History, Neighbours and Made Up News


Today’s Herald Sport.  Graeme Souness (and EBT beneficiary) has appealed …

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Today’s Herald Sport.  Graeme Souness (and EBT beneficiary) has appealed to chairman Dave King to spend spend spend. “I am a supporter and like every supporter I am not interested in the bottom line as long as we stay solvent. Find the money from somewhere and give the manager a chance”.God save us! This delusional attitude is exactly what got them into trouble in the first place. Spend money you don’t have and to hell with the consequences This guy is so out of touch it’s unreal. Just like King’s war chest.

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History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Just listened to BBC 5 Live. 10 minutes on the Manchester derby .”We’ll discuss the O F Derby in a minute”
Arguably the biggest game in Scotland this weekend. Discussion? 2 mins tops with Paddypower offering odds on whether Scott Brown or Joey Barton would get the red card. Then we get 5 or 6 mins on Burnley for Gods sake. Sheesh.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
VALENTIESCLOWN Sept7th at 21:10

Not buying it
…………………….Me too. I’m a season ticket holder at Celtic Park but I won’t be there on Saturday. To acknowledge it is to give it legitimacy.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Highlander if I recall correctly the disturbance in Amsterdam was allegedly caused by Ajax thugs who smashed their way into a bar full of Celtic fans enjoying a drink. They carried out the same tactic in Glasgow as was seen on CCTV. THE ‘cheeks of the same a**e’ argument really is tiresome.As a Celtic fan I have been subjected to abuse from supporters of other clubs. Its not just a Glasgow thing.

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Enough is enough
Homunculus November 11 at 9:12
unfortunately, the Edmiston Drive shape shifters don’t do proper procedure.

Enough is enough
Just listened to the podcast regarding the fans survey. Whilst we all know where his allegiances lie,Daryl Broadfoot’s level of deflection,spite,and all round rudeness was a disgrace. This guy should not have been allowed near this programme far less the SFA.

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
I haven’t posted for some time. Been lurking though. Only on a blog like SFM would you find words Like Impecuniosity and Avizandum. Every day’s a school day.
lurkers of the world unite!

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Guys I know funds are tight but advertising the Sun? Disappointed.

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
ALLY JAMBO April 25th.
I can hear some rather dramatic music in the background at this point…
Jaws theme?

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