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Fantastic work JC! Appreciate all the work you put into …

Comment on HMRC vs MGH by Johnbud78.

Fantastic work JC! Appreciate all the work you put into keeping all the bampots up to date. As per, nothing in the MSMS that I have seen!

Looking forward to your next enthralling installment ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

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History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Very good read Finloch, good in the sense of well written, depressing in the sense of the content is probably 100% spot on!

For sometime I have had the crazy idea that the SFA/SPFL/PL/TRFC etc have all missed a trick in this. Imagine back in 2012, that all clubs, governing bodies, supporters groups, everyone agreed that the club from ibrox had gone the way of the dodo and was no longer, but instead of the nonsense that is the continuation/survival myths, they came out and said “There will be a new club given special dispensation to enter the professional game in league 3 as the spiritual successor to RFC” No doubt, there would’ve been an bit of shouting and balling by some opposition fans and much knashing of teeth  by the RFC fan base, but imagine the huge amount of anticipation built up over the last 4 years climaxing in their official entry to the top league and a build in the media of “How will the new rangers go against their predecessors traditional rivals?” I truly beleive we would have had more faith in the MSM, integrity in our competitions and a huge interest from around the world in this new comer trying to take the mantle of the old club being CFC’s sparring partner!

As much as this is a huge flight of fancy, I would have much preferred that this was what had taken place rather than the very likely scenario outlined above!

I fear our game has not only sold it’s soul, but actually prostituted it out for a very small sum then sold it for some magic beans?? Depressing01 

Staying On The Problem
Great idea, a few post back, getting TE or JS to do Q&A! I doubt TE would be willing to have his honest views on things published anywhere, not even on here! On twitter he is willing to engage with certain topics but suddenly disappears when anything to do with the main topic of conversation are brought up on here! 

i’d like to hear BP/Tris put it to KM of BBC, a challenge to debate the points on the phone in? Or even one of our more prolific posters who would be willing to go on and dismantle them! I have tried to call a few times, getting up a bloody ridiculous time, but have never got through? Not that I am the man to put all things forward, but from my time spent on here I certainly think I could have that bunch in a tangle in no time at all 03

This is something I have said for a while, we need to take the truth out in the open again, it was all the rage back in 2012/13, now not so much! I know they wont let people speak about it, but if we could get some platforms to give us a small amount of time I am sure it would be well used.

On a tangent of sorts, the English media, for all its faults, seems to be a lot more investigative/watchful of the game down there, AT excluded, why hasn’t more been done to get their take on all the SFA shenanigans/OC/NC/LNS etc? If a print journalist took it up I think we’d get progress very quickly.

Great performance by Celtic this morning against Motherwell, i certainly think BR is starting to make his mark on the team and look forward to the CL qualifier next week with a bit more confidence now!

Keep up the great work guys!

Staying On The Problem
The Puma/SD decision to stock and attempt to sell the shirts seems, to me, to be the logical next step! This situation has to come to a head at some point and in order to do that someone had to make a move. As others have mentioned I am certain they would’ve been briefed by their legal departments and confident they are well within their rights to do so. The statement from the club would seem to suggest this is all legal but not what they want, toys out of pram time again07, or they would’ve just said lawyers are on this and confident of victory.

JC , you make a good point about old uncle Tom 21,  but he must know that he is merely confirming that he is every bit as duplicitous and deceptive as the rest of the SMSM hacks? Personally my integrity is more valuable than a few pieces of silver, but he is one of those who annoy me even more than your chris jacks or mat lyndseys, they are out in the open cheer leading for the new club, TE does it in a sleekit way that gets under my skin!

Keep up the good work guys 04

Oh and I know this is not a CFC site, but they put us through the wringer again, but job done and looking forward to the draw on Friday!

Staying On The Problem
What has happened to journalism? The focus of SFM is, obviously, on the sports hacks in Scotland, but the more I read about events internationally them more I lose any faith I ever had in being told the truth via traditional mediums! 

The post by Highlander earlier in the thread, which I tweeted btw highlander 10, shows that all knew what was going on and now you can’t get any of them to even discuss the subject? Tom English on Twitter this morning said, agian, we need to move on?? Plenty of people put valid q’s to him, politely and he ignores them all! KJ, worst of all imo, is a grenade merchant, only looks for reaction and will not engage in debate or conversation. 

Is this what they imagined their careers to be? Is this what we as a society accept? The more I try to engage the more frustrated I get. Upside, my respect for Res12 guys, Tris and BP, Phil and JF and PL just grows and grows. How you keep at it in the face of such odds is inspiring 04

Staying On The Problem
Probably an appropriate time to put this article up BP and a great read it was.

It is incredibly frustrating not being able to have an immediate impact on things close to your heart, no matter what that may be, however we all need to take the long game view of this. As my previous manager was so fond of saying “How do you eat an elephant?”

The thing about TOG is that a huge amount of people seemed to get swept up in the debate with TLM about the license issue, although I know LNS was mentioned a few times, as has been said above and I think eluded to in a couple of posts on the previous article, that is black and white, there is no debate to be had! The dates were changed and changed for a specific reason, guilt had been admitted on the WTC so for those to be discounted (Pun intended03) is a disgrace. 

Also see Clumps is back and boy is his latest a cracker! I was laughing my backside off all the way into work this morning, brilliant. As much as I love reading him, it is again frustrating that the majority of the populace still takes the MSM seriously, when it suits them, and that the journalists are so obviously biased. 

Keep up the good work guys, one bite at a time 12

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