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Excellent work John Clark! Reading the evidence, it still astounds …

Comment on HMRC vs MGH by toadinthehole.

Excellent work John Clark! Reading the evidence, it still astounds me that HMRC have had to take it this far.

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Peace – Not War
JOHN CLARKNOVEMBER 5, 2016 at 23:23  I thought so at the time, and I still think so. Primary school football was/is  about sport for sport’s sake.SFA Youth Football? I don’t know, but I do feel uncomfortable about a 21-0 scoreline. Sporting Integrity: does it demand the humiliation of the opponent? Discuss.

I read an interview a few years back where Ian Cathro was singing the praises of a youth team coach in a match he’d watched a short time before. A similar scenario, one team was streets ahead of their opponents, and the scoreline reflected that. But rather than rack up a cricket score, with neither team learning anything or developing in any way, the coach got his team to go two touch and then, when that still didn’t bridge the gap enough, to one touch. It struck me as a brilliantly simple way to ensure that both teams actually get something out of the game. No doubt half the parents – the ones lacking in foresight at least – will have been annoyed that wee Johnny missed his chance to bag a triple hat-trick.

Look Back to Look Forward
Regardless of whether Ronny Deila was specifically disagreeing with Warburton, or just answering a general question, is it really “disrespectful” to have a difference of opinion with someone? Is that what the world is coming to?

Whose assets are they anyway?
Thanks Easyjambo – very much appreciated

Whose assets are they anyway?
Someone recently posted an extract of David Murray’s evidence to one of the tribunals – something along the lines of EBT’s allowing Rangers to attract a better class of player. I’m buggered if I can find it. Does anyone know where the link to the official extract is?

Why We Need to Change
‘They added: “Also, what steps will be taken to ensure that journalists seeking to create negative stories about Rangers in the future are not given assistance in doing so by representatives of the SPFL.”‘

You have to marvel at the mentality shown here. A journalist accurately reports the arrest of seven supporters for varying crimes, and is accused of “seeking to create negative stories”! If this were the supporters association of my club, I’d want to see them asking the idiots purporting to support the club to stop singing sectarian songs, setting off smoke bombs and damaging the stadiums they visit. The only people creating negative stories here are the ones arrested – the RST should be distancing themselves from their actions, not attacking the guy bringing it to the public’s attention.

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