sunday’s would he ever be classed fit and proper.
Gut the whole place from top to to bottom and if clubs have to sign players at £50,000 max, then so be it. That will be our level instead of this fallacy bestowed mainly by an egotistical chairman who wanted it all his own way. With FIFA being forced to cleanse its soul, it’s a common wish that any dodgy dealings within our main body should be looked at. Open the five way agreement for all to see and if it’s all above board, then there shouldn’t be any secrecy. If not, jail the people who signed off on it, if proved to be corrupt.
DCK has bitten off more than he can chew by having a go at Ashley but this extends to our Assosication who must have squeaky bums, as we speak. Craig Whyte has still to have his day in court and who isn’t waiting for Charles Green to take the stand. Comedy gold with serious repercussions. Until the whole truth has been aired in public, we cannot move on and we cannot apportion definitive blame on any particular person until we know the whole story.
Can 2016 be the year where we actually rid ourselves of unwanted charlatans and incompetent administrators. A true level playing field isn’t too much to ask and in due course, amendments can be made to enhance and prosper the game in all its forms of advertising, stadia and quality of play and players. Start again with a clean slate. If the fans of the new club do not wish to embrace this new concept, then fine. The bloo pound is not the be all and end all.
Happy new year to everybody and I hope it’s a safe and prosperous one for all.

Two wrongs and a right
Dave King is a rogue, shyster and manipulator of the gullible who I’m sure would no doubt, back Attilla (no pun intended) if he promised them cash for their new club. JJs site has lost its clout with what seems, dare I say it, a singular attempt to keep smearing Dave King and a heavy moderation in its posts. It started with the promise of being akin to the wonderful site of Random Thoughts but has tailed away to sound petty and vindictive like a spoiled child who isn’t achieving the objective.
The world knows, apart from the gullible support, that King is no use. This is old hat. Phil’s site gives info like the £5m is now more like £6.5m and up until he wrote, hadn’t been paid back, no matter what the red tops were proclaiming. Jabba, with his six month journalism course from night school, controls much of the puff pieces that emanate from the tabloids. Again, it’s old hat.
if JJs site is to retain its promise, then dissecting laws like Pauls site, questioning facts and disecting them for the layman like SFM or having a mole like Phil’s site, will help. Continually bad mouthing Dave King, will only end up with him sounding bitter with a score to settle. This is meant as constructive as the the ‘new kid on the block’ started off great but is wilting slightly.
Attack the hierarchy and not just Dave King as Mike Ashley will SWOT him when the time is right.

Whose assets are they anyway?
So our administrators have dug themselves into an almighty great hole in the pretext of looking after the game as a whole or solely to retain the bloo pound in our game. I would suggest the latter is true and statements like Armageddon only confirm my suspicions. Rules have been bent and broken to retain this mythical bloo pound.
Now to the court case last week. Unequivocally, there is no wriggle room. Cheating was the result of SDMs actions and fine well he knew it and was informed by others close to him. He chose to ignore warnings and believed himself to be untouchable. When surrounded by sycophants and lamb munchers, your true self would become somewhat inflated, even beginning to believe the hype and bulls**t.
Mike Ashley, it would seem, has now set his sights on DCK and by doing so, has dragged our administrators into the battle ground. It will all end in tears for those who haven’t been playing with a straight bat. Consequences in all this will be resignations and dare I say it, loss of liberty for some. Until this scenario is gutted from the roots up and appropriate punishments meted out to all concerned, there will never be harmony in Scottish football.
Remove the license from TRIFC or sevco or any other term they hide under until all debts have been dealt with. Disbar any individual deemed to have been associated with breaking rules and banish them from Scottish football forever. A right of appeal must exist but as Mike Ashley has attested with his court case against the SFA, can they be trusted. I would suggest that not be the case. Microscopically check accounts to see if they actually have funds and are not operating on promises. Find out finally, who owns what legally, disclose to the paying public then finally we can move on.

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